Important of education

Important of education
Important of education
Today’s world education is the most necessary tool for the success of individual life.
Education is actually guaranteed the first priority of development in the community so as to
reduce illiteracy. People with education are in good position of new development in the society
thus makes more technical skill within the nation. Education is stated as the solution of poverty
because most of the educated people have skills to develop the areas. In addition, education also
assists in the development of good behaviors and adds value to the people. Good behaviors are as
a result of good education from the parental and teachers guide ( Hermans 2004).
Education initially contains knowledge which is necessary to people in their difficult
times, thus enables them to increase their confident in life. However, with education, the chance
of opportunity of the job is higher and better prospect in future life. The government and NGO
have taken initiative in supporting education for the children which promotes growth and
development in the country. Technology advancement has increased due to the participation of
more education programs in the country. Modern technology in the nation requires people with
more education which makes it necessary for the people to advance in the education areas.
Education requires step by step process and it is not costly for the interested person. In addition,
education facilitates to the brightness of the future citizen and more establish in terms of growth
and development of the government of the country. This indicates that education assists in the
reduction of corruption by employing educated leaders with aim of building and developing
future progress of the nation (Clark, 2003).
Education provides the good life to the people through enhancement of their
personal life, advancement of social status, increase healthy living and economic growth.
However, education enhances the reduction of inequality among the people of different race and
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Important of education
religion. Education actually results to good doctors, engineer, pilot, and teachers in life,
therefore, education contribute to the achievement of different careers in our life. Education is an
important tool in the social life of an individual; this is through having respect for our family’s
member, elders and obtaining a good recognition. Education initially contributes to the unique
standard of life and more advanced compared to the illiteracy person.
According to Glaubk, (2007) argued that education contributes to the individual
positive thought in life; the effort of our parent has played a key value in educating their
children. In addition, it provides different skills and knowledge which are utilized in daily life
like reading of the books, watching educational programs. Education assists in the civilization of
the people life as well as maintains the better society and achieving better dreams in future. High
education has contributed to the increase in getting a good job and enhances the mental, social
and intellectual of the individual. Additionally, education contributes to the improvement of the
academic success in school, colleges, and university. This makes the student improve on their
score test through more lessons on the major subject within the education level. Education is
essential in the creation of the enthusiastic to the student; this involves the development of
opportunities in the schools which are the real situation in the world today.
In conclusion, it is a fact that education is the main key in the life of success.
Therefore, people should actually get educated for better development and growth within their
life and to the nation itself. Education makes life better for the people who are interest and
education is not expensive unless ignorance in future may be very expensive.
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Important of education
Glaubke, C. R. (2007). The Effects of Interactive Media on Preschoolers’ Learning: A Review of
the Research and Recommendations for the Future. Oakland, CA: Children Now.
Hermans. М. (2004). Recognition and development of “educational technology” as a scientific
field and school subject, Zbornik Institute za pedagogy istrazivanja, (36):106-121,
T Clark, R. E. (2003). Reconsidering the research on learning from media. Review of
Educational Research, 53(4), 445-459.
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