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Internet and Broadband Connections

Internet and Broadband Connections
National infrastructure initiatives
As development in technology continues so does the internet connections around the
world do? Countries that were once ranking top in internet connections have found themselves
lagging behind as other countries have taken a keen interest in developing their broadband
connections. It is not a wonder that the USA is ranking eighth in internet connections. The
programs that the other countries have unleashed are supposedly superior which of course is true.
These programs have been certainly funded by the government and private companies. They
include; these countries putting in place fibre optic cables that enable 3g and 4g broadband
connections and also wireless connections have also been greatly enhanced. As a result of this,
internet subscribers in those countries have exponentially increased. Good examples of these
countries that have employed such programs include Japan, China and Korea which are in the
State of broadband connections on the USA
The USA since seems to have taken up the challenge in that the policies it has put in
place to try and lead broadband connections once again. According to the legislations that have
been previously been passed; every home in the USA should have access to a broadband
connection of at least 100mbs downstream and 50 mbps upstream. If this could be achieved then
that means every citizen in the USA could have access to the internet. This program may lead to
the USA again being top globally in broadband connections. Also, every community should have
a connection of at least 1gbs to laminate government buildings, hospitals and schools. This
program would allow almost every citizen to have the knowledge of using broadband
The digital divide within the U.S
Putting policies in place does not mean that every citizen in the USA currently has access
to the internet. There is a major digital divide across the whole country. The digital divide means
that there is a lot of inequality when it comes to access to information technology. Of course, the
rate o digital divide ranges from state to state, race to race, gender to gender and even age to age.
The unlucky digital have nots, of course, do not have any access to the internet and others even
do not have the knowledge to use broadband connections. What is happening is that in some
states like Washington or even California the number of internet subscribers is high while in
others it is low in percentage. This is also the case with some races like Africans and Hispanics
having a lower subscription to the internet. Females and youngsters also have a higher
percentage of the subscription to the internet. The government, of course, has put in place
legislations to ensure that all citizens have access and enough knowledge to use broadband
connections which have already started being implemented.
Countries with lowest broadband and internet access
There are some countries however that have minimal and very low rates of access to the
internet. These countries are mostly developing countries located in Africa and some parts of
Asia. Most of these countries have a very poor infrastructure and very poor economies. They
mostly cannot afford to put up information technology infrastructure for research and use. The
countries with the least like Eritrea are also characterized by being led by dictators who don’t
care about technological advancement. Other countries include Somalia, Burundi, Ethiopia and
Congo. Somalia does not have a stable government to put up programs for broadband
connections while a country like Congo is always experiencing political instability since
independence. Burundi is economically lagging behind. These just show that mostly determines
the low access to broadband connections is the economy and state of the government of that
particular country.
Benefits of high broadband access connections
High broadband access connections have very many advantages raging from social to the
economy of the countries. Countries having high speed internet have been proved to have higher
economic growth. This is because of high growth of e-commerce. Also, high broadband access
connections allow better job searching. Companies are able to transact online and make huge
profits.also, countries with such internet connections have been reported to have a higher export
rate. Online shopping is also enabled leading to flourishment of e-malls. when it comes to social
development many people are able to connect with their loved ones. Facebook, for example,
allows for a good experience in social media. Use of emails is also made fast and efficient.
Education also is greatly enhance where students can have distance learning while over long
When it comes to what user like most about fast internet connections you will find there
is a long list depending on preference of individuals. You will find that some people enjoy fast
speed downloads and uploads while others enjoy the high quality video and audio that comes
with it.for sure high broadband access connections have more advantages than most people
usually think of

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