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In developing an effective selling strategy, a business must understand it's customer's
buying inspirations and manners. The marketing plan should include a comprehensive research
work to be able to learn the client's buying inspirations and manners correctly. A market research
is basically used to refer to a process of getting together data about the targeted clients to be able
to meet their requirements in a better way. In this paper, the foundation of a marketing plan will
be developed.
Principal Investigation
In this stage of market research, the business should go at the grassroots to study the
behavior of its targeted clients. This research starts from the beginning without referring to any
prior information. This strategy is supposed to answer precise questions. The company
determines the number of customers expected to buy its products or services. For example, a
company producing fashion shoes like Puma should study the age of the expected clients first.
This is because such shoes will be worn mostly by young people. The company should
investigate the family incomes. If the income is low, the company should subsidize the shoe
prices, if income is high the company should set the shoe prices a little higher to get more
Secondary investigation
This kind of research relies heavily on data from other sources apart from the raw data.
Information about the clients is taken indirectly from numerous sources. This kind of information
was collected by other researchers and is available either at a fee or for free (Birn & Forsyth,
2002)For example, a shoe manufacturing company can do its secondary research from the
magazine, internet or newspaper. From these sources, the company can be able to know the type
of shoes available in the market and what can be done to improve the products available in the
Buyer examination
This part of a marketing plan identifies who are the clients for the business products or
services. The H-D company may be targeting individuals or other small companies. H-D
Company should be targeting motorcycles sportsmen and sportswomen or retailers' shops and
dealers who link the company to its clients. The number of clients and their lifestyles should be
identified. The motorcycle company can determine its customers from the past motorcycle
buying behavior and do the forecasting of future buying behavior. Statistical methods such as
time series analysis can be used.
The needs of the clients should be developed at this stage. This can be done by studying the
products sales. If the sales are high, it means that the customer's needs are catered for well, if the
sales are low, then the customer's needs should be improved. A statement of how the products
serve the problem should be made at this level.
Surroundings perusing
This stage involves studying the forces that are within or without the business and these
forces must have an impact on how the business functions. For example, in this paper motorcycle
manufacturing company, a SWOT analysis can be done to study the business environment as
SWOT analysis
Strengths Weakness
Good quality motorcycles Lack constant advertisement of motorcycles
All sizes of motorcycles Lack discounts for the motorcycles
Both gender motorcycles Motorcycles are expensive due to high
Online sales Lack enough outlets to reach many clients
Products delivery
Opportunities Threats
Many youths because the shoes are fashion shoes well established companies like Honda
High school student’s Fake cheap motorcycles makers
Developing countries where shoe companies are not many
The SWOT diagram scans the H-D motorcycles manufacturing company environment. The
business should maximize the strengths and opportunities while minimizing the weaknesses and
the threats (Datamonitor, 2014)
Client outline
A good client profile should be established. The company should have a well-established
system to do this. Every time the company gets a new customer, their personal information
should be taken and keyed in the system. The client’s personal information should include; the
client’s ID number, names, sex and residence (MacPherson & Miller, 2007)This helps the
company to know the number of clients it has dealt with, their sex and residence. The residence
enables the company to make product delivery arrangement with the client. The client language
should also be identified to be able to know the client’s immediate needs. The system should
have a well-developed database to be able to store and maintain the client’s information for
future use.
Works Cited
Birn, R., & Forsyth, P. (2002). Market research. Oxford: Capstone Pub.
Datamonitor. (2014). SWOT Analysis. 14.
MacPherson, D., & Miller, D. (2007). Breakthrough business development: a 90-day plan to build your
client base and take your business to the next level. Mississauga: J. Wiley & Sons Canada.

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