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There has been a contentious debate on whether Marijuana use should be allowed or
prohibited in many states. In most cases the prohibition against the use of marijuana is usually
made so as to protect people against the use of a dangerous plant; however the prohibition of
medical Marijuana can be attributed to reasons which are beyond just the effects of the plant on
the human mechanism. The reasons are far more complex in that in some cases they are not just
on medical grounds. The reasons are far more complex in that in some cases they are usually tied
to political interests held by people in power. The natural plant itself going by the name cannabis
has not been found to have any toxic chemical based on reports from some scientists. However
at the same time it is not right to rule out the fact that the drug could have detrimental effects on
the human body.
It is important to note that there are many different types of cannabis that are in
existence. This means that with every strain there comes a different concentration of the
Cannabinoids. The level of cannabinoids in in different strains will dictate on the level of its
impact and tolerability on the human body. There is a new term that has been coined to stands
for the legal marijuana now dabbed Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is now legal in most
states and is sold in different places. Some of the main benefits that are linked with medical
Marijuana include its usefulness in treating Glaucoma that affects many people and one that has
no known cure (Volkow,2014). In other cases medical marijuana has been known to control the
occurrence of epileptic seizures in patients not to mention it has the ability to reduce
carcinogenic effects that could come as a result of smoking tobacco. The main argument that has
been proposed so as to make Medical Marijuana legal is the fact that it has a chemical that aid in
preventing cancer form spreading within the affected part of the body.
The continued use of Marijuana has been scientifically proven to have adverse effect on
the body of the person using it. The negative effects of Marijuana use include it has the
likelihood to increase anxiety among users. In other cases it has been known to cause
Schizophrenia and especially in cases where the user is not used to it. Other negative effects of
the drug include depression and in some cases it may cause damage to shorter memory (Volkow,
2014). In other cases increased use of marijuana has been known to trigger psychosis however it
depends with the level of concentration of the strain used by different individuals. The drug has
been associated with paranoia where individuals who use the drug continually are known to
engage in illegal activities out of paranoia. Other negative effect of marijuana is the increase in
crimes as people who are addicted to the substance will often engage in criminal activities so as
to get money to finance their marijuana addiction. While most scientists will claim that the
marijuana is not addictive the statement should be treated with relative caution as the drug may
not be body addictive but it may lead to mental dependability where and individual must use the
drug to be able to function rationally.
The increased use and sale of marijuana is a positive injection into the economy. For one
the increased sale of marijuana has led to an increase in revenue tax collected by individual
states. For example, Pueblo County has managed to make headlines as it has been able to
increase it school scholarships which are funded directly through the excise tax from marijuana
(Hajizadeh, 2016). Not to mention some churches which are in the support of medical use of
marijuana have continued to spring day by day in many state of USA. The legalization of
medical marijuana has also led to increased opportunities where churches can thrive (Grayson,
2017). For example some churches which use pot as their sacrament are now allowed to be set up
and they can also engage in the sale of the drug. The legalization of marijuana has also led to the
rise of delivery business where some business have been put up, making sure the customer
experiences a better delivery of the product wherever and whenever they need it .
The major positive economic effect of medical Marijuana is that it has been able to create
job opportunities. For example, in the US it is predicted that by the end of 2020 250 million jobs
are likely to be created as a result of use of Marijuana. Increased revenues as result of
legalization and use of Marijuana could guarantee better infrastructure. This is because such
funds can be used on vast project involving infrastructure. On the other hand the increased use of
marijuana has led to the need to have more school where people can continue research on the
drug, with other educational facilities coming up with people enrolling in medical course that
revolve around Marijuana use. Better education systems funded by marijuana sale could mean
better Education for the children.
Hajizadeh, M. (2016). Legalizing and regulating marijuana in Canada: review of potential
economic, social, and health impacts. International journal of health policy and
management, 5(8), 453.
Volkow, N. D., Baler, R. D., Compton, W. M., & Weiss, S. R. (2014). Adverse health effects of
marijuana use. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(23), 2219-2227.
Grayson, G. W. (2017). Two Narco Churches Emerge. In Mexico (pp. 43-54). Routledge.

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