Literary analysis ernest hemingway

Literary Analysis: In Another Country
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Literary Analysis: In Another Country
Hemingway‘s graphic novel, In Another Country, is a story that has most of the brave
leading characters, like Nick Adams, the doctor, and the Italian officer. The listed figures are not
united in fighting wraithlike enemies in a seemingly World War I. from the onset, and readers
are led into sad scene including the injuries of soldiers, and unending battle scenes making the
story to develop a sophisticated storyline dealing with discrimination. The soldiers wounded in
World War 1 receive treatment in one of the hospitals, where the Leader Nick Adams who was a
retired American footballer sits in a row of machines exercising his wounded leg. The solder
seems to have no hopes looming at the end of the tunnel because, despite the doctor's
encouragements, he has no confidence in the machines.
The rate of discrimination is so high, creating feeling inferiority because Nick seems to
be so kind and well-intentioned. In this regard, in another country is a story having several
characters who brag shoulder high due to their races. Therefore, this paper conceptualizes
significant themes of the story, like discrimination, competition, poor judgment, power, and
perseverance and as a critique to soldier on war.
In the story, Captain of the soldiers, Nick elucidates a significant theme of friendship
where he defines the types of friends they met at the hospital in which he nurses his wound.
Critically, this is examined to show the fact that the Nick is ever sad at his personality which
cannot be changed. This hero has face myriads of challenges which he has to overcome this
litany of problems, moreover, other soldiers make their life more captivate by winning medals
from the Italian government, but Nick admires the three medals of the aspiring lawyer. The
author uses funny some of the outfits which hide the young boy’s identity, and thus this
illustrates the creativity of the author. The assumed identities of some of the characters
understand how the other people relate to them. Evidently, a young wounded soldier who tags
along with Nick shows a sign of acceptance to war soldiers. He has to wear a handkerchief on his
face; the scarf seemed too damaged and rebuilt during the war. However, more evidence is
shown in their identities by describing their characteristics to entirely different from their heroic
characters. Therein, the soldier’s heroic personalities are opposite versions of what people may
expect them to be since even the local people despise and taunt them.
The protagonist named, Nick who is alone in a foreign land feels so alienated. Besides,
Nick experiences shout and yelling at people on streets, these people who seem to hate soldiers
because they yell at him. This harassment partially affects Nick close association with his close
allies and the young soldier who wore a handkerchief over his face. Moreover, these men come
together by the fact that they were soldiers; they were walking through the town, feeling some
friendship bond due to their status, wounded soldiers. Conversely, the company, however, did
not accept entirely and as a result, Nick feels low among the three officers with three medals.
Consequently, they prove to Nick that they have won various battles bravely in battle; Besides
Nick only received the medal merely because he is an American. Nick’s having cited in a sense,
indented; the Italians deftly despised him for that reason. Nick has the feeling that he was
wounded even before him proving that he was a courageous soldier. This nibbles at him. To war
soldiers, they should be ready to face such challenges wherever they are on any operation.
Another scenario is the fact that the young boy did not receive better treatment at the
hospital. He suggests that the physical therapy instruments are not useful. He saves the young
soldier from the ineffective machine torture and later moves to southern Wales. Nevertheless, he
realizes the machines do not have promising hopes; Nick visited the clinic but only stares out the
window instead of paying close attention to treatment. Ernest wants to disapprove his readers’
imagination, especially the war soldiers for a proper examination of the type of environment they
would feel more comfortable living in during such operations. Nick has no hope of getting better
again because the machines are ineffective. Soldiers in foreign land live in despair, the worse
being, after fighting for freedom the government seems to neglect them, by not giving proper
care and thoughtful attention of the sick.
In summary, the antagonist in the book conceptualizes the type of opposition our soldiers
undergo when defending our country. These forms of mental torture give no opportunity for their
wound to heal. In fact, the adverse conditions after the war are exacerbated by discrimination and
lack of care. Nick represents war leaders who after showing their prowess on the battlefield
receive no congratulatory note but left to succumb to their wound. He is discriminated since he is
in a foreign land. It is incumbent upon war soldiers to be rational in their ways of treating one

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