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Management change
What are the purposes of the move from a bureaucratic to a post-bureaucratic form of organization?
Bureaucracy in society exist as result of many people and the need to follow up certain procedure. As
such the fact that everyone is playing their part in elevating a society cannot be ignored. Post beaurocracy in this
case does away with subordinate layers of hierarchy. Subsequent stages ought to change. This means that what
was viewed as a bureaucratic chain of command and over unified current administrations divisions need to be
changed through assigning tasks to various bodies and people in a bid to strengthen organizations at the same
time focusing on strategy making. According to Deborah organizations intended to join components of tasks are
independent in the presence of focal controls. Independence is achieved through proper understandings of the
systems structure financial targets and the execution markers that some organizations have come up with so far
(page 20).
The smoothness in the shift, however, is as a result of privatization, merger negating out and
nullification (20). Subsequent stage offices were proposed to have a between time status preceding further
hierarchical transformation helping to comprehend the level of organization and business weakness experienced
by those working inside the office. The shift from bureaucracy had to consider analyzing issues such as
changing the national bargaining power, ordinary administration, exchange unionism and the impacts they had
on administration and states of work. The shift is of significance in that it offers various benefits to an
organization. For example, first amid the pivotal year of BAs origination reverted administration prompted
significant changes in the workplace through the division of labor which made it easy for work and procedures
to flow from one office to another.
Identify the reasons why this move might not have been appropriate for the delivery of this type of
The shift from a bureautic to a post bureautic form of organization might not be appropriate for the
delivery of this type of services. The strategy introduced by the new manger countered the interests of groups
who bargained individually. However, at the same time it was in favor of people who were pleased with
privileges that would come with proper handling of claims as there would be advantages to be reaped. The
scope of advantages included, salary bolster. benefits for people who were physically disadvantaged and
emergency credit (page 30).
The three workplaces chosen for the situation study had different working conditions which made it
difficult to assess the effects of lapsed administration rehearses in the BA. The rebuilding of work association
inside the BA was intrinsically connected to changes in the scope of advantages that were likely to be reaped
out of the procedure (page 32). In this case client benefit seemed to be given more priority at the expense of
employee welfare.
Has the objective to empower staff succeeded? If not why not?
Staff empowerment has succeeded in both positive and negative ways. PRP does not help in most cases
as it just influences individuals to stress over who is controlling who. In this organization is very clear that the
objectives of introducing PRP as a tool to motivate the work actually serves as the very basic tool that
demotivates the workers. In page (30) the various interviews conducted with the different workers showed that
most of the staff in all the three offices namely office A, B and C regarded PRP as “demotivating and divisive.
Other than serving to foster cooperation within the working environment it simply created a bridge between the
workers as evidenced in the quote,” PRP doe s not help with accuracy it just makes you work about who is
controlling who” (page 30).
However, despite the fact that PRP did not meet the objective of motivating workers in office A and B
the situation was different in office C where the workers positively embraced multi-disciplinary team working.
In this office PRP served to ensure that the staff were motivated by the supervisors that they reported to. While
PRP failed in most parts of the organization it managed to create a positive effect in office C as explained in
page 30.
How does resistance manifest itself in the organization?
The organization seems to be facing some resistance issues. The staff seems not to be happy with the
way the changes are being executed in the offices. This is apparent in the various offices that are being set up.
For example, there appears to be some hostilities being experienced in office B (page 27). This is because the
workers are not pleased with the physical design of the office as it exposes the subordinate workers to the
management. The workers possibly feel that their privacy is being infringed on by the management and that the
management is encouraging the new office layouts as to closely monitor them. The worker feels that there is
need for them to be separated from the movement. For example, they feel that being on the same floor with the
supervisors has lessened proper communication channels. They strongly feel that the only thing that they should
shares is just the toilets not the office space. In page 28 it is clearly evident that the process of non-specialized
team working was only accepted in only on of the three offices introduced which further serves to show that
there was resistance from the workers within the organization.
What lesson have you learned from this case study that would inform the way you would approach
change management? Would this apply to a large-scale private as well as public sector organization?
One of the major lessons that need to be learnt from the case study is that in effecting change within an
organization there is need to involve the subordinate workers, in most cases the management is not aware of the
needs of the subordinate workers. For example, it is very clear that the management in this case has no idea that
their workers value privacy. A such the introduction of open offices received a lot of hostilities which likely to
affect the productivity of the workers.
There is also need for the management to anticipate and predict any problems that may arise as a result
of the introduction of a new system. For example, in this case the introduction of a developed team working
system from the previous bureaucratic system has triggered problems such as contradictions within the
management (page29). As such there is need to have a strategy to deal with problems that arise with sudden
changes that occur within organization. This will come a long way in ensuring that the efficiency and
productivity of workers is not largely affected by problems arising from the new systems introduced.

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