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Inequality Gap in U.S.A
Gender discrimination is the leading factor for gender pay gap. The discrepancy affects
most women in developing as well as established countries. Consequently, the disparity has
caused most men earning more than women. This injustice befalling women is, however,
regardless of skills, age or level of education. At some point, the choice of career has affected the
venturing of women in particular occupations that men have for long enjoyed. Generally, out of
this discrimination, men continue working more as well as earning more than women.
5. Comparison
Based on the desired goals, the intervention used for searching was evidence-based intervention
5.1 Effectiveness
5.1.1 Converging Economic roles
According to the talk by Claudio Goldin, the gender pay gap in the USA is indefinite. His
intervention which provides short-term solution suggests that the gender pay gap ranges from
14% to 46% and finally 76% (01:00). This inaccuracy has thus attracted more critics and
questions from the public. Nonetheless, the free thinker continues to argue that it is out of his
extensive reading that he settles on the figures (Wrohlich, K., 2017, p.430). Further, in his
defense, Claudia concludes that women make 77cts for every one dollar that men work for. The
American figures, however, differ with the other countries that line in comparison with the USA.
For instance, women in South Korea make 32Cts out of the men's dollar. Similarly, those in
Japan and Germany make 33Cts and 23Cts respectively. Surprisingly, the females in Hungary
make nothing out of the men’s one 1-Dollar work.
Inequality Gap in U.S.A 3
5.1.2 Transparency Payment
Even so, interventions about gender disparity are not old known. The above response
compares figures which I cannot critique nor support. From the method, therefore, I manage to
learn several new aspects. Among them is the issue of disclosing salary pay. The narrative
suggests that women should share their wage pay with their colleagues. Contrary, men just share
their salary pay making them earn higher than women. It is this narrative that perhaps can
explain why Paycheck Fairness Act reduces pay secrecy and giving women an excellent tool to
address discrimination in payment (Allen, P., 2016, p. 22). Such devices would take long to
efficiently bring a solution, thus not an essential tool in combating the inequality gap; therefore
leaves women in softcore careers that have low earning.
5.1.3 Comparing the effectiveness
Noting that, Converging Economic roles as the first intervention method is more
appropriate as to transparency payment. Among what Claudio puts first is the issue of cultural
conceptions. Through his tutoring, he arrives at the fact that the societal beliefs distinguish
Inequality Gap in U.S.A 4
gender participation. Equally, Claudio speaks on how gender beliefs end up excluding the girl
child in other vital careers assumed for belong to men. He thus gives examples of why most
women are teachers and not engineers. Also, he points out how instead the woman could be a
library director will instead undertake the role of a librarian. On the second method, it is hard to
solve because such tools would take long to efficiently bring a solution, thus not an essential tool
in combating the inequality gap because most women can never disclose their payment rates.
5.2 Public Acceptance
5.2.1 Converging Economic roles
On this idea, it is ideal that everyone believes in themselves rather than listening to
parties. Such decision would, however, be challenged by discouragement from people and
friends. Nonetheless, one ought to stick on what they think suits and marches them.
5.2.2 Transparency Payment
The public did not accept this method since inequality gap ought not be blamed on the
employers but the blame be upon women because they felt all feminine gender have no close
allies to share their wages to thus, they receive unequal pay for equal jobs.
5.2.3 Comparing the public acceptance
The public had much recognition on the first method used because it had significant
considerable economic changes in the short-run. It was accepted since it offers flexible hours and
fixtures to employees in return for low compensation.
6. Conclusion
Inequality Gap in U.S.A 5
As Claudio affirms, the high percentage of above 70 cannot be explained in
relevance to this gap.
Equally, the gender pay gap cannot be explained by the method and criteria that
occupation is taken.
Several driving forces have thus resulted in women venturing into less superior
careers as compared to those undertaken by men.
As a result, these women all over the world continue to perish in low earnings,
thus widening the gender pay gap as shown in the graph below.
7. Recommendation
The public felt their government is a significant contributor to the influence on this
unequal payment. According to Bishu, S.G. and Alkadry, M.G., (2017. p 100) government
should implement major laws regulating employees’ pay. Women activist are also congratulated
for their movements on winning equal payments.
Inequality Gap in U.S.A 6
Allen, P., 2016. Mind the gap: Gender pay reporting and what it means for employers. Practice
Management, 26(3), pp.24-25.
Bishu, S.G. and Alkadry, M.G., 2017. Systematic reviews of the gender pay gap and factors that
predict it. Administration & Society, 49(1), pp.65-104.
, K., 2017. Gender pay gap varies greatly by occupation. DIW Economic Bulletin, 7(43), pp.429-

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