Learn the Hard Way

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Learn the Hard Way
The morning of August 24, 2017 was very chilly. As usual, Ariel had to pass by her
locker to pick up and drop off a few books; pick up those that she needed for the day’s
lessons and drop off the ones she had used last night. She encountered a strange entity in the
locker. It was not a book, her schedule or anything else that was necessary for her class or
schoolwork. It was a bizarre being that was foul and scary to the extent that she could only
think about how they had met before.
The fine details of this previous encounter were so gruesome that Ariel would have
rather died than be reminded. A similar entity had held her hostage in her bedroom. She had
spent a whole evening thinking of a way to escape. The events of that day were still fresh in
her mind as if they had happened yesterday. It was why she was scared to the limit now.
“How did this hair-matted monster even get in the locker? Is there a hole in the wall?
she cried, but the monologue was cut short when the entity lifted his face. His dark and
protruding eyes scared her even more. Luckily, Ariel’s friends Johnson and Tara were not far
away. They noticed her strange reaction and drew closer.
“What is it, Ariel? Why are you acting so weird today?” Tara asked hurriedly. Ariel
raised her eyebrows. Tara was feeling more concerned than Johnson, and this was unusual.
Having known each other for a long time, all the friends knew Johnson was the worrier in the
Uneasy with the situation, Ariel answered, “It is my locker!”
“What is wrong with it and why is it open?” Johnson asked.
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“Look inside! There is a strange entity in there. It scared the socks off me. It is dirty,
and I cannot understand how it got in my locker,” Ariel answered while receding even
“Sure!” Tara said, moving toward the locker. Somehow, Ariel missed the snicker that
escaped her lips.
The arrival of Johnson and Tara did not make Ariel’s heart stop beating. Everyone in
the hallway could see that she was downright scared.
Johnson moved closer to the locker, and he clearly wasn't scared. In fact, he was very
comfortable. He even smiled as he called Tara to see for herself. This raised some amount of
suspicion in Ariel.
“How could he be smiling at what scares me so much?” Ariel thought, returning to
her monologue. “Do they see me as a crazy woman who gets scared of everything? How dare
my friends, who should be consoling me and helping me handle the situation laugh at me this
Ariel walked away fromt the scene in betrayal, but before she could go far, Johnson
caught up with her. He managed to lure her back to the scene. The creature was a stirring one.
Indeed, it was a mouse. Ariel feared that someone put it there, because such a big animal
could not squeeze through the small holes in the locker.
“We planned it!” Johnson confirmed her fears as Tara nodded behind him.
“You told us about your last encounter with a mouse and all we wanted to do was
make you brave,” Tara explained.
And brave Ariel became, learning the hard way.

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