Law :1
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Violent crimes are acts such as homicide, aggressive rape, robbery and heightened assault while
property crime is mainly targeted at obtaining property or money and includes burglary, auto theft and
arson. Law on crimes e.g. the Canadian Criminal Code are intended to sustaining social order and
protect its citizens and the authority of the government. Though the crime law is available, most
citizens do not know what it entails and therefore most commit acts of crime more often than they think
some of which are committed involuntarily without the knowledge of it while others are intentional.
Some behaviors might not be quantified as criminal in Nature but may aggravate the cause of action of
committing a crime. Therefore, careful examination of cause of action and behavior is paramount to
qualifying one as an act of crime for those that are not outright acts of crime.
Case # 1.
There is high probability that Wang was only a delivery guy who had no idea what Andrew had
ordered and what specifications he had placed on his order. Him resulting to yelling at Wang provoked
Wang who probably was of a different race and felt demeaned and retorted back to Andrew and called
him a racist. What followed can be termed as assault because Andrew punched Wang when he lacked
self-control which later had detrimental effects resulting to death. Hence according to the Criminal
Code, part VIII section 264 (1), an act of assault is committed when someone applies force willingly
either directly or indirectly to another individual without the individual’s permission. From the
definition, Andrew can be said to have committed a violent crime. This probably wouldn’t have
happened if Andrew took his concerns to the restaurant instead of deciding to spit out his agony on
Wang which aggravated the situation.
Case # 2
Law :2
a)Gerard though shown an act of trust, does not honor that and he intentionally neglects to go
back to the filling station to pay for the gas thereby failing to honor their agreement which is fraud.
Section 380 (1) of Part X of the Criminal Code states that anyone defrauds the public or thereby any
other person by fake means, deceit or falsehood is deemed guilty of a criminal offence and is subject to
an imprisonment. Gerard lied of his return to pay for the gas and in turn is liable of a criminal offence.
b) Although the student did not go to his teachers office with the aim of stealing the
examination questions, his cause of action could lead to act of crime like theft. For an action to be
termed as theft, actual retrieval of a thing from someone permanently or temporarily has to take place.
c) Rachel actions of pretense of being black while in fact she was white can be termed as False
Pretense. This is because she does so for her own benefits. She even goes to extents of being a civil
rights activist and gets elected as the president of the National Association for the Advancement of
Colored people in Washington a position only for the blacks. Part IX Section 362 (1) clearly shows that
a person makes or causes to be made an untrue statement with his consent so as to be relied on as true
to be used for his or her own gain is considered guilty of an offence of False pretense. For certain
Rachel used deceit to get to her ranks. She deceives the public that she is black and the public believes
what she claims to be through her cause of action as a civil rights activist though she comes from a
white family background. This act of pretending to be someone who you are not is prosecutable in a
court of law.
Case # 3
Any relationship is bound to last or fail. John and Vickie are no exception. When John gave
Vickie the smartphone as a birthday gift and the Ring, the ceased to be his and possession shifted.
When he claimed them back, it was Vickies decision to either give them back or retain them. Hence,
John’s action of retrieving the Phone and ring in Vickie’s bag without her consent can be termed as
breach of privacy. Although John was not involved in any way with Vickie slipping on the floor
Law :3
cracking her head thus bleeding to death his actions can be quantified as criminal in nature because it
involved property theft of what now belonged to Vickie and not him as He claimed.
Case # 5
a) In this case, Fred though sober, he commits a assault. Through his negligence to the public well-
being and excision of speed limits especially at an intersection. Violating the law by speeding up his
vehicle results to causing an accident and breaking Barney’s right leg.
b)The state at which Fred is at is a health condition where his consciousness, sight and Memory are
temporarily lost. Hence his actions are not intentional as provided for in section Part VIII section 348
(1) of the criminal code because he cannot differentiate what is right and what is wrong thus he cannot
be prosecuted.
c)Barney is the owner of his own properties including the pond. Therefore He has every right over
what is his. Fred illegally enters his property and refuses to leave. Barney is provoked and pushes him
off the property. Clearly Fred has breached the criminal code Part II section 72 (1) of Forcible Entry
and detainer. Barney’s reaction is therefore justified. He is trying to remove someone who has
forcefully entered his property and refuses to leave. That is an act of self-defense and property
Case # 6
In as much as John was sexually impotent and others mocked him for that was no reason for
him to commit murder. The Criminal Code defines a culpable homicide as murder in the case that an
individual, with an illegal objective, does something that is in his knowledge or should be in his
knowledge that his action is has the probability of causing death, and thus causes death to another
individual, apart from when the individual intended to carry out his objective with no intention of
causing death or physical injury to any individual. John’s crime is a murder classified as first degree
and is subject to prosecution in a court of law and might serve the maximum jail term period.
Law :4
Criminal code (2017). Canada Justice Laws website. Consolidated act: R.S.C, 1985,c. C-46. Ministry
of Justice.

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