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The current globe is overwhelmed with a plethora of information that flows throughout.
With the rise of the internet usage, the amount of data has immensely increased since the world
has been converted into a global village. In the world of electronics, money is good, business is
better but a brand is best and the only way to achieve this is through maintaining high quality
standards. A close observation in the technological trends reveals that in as much as there are
software that actually helps them calculate their menses there is as well a need that is highly
mobile and light to help transmit this information to them. Innovation is the mother of all
invention hence this prompts the thought of the development of a digital bracelet that would
serve as both a time piece as well as a menses calculator.
Product Support of Mission Statement and Target Market
Research in the field of development and especially in regard to the girl child has proved
that the commencement of their menses is one of the most embarrassing moments of a girl’s life.
Most parents in the current society are from the rather considered old generation hence matters
regarding to sexuality are rarely discussed in the home set-up, leave alone in schools the
otherwise branded as the pool of knowledge. Despite the internet carrying a colossal body of data
on the subject matter this information may overwhelm the puny mind of the teenager whose
body is under tremendous change hence adding insult to their already confused state.
The development of MensCal will move forth to help mitigate this transformation crisis
that most teenage girls dread. The MensCal will be fed with detailed data that will help empower
the girl through educating her step by step of the current occurrence or even the prospective
occurrence. The MensCal which will actually be a device in the form of a bracelet will have an
in-built memory that will help Ladies in keeping track of their menses. More often than not
ladies on being asked a question in regard to their menses such as, “ When was your last
period?” leaves most staring blankly at the calendar as they second guess the dates. In matters
concerning pregnancy information, in regard to one’s last period plays a big role in aiding the
medic to make an informed guess of the supposed time of delivery. The MensCal will be
equipped with high tech sensors that can help in detecting certain changes in one’s body. In the
modern world the diet has led to the body functions varying hence making it quite difficult for
ladies to calculate and guess when to expect their periods. This piece of technological will move
forth to solve this issue and avert embarrassing scenarios of a lady experiencing an “emergency”
period hence enabling consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by
providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.
SWOT Analysis
Every coin has two sides and despite the company G being reputable in the electronics
market, it faces significant difficulties in venturing into the new field since it will have now
focused into one gender. Research carried out proves the male species to be electronic
aficionados hence will tend to be an uphill task in marketing of the goods. The company as well
faces stiff competition from other esteemed companies that manufacture sanitary towels and they
venture into the same field. Company G will also be in a better position to work with charitable
organization by giving a sample of its gadgets to the less fortunate hence the company being
recognized as taking part in charitable work. However, we cannot fail to recognize the fact that
company G has established itself in the field of electronics and its popularity can go a long way
especially in marketing. This popularity will incline the target population to adapt the new device
with a leap of faith of receiving high quality services. The company faces the threat of the
product not being received warmly by the target market owing to its specialty in electronic
products mainly for the general public without necessarily being gender biased.
ADEOTI (2013), described shopping goods as a set of products selected by consumers
based on certain yardsticks such as suitability, quality, price and style. Most electronic devices
fall under this category which was further broken down by Kotler into two groups which are
homogenous showing products and heterogeneous showing products. Company’s G’s products
mainly fall under the heterogeneous showing products which are products that consumers
demand for owing to their diverse features hence prompting them to want to test them for
durability and sustainability.
Marketing Objectives, Tactics, Action Plan and Monitoring Procedures
Marketing is integral for every institution that looks forth to throw in a new product into
the market. Marketing managers are hence faced with the difficult decision of deciding the best
strategies to employ to achieve the best results. Company G may opt to use the media to their
advantage since the internet has the world by storm. The company may first and foremost begin
through advertisements in the media both print and the digital media. This will go a long in
creating awareness of the product hence will arouse the curiosity of the buyers. This should be
done through creating anticipation of the product and should be employed before the product is
actually released into the market.
Company G may equally publicize the launching of the product and may issue a
promotion of the first buyers with a considerable amount of discount. This will engage most
consumers to rush to buy the product so as to take advantage of the deadline. During the
launching the company may open various branches that setup the devices for the public to test
and acclimatize themselves with it. Lastly Company G may employ advertisement through the
use of build board especially on busy roads that are widely used by most citizens. The company
should ensure they are rather captivating so as to capture the attention of the passers-by. In the
second year of the existence of the product, Company G should start a competition ruffle which
mainly promotes the purchase of the product for rewards. The company may as well employ the
use of truck moving through major town to promote the product and offer the company
opportunities of promoting customer interactions.
The company should open chain stores that sell its other products as well as the MesCal
device hence ensuring it’s easily available to the consumers. The company could sign off
contracts with main supermarkets where it could have dedicated shelves where the Mescal
device may be sold to the consumers. This mixed is best since it creates three important factors
of marketing which are creating awareness of the product, involving the public just to mention
but a few. The company may as well develop an online website that helps it reach the
international fraternity which may be its market base. In the website it will include shipping
prices and ensure the products reach the clients in due time. The online website may be
employed in the second year after analysis of the product base of the product.
In matters to the product, Company G may employ planned obsolesce. Planned obsolesce
is whereby producers ensure that products are faced out or expire so as to urge consumers to
keep buying new and better products. This is done so as to ensure the producers keep selling
their products to the consumers. This method is employed by all corporations focused in
maintaining their market share and to stay in business. Consumption is highly influenced by the
consumers who provide the producers with information of their needs. Although marketers play
a big role in influencing what consumers buy and may end up making individuals to buy what
they really do not need, the consumer is the one to make the decision at the end of the day.
Although consumption may end up being an addiction, consumers should be aware that
consumption will not help them achieve that inner satisfaction or should not be the place to
divert that negative energy of frustration, disappointment and depression. This method should be
employed by the company creating policies such as after one year it improves the product and
previous version of the product are slowly wiped out of the market forcing clients to buy the
current products.
Adeoti, J. (2013). Product classification strategy. Illoria.

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