Is a childs room really theirs, or is it their parents

Is A Child’s Room Really Theirs, Or Is It Their Parents’? 1
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Is A Child’s Room Really Theirs, Or Is It Their Parents’? 2
Is A Child’s Room Really Theirs, Or Is It Their Parents’?
Is there a universe within purpose? We/I will only honor their confidentiality if and only
if she or he can choose or make a conclusion that I or we can believe in it as a good choice. In
this case, my 13-year boy was sneaking through the window every time after supper around 8.20
pm and goes to join his friends for a night out there to compete playing the FIFA 2018. His room
was the west side of our room he went for weeks without us sensing or doubting of any such
action was going on. Some of the friends were older and others same age so extend he felt
inexperienced. His friends” while playing the used to smoke and use of drugs so as he joined
then often lured him to their behavior of using drugs and substance abuse. In some instance, they
used him to transport drugs to various clients in our estates (Harden 2000 p.52). He lacked the
experience and courage to carry out the assignment.
One day we decided to check on him at his room at 1.35am, he was gone. We decide to
search the room we found the prohibited substance under the mattress and others in his bag
packed in small size as if ready to be delivered to the client any moment. We I had a clue where
we his friends left so we decided to pay a visit and check if he was among them. Seeing us, he
changed his face and asked us what we want; we replied we are looking for you since we did not
find you in your room. He was furious about it and even confronted us and accused us of
entering his room without permission. I called the police on my on the boy for the protection
order (Veitch, Bagley, Ball, and Salmon 2006 p.389). We were able to get him out there with his
friends, but they were defiant and hostile to the police. The police helped us to straight the boy as
they could. He changed for some time but later he got out again, and they did their stuff
smoking, taking alcohol and prohibited drugs. At this time he ended up in the hospital for alcohol
Is A Child’s Room Really Theirs, Or Is It Their Parents’? 3
poisoning and attempted sodomy. The police taking part in prompt check on the party house they
found his so-called friend the police found them guilty of a violation of protective policy order,
and the adult boys ended up in jail, and other his minor “friends'” ended up in juvenile prison.
He was ill for 21 days, this time he learned a lesson, his friends” had made it clear he
was nothing to them, they rejected him and abandoned him, mocked him. It took him over
220days to realize himself and come to senses and recovery to normal. He was stressed and
hopeless and reserved. Now he is full of recovery, self-accepted and values himself enough to
make his informed choices and rational decisions. He now does online schooling where he is
doing well in his education. If I had not let his room to be his possessions and was more insistent
about him being a kid at our home instead of letting him think he was old and mature enough to
have earned that level of confidentiality, he would probably not underwent what he did. Now we
both spend more time home together and get through and over that time but he is now open to us
now, and this has improved our relationship is excellent.
In our opinion, privacy is not about their rooms are out to bounce but mean you respect
them before enter their room knock and wait be invited or welcome in. If not Okayed in, privacy
it's not earned.
Is A Child’s Room Really Theirs, Or Is It Their Parents’? 4
Harden, J., 2000. There's no place like home: The public/private distinction in children's theorizing
of risk and safety. Childhood, 7(1), pp.43-59.
Veitch, J., Bagley, S., Ball, K. and Salmon, J., 2006. Where do children usually play? A qualitative
study of parents’ perceptions of influences on children's active free-play. Health &
place, 12(4), pp.383-393.

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