Is Objectivity the Best Way to Know the Truth About Reality

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Is Objectivity the Best Way to Know the Truth About Reality?
For more than a decade and beyond, there has been a debate about the accepted or unaccepted
moral behavior in the society. Many of those who have been active in this debate have cited either
their religious beliefs, behavior emanating from their cultural practices and backgrounds,
behaviors that have been passed from one generation to another. Interestingly, most of these
positions do not seem to agree with one another and the question that lingers is whether there is or
can there be what is universally accepted as correct moral behavior. With the increasing widening
of democratic space, freedoms and rights of citizens, there has been an unprecedented increase in
the number persons identifying with the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender
community(LGBT). The proponents of this group of people argue that it is not only a question of
enjoying the fundamental freedoms and rights but rather a scientific issue.
Regarding this subject matter, I hold a contrary opinion to the motion that objectivity is the best
way to know the truth about reality. It is my epistemological position that the reality is what is in
existence; that which is seen and manifested in the life of a person (Nietzsche (1844 1900). a
gay, lesbian or any member of the LGBT community is that way because it is the reality about
them. It is therefore not factually correct to view them negatively as of debased morals. The so-
called ‘straight’ people are as such because that is the reality about them, either because of what
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they have been made to believe or are in utter ignorance of the fact that others may be different
from them. What am I saying? I am saying that these members of the LGBT community are not
any less to their straight counterparts because they both reflect the reality of humanity.
Some may also argue that there is no known scientific backing for this behaviour and that they are
therefore immoral. Nothing can be further from the truth that science has not exhausted all facts
concerning human physiology and system thus it would be premature to reach a conclusion that
there is lack of scientific proof that one can be born gay or lesbian. It is, therefore, my opinion that
scientific researchers should provide evidence for the existence of this reality. Those who hold
religious beliefs against the LGBT community are most likely missing the point, be it the Bible
the Quran, both recognize God (supernatural being) as the supreme creator of mankind; He created
both male and female as well as those who belong to the LGBT community. Furthermore, these
spiritual books reveal God as who loves and non-discriminating, it is therefore hypocritical for
those who hold these beliefs to discriminate against others that do not hold their opinions or worse
call them immoral.
Who is, therefore, the custodian of morality? Not one is my answer, that which is manifested in
man is the reality of that person and as such, no one should be judged as either moral or immoral
on the basis of some religious, cultural or some stated fact. Rather, all persons should learn to
respect the various realities manifested in man. According to Nietzsche writing on perspectives,
reality is created out of the chaos and flux of existence by the will to power, it would therefore
erroneous to be objective when dealing with the subject of the LGBT community; for they have
the will and what it takes to be who they are, they have created what best defines their personality
and anyone who views them negatively are obviously bias and discriminating.
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To conclude, it is important to understand that it is the individual decisions that we make that
define who we are resulting in what is the reality. Man must come to an emphatic conclusion that
there are many faces of what is true and some may not be known already, that which we see, hear,
reality and is practiced by others is what the reality is. That being objective in every matter is likely
to result in omission of certain uncommon facts, lead to discrimination of those we live and interact
with on a day to day basis. In our society, we should allow others to reveal ‘what is in them’ and
live really freely as the larger society. Science is, by all means, right and should be respected, but
it is not the absolute truth or reality. Whether animal or human, the reality about them is in what
they choose to do not what someone wrote and thought about a subject. Any earlier conclusions
by an individual should be limited within the space upon which their thinking was influenced and
informed. Therefore, objectivity is not the best way to know the truth about reality, it limits
knowledge through experience and what is natural.
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Works cited
Friedrich N. Will To Power And Genealogy Of Morals. (1844-1900)

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