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An analysis of Jeff Bezos leadership style
Effective leadership plays a significant role in creating a healthy sustainable organization.
An organization is impacted by the presence of a leader who can determine actions and steps
necessary to propel that company forward. Dissecting the leadership styles of certain individuals
in different organizations can, therefore, give insight as to why some companies perform better
than others. This paper will explore the leadership style of Jeff Bezos who is the CEO at He is also the founder of the company and has steered the company to become one
of the best in the world. The paper will explore how effective leadership by Bezos has led the
company to great heights and what conclusion can be drawn from his leadership style.
Biography of Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos was born in the year 1964 on January 12 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to ted
Jorgensen and Jacklyn (nee Gise). Bezos mother remarried when he was four years old to a
Cuban who had immigrated to the United States, who was by then a mere fifteen years. Jeff
attended River Oaks Elementary school from fourth to sixth grade. The school was situated in
Houston. Most of his time he spent on his grandfather’s ranch in Texas. Jeff attended Miami
Palmetto Senior High School. During his high school studies, he attended the University of
Florida for student science training program. After the completion of this program, he received a
Silver Knight Award, which was in the year 1982. In high school, he was a National Merit
Scholar and was also a valedictorian.
Jeff attended Princeton University. He first intended to do physics but changed his mind
later and settled on computers. Jeff finally graduated with summa cum laude. He holds two
degrees one in computer science and the other a bachelor of science in electric engineering. He
also served as the president of Princeton chapter of the students for the exploration and
development of space. After graduating, he first worked on Wall Street. He also worked at
Bankers Trust. Jeff then worked for a company known as Fitel building a network of
international trade. He finally worked for D. E. Shaw & Co on the internet-enabled business
opportunity. Later, he found Amazon in 1994 after writing the business plan while driving from
New York to Seattle. His business was first set up in a garage, and slowly it picked to become a
multinational company., Inc. is an American cloud computing and electronic commerce company.
The organization’s headquarters is situated in Seattle, Washington. The company is the largest
Internet-based retailer in the US. The company first started as an online bookstore. The company
later diversified to sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, audiobook, videogames, software, toys, foodstuff,
and jewelry. According to Cook (2011), has a stressful working environment when
compared to other organizations. It is ranked as one of the hardest working environment among
high-tech organizations in the United States. Workers have stated that Bezos normally berates
them and always speaks his mind regarding various issues. The company has lately suffered
losses despite an increase in revenue of 23%. Lately, the company is making progress as its
losses has somehow subsided.
Jeff Bezos leadership Characteristics and Philosophy
Transactional Leader
Jeff Bezos is a leader that is task oriented. Stone (2013) explains that Jeff as a
micromanager who is often uninterested in people’s opinions and has a rigorous standard. This
kind of leadership is termed as transactional. Northhouse (2013) explains that a transactional
leader is one who can influence the subordinates positively because it his/her duty to carry out
such an action. In achieving outcomes and operational goals, transactional leaders are the most
effective. This includes creating a business which can thrive in an area that is filled with
competition. Bezos has managed to do this in an IT competitive market. The way he has steered
the company oozes a quality that can only be witnessed among great leaders.
Transformational leader
Jeff is also a transformational leader. He can be seen as a leader who wants to bring in
changes. He is innovative and that what has seen the company rise above odds to be one of the
best internet based commerce companies in the United States. According to Qu, Janssen and Shi
(2015), they found out that those leaders that exhibit transformational kind of leadership produce
extraordinary results. These kind of leaders are followers of creativity and innovation. They are
fascinated by creating a vision for the future which captures the mind and heart of people. They
drive their employees beyond ordinary possibilities. Jeff ranks high in this field, and that is what
has made one of the best companies in the word when it comes to internet based
Effectiveness of Jeff Bezos in a Multicultural Setting
Bezos has been effective in a multicultural setting since the company made it to the
limelight. The transformational style of leadership that Bezos possesses has resulted in Amazon
Company attaining the growth that can be seen recently. The company started as an online
bookstore to becoming a retail store. Despite the company facing competition for example from
Ebay, Bezos managed to shake the competition off to establish itself worldwide. This shows ho
Bezos is good at different multicultural setting. The kind of leadership that he exhibits is
characterized by a strict regime. This has resulted in a stressful working environment for the
employees. The company has faced huge losses recently. Despite these challenges, he has steered
the company to attain a revenue growth of 23%. This shows how Bezos effectiveness as a leader
has helped him to grow even in a multicultural setting.
In conclusion, Jeff Bezos is a leader that has come across many challenges. Despite his
leadership style that has made the working environment in stressful, he has also
managed to improve the company’s revenue growth. It can be noted that Bezos has both
transactional and a transformational leadership style. This has helped him overcome the
competition in the highly competitive Internet-based company industry. Bezos has made
Amazon to be a success story both in stock prices and sales. He, however, needs to tone down
his transactional leadership style to make the environment friendlier.
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mediating role of follower relational identification and the moderating role of leader creativity
expectations. The Leadership Quarterly. doi: 10.1016/j.leaqua.2014.12.004
Stone, B. (2013). The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon. London: Transworld

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