Impacts of Humans on Environment

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Impacts of Humans on Environment
Biosphere or ecospheres refer to regions surface and atmosphere that supports the
existence of the living organism. In addition to supporting life, the biosphere should be self-
regulating. Humans, in any biosphere, are considered to be the supreme living creatures thus
have control over other organisms due to their highly developed and complex brains. As
such, they have developed various technologies to help ease their existence within their local
geography, but what does this day to day developments impact the environment?
With more population growth worldwide, deforestation has been on a constant rise
jeopardizing its critical impact on oxygen generation. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) records
that around 17% of forest cover has been lost in the last 50 years within the Amazon (World
Wildlife Fund) to human settlement, forest fires, illegal logging and ranching land. Moreover,
driven some plant species to nearly or total extinction. A good example is the Lepidodendron
which existed in coral forest area during the Mesozoic era ( The Solo Globetrotter).
In addition, population growth has greatly led environmental population. According to
Worldometers, a 1.12% population growth rate (Worldometers) has been realized in 2017
(down from 1.14% in 2016). Consequently, this has resulted in a sparking growth in
industrialization thereby contributing increased fossil hydrocarbon fuels usage, high solid
waste and gaseous effluents. Most importantly, soil pollution has greatly impacted
agricultural production. Moreover, when solid waste comes into contact with water,
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especially rivers, may lead to intoxication and hence diseases to living organisms depending
on the water.
Human-wildlife conflict has also been rampant with population growth. With
population growth increasing gradually, the need for human settlement is also critically
important. Therefore, more people encroach forests leading greatly to disruption of the
ecosystem through displacement of animal and other organisms from their natural habitat.
Also with human encroachment, illegal hunting is inevitable to source valuable products such
as tasks (Animal Rescue Crusade), hides and at times meat for family consumption.
Humans have greatly impacted positively the environment. First, humans have been
conducting numerous research on cross-breeding, most importantly on tamed animals such as
cows and some agricultural plants, on how to increase yield. This has resulted in high
production thus ensuring food security. Plant grafting has ensured healthy agricultural
products for human consumption. However, despite the reason, this has greatly impacted the
flora and fauna of such places.
States and private organizations have also accelerated animal and other organism
preservation. Furthermore, while targeting increased revenue collection from tourism, game
reserves, national park services, National Wildlife Refuge System have been founded
preserving rare species both plants and animals. The preservation guarantees existence of
such spices to the future generation. In Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, in the 19
white rhinos were thought to be extinct spices. However, a small population of fewer than
100 rhinos was discovered, protected and breaded to raise the number to about 21000 rhino
across several game reserves currently (World Wildlife Fund). Through introducing new
species to new localities either for human consumption or for aesthetic purpose, humans have
contributed to the preservation of such species this is a great achievement in environmental
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Lastly, Government agencies and private organizations have spearhead laws against
environmental pollution. From worldwide policies on environment conservation especially on
global warming, individual countries have also formed agenesis to help with enacting plans
and laws towards environmental conservation through tree planting, enacting laws towards
plastic products production. Furthermore, the agencies hold numerous public educations on
recycling and good environmental activities.
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