Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana
Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) gets its name from the Spanish word marihuana. The first
time for marijuana to be used was in 1894, it came from hemp, an Asian herb. The leaves of the
plant can be smoked to cause intoxication to the patient. Many people have fought against the
legalization of marijuana for medical use since the use of the drug began to spread among the
people. A lot of research shows that marijuana has a positive effect on the society in America. The
great number of people who say that marijuana should not be legalized do so because they assume
that it cannot have any good effects on the society. The fact is that they do this without having
considered both sides of the debate. Although it is true that legalizing marijuana can be the cause
of many crimes and injuries, the benefits that could come from it if it is authorized for use as
medicine would outweigh those disadvantages. Marijuana can be used in curing deadly diseases
and boost the country’s economy. This essay aims at persuading law makers in the United Sates
to make the use of marijuana for both medical purposes legal.
Marijuana has been with us for many years. In the past, the plant’s leaves and flowering
parts were used to treat physiological as well as psychological disorders- the seeds were used as
food. Many people support the proposition that marijuana should be made legal for medicinal
purposes. There are many reasons why these people do this. One such a reason is that marijuana
has shown a high efficacy in the management of medical conditions. In the United States, 20 states
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have legalized the medical use of marijuana (Ferner 2012). The first retail stores for Marijuana in
Colorado were opened for the sale of Marijuana to people who have attained the age of 21 years
or higher. There are still other countries where the use of medical marijuana has been legalized.
Canada is one such a country. Since its legalization, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has
reported a number of testimonies showing the success of use of marijuana as medication. One
testimony is that of Pariseau, a 30-yaer-old AIDS patient. Before starting using medical marijuana,
Pariseau could keep neither food nor medication in his system. After he began using marijuana for
medication, a report from his doctor stated He is doing remarkably well because he can now
digest his medication. The HIV has been suppressed because of his improved immune function,
he has put on weight and he has learned to walk again -with a cane” (Gray, 1998).
Use of marijuana as medicine can help alleviate pain alongside other health benefits. In
addition, there are no proven disadvantages that are associated with the use of marijuana as
medicine (Barnes, 2017). Unlike some other drugs, marijuana used for medical purposes is not
addictive. No research has ever shown that marijuana is an addictive drug- people simply use it to
please themselves. Marijuana is a herbal drug that can be obtained naturally. It is considered to be
very safe in managing the symptoms of various diseases and health conditions like HIV/AIDS,
glaucoma, Arthritis, hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s disease and migraines as well as some psychological
conditions. For a fact, doctors from both within and outside the United States have recommended
the use of marijuana as medicine (Friese & Grube, 2013). Marijuana has not shown any long term
effects on the cognitive processes of the individual. The only effects occur only for a short time
after intoxication, but the brain is not damaged by this in any way.
The people who protest the use of marijuana for medication think of economic relief. They
have brought the topic of economic relief from the legalization of marijuana many times. If we
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take a look at the current problems that the economy of the United Sates is facing, we realize that
legalizing medical marijuana has the potential to help boost our economy. Since many Americans
will now be free to use the herb, it is likely to funnel money into our economy. The history of the
United States has seen similar incidences before. In the prohibition, the bootleggers issue
resembles the one on marijuana. At that time, when the government lifted the ban on alcohol, more
money came back into the economy. Although the use of marijuana should be legalized, it goes
without saying that the use of marijuana needs to be regulated. Just like on cigarettes and alcohol,
laws should be made to regulate the use of marijuana once it is made legal for medical use.
(smokers should not operate machines). Also, smoking at the place of work should call for firing
just like drinking would. Though the feelings of people on this subject are mixed, quite a large
number of people believe that marijuana is harmless. The legislators should look at the fact that
marijuana makes one to be relaxed and less motivated. This would somehow link to the effect that
it would have on the workforce and businesses in general. Lawmakers have to make laws that will
govern how businesses that plan to sell only marijuana should operate- they have to determine its
use and how much the business owner is going to be taxed for selling marijuana.
The natural herb could generate a lot of money for the economy if the right infrastructure
were laid down showing how the drug should be used. Therefore, lawmakers should regulate the
use and the sales of the drug. Legalizing marijuana at the federal level would give a large new
stream of revenue. Although it may not be possible to know the size of the market for marijuana
now and what may happen to the demand and the price for the drug under different legalization
levels, we know that the legalization can cause a positive effect on the revenue income and the tax
from sales (Ferner, 2012).
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The economic benefits of marijuana legalization are not only from taxes- both the local
and state governments would save a lot of money that is being spend currently on the regulation
of the use of marijuana. Colorado and Washington states (which have made it legal to use
marijuana for medical purposes) will serve as the testers for the other states when it comes to the
possible positive effect on the economy of the whole country if all the states make it legal to use
marijuana in treatment of diseases. It is estimated that Washington will generate up to $1.9 billion
in a period of five years because it made marijuana legal. Marijuana legalization, nonetheless,
should be made for use as medication and also be allowed for sale in retail shops so that if one
person needs to use this medication but cannot get it from the hospital because it is so expensive
there that they cannot afford it, they can obtain cheaper options from the dealers and stores to
manage their conditions.
Although there are states that have legalized the use of marijuana as medication and have
allowed people who possess the permit to sell it to the public, the laws that allow for this in such
states have been ruled out by the federal government as being unconstitutional and therefore
illegal. Majority of the people in America favor the use of marijuana for medical purposes and
have expresses their support by voting. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration still can
arrest and impose charges on any people who are aught trading in this substance in accordance
with the act that deals with controlled substances (CSA). The laws that are in place in the United
States are not in support of the demands of the people. This shows that more people are involved
in the use of marijuana than the records show. The problem therefore comes in that while the
substance is being sold and used all over the country, nothing comes from it in terms of income
tax to help in boosting the economy of the country.
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Just like all controversial topics, there are opponents. The first point presented by the
opponents is that when smoked, marijuana causes a number of side effects- stunted growth and
cancer. However, smoking is not the only way in which marijuana can be taken, one can take it
orally or intravenously. These methods of administration will get rid of the problems associated
with smoking the drug. Another claim they make is that despite being natural, hemp has harmful
chemicals that can damage the user. They claim that THC that is contained in marijuana is harmful
to the body. They favor the use of Marinol which also contains THC. In addition, technology can
be used to separate the compounds present in the plant, it can also be used to remove he chemicals
that are toxic and breed plants that do not have the chemical.
The opponents also claim that the use of marijuana also results in abstinent effects.
Although Renard, Krebs, Le Pen & Jayin their 2014 study that there are some short-term effects
on adolescents that are associated with marijuana, other later studies contradict this. These studies
claim that no clearly defined relationship has been found between the use of marijuana and rates
of addiction. According to, the use of marijuana does not cause the individual to
use other drugs and there are very few withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana. It is
therefore evident that the claims of the opponents are not based on facts and therefore they are not
It does not seem reasonable that an herb that has been used by people since time
immemorial because of its medicinal value has been made legal in the past few years just because
of the people who have used it as a narcotic to harm their bodies. It is true to say that marijuana is
not abused as much as other opium-derived drugs that are legal like ketamine and oxycodone. It is
therefore unfair that marijuana, which is more valuable as medicine, is illegal while these other
drugs are legal and are sold all over the country freely.
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In conclusion, Marijuana is a very efficacious drug for medical use and therefore it needs
to be legalized. We should stop grouping marijuana, a useful drug, with narcotics such as heroin
and cocaine, it should instead be grouped together with other drugs that are used for the
management of serious health conditions such as Adderall. Legalizing marijuana will boost the
economy of our country by creating jobs to thousands of people in the United Sates who would
otherwise be economically unproductive. My research shows that the positive effects of legalizing
marijuana by far outweigh the negative impacts that could arise. Besides boosting the economy
and keeping it strong, it can be used to manage health conditions that have previously been difficult
to manage. Whether it is made legal or it remains illegal, people will still use it. Research has
shown that the illegal drug whose use is commonest is marijuana. All the fifty states in the United
States of America should legalize marijuana to help out people who are struggling with medical
conditions that can seriously damage their health if not treated and which can be managed
effectively by the use of marijuana. Marijuana can replace many things that are harmful to the
environment and thus help to save the environment. There would be a tremendous decrease in
violence and crime. Although a lot of people think that marijuana is harmful, I believe it can really
help our society in this time of need.
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