Marketing process

Five Major Steps of the Marketing Process
According to Kumar & Reinartz (2016), comprehending the marketing process is important
for anybody that is aiming to market goods or services. Marketing refers to the process where
sellers try to establish lucrative relations with customers while making a profit for their services
or goods. On top of creating new customers, the marketers need to emphasize on retaining them.
The paper ventures to address a market process that has five key steps which lead to an effective
marketing campaign.
Pursuing consumer wants
The first step of this marketing process comprises of comprehending and analyzing the
existing marketplace. Recognizing what the people want is important to begin an effective and
successful marketing campaign. Understanding the marketplace and the customer wants to enable
marketers to find a prospective niche for their commodities or services (Kumar & Reinartz, 2016).
Also, understanding of the marketplace and customer needs gives the marketers an opportunity to
carry out research pertaining similar items as well as contenders who are currently in the market.
On the other hand, understanding the marketplace and consumer needs enables the marketers to
establish an overall plan of launching their goods or services. Lastly, understanding the
marketplace as well as the customer wants, and needs gives the marketers limelight on the sales
methods such as partnerships, franchising that need examination before production takes place
(Kumar & Reinartz, 2016).
Creating a customer-driven sales method
Gador, Vandehey & McConnell (2015) allege that after the company has found a lucrative
niche, an exclusive strategy needs to be created to advertise to the targeted group. Therefore, this
step is important because it enables the creation of a method that is profitable to both the customers
and the consumers (Gador, Vandehey & McConnell, 2015). Creating a consumer-driven sales
method enhances market segment assessment that aids the breakdown of the populace into small
groups so that the objective audience is easily found.
Creating customer value
The other step is coming up with a way of creating a commodity which offers customers
worth for their cash. Here, the four "Ps" of selling are applied (Kumar & Reinartz, 2016). The first
‘P' refers to the product and it ought to be what something that is needed by the society. The
product also needs to be effectively made, and it should fill a gap in the market. The other ‘P' is
the price of the services and goods. The price should be one that customers will pay minus feeling
cheated or ripped off. The other ‘P' is place. The marketers need to establish the place where the
services or products need to be launched (Kumar & Reinartz, 2016). Lastly, the marketers need to
establish methods of promotion which represent the services and goods accurately.
According to Andrews & Shimp (2017), integrated marketing refers to the comprehensive
plan which delivers and communicates the projected value to consumers. It comprises of a set of
marketing tools that an organization embraces to enact the marketing model to provide goods or
services on its value proposition. Integrated marketing model delivers value by cultivating
consumer loyalty, consumer relations and boosting returns by increasing returns. The approach
also ensures that a company's message is constant regardless of the channel that is embraced in
sharing the message (Andrews & Shimp 2017).
Maintaining customer satisfaction
Ennew, Binks & Chiplin (2015) argue that after the company's commodity has been
launched officially, retaining the customers is important to the marketing process. To expand the
existing market portion of goods and services, new customers need to be acquired and be
convinced to buy from the organization. In case the organization's status is not properly
maintained, it can become hard to find other consumers who are interested in their services or
goods. Therefore, the company needs to embrace tactics such as appreciating their customers,
building relationships that add value to the customers' personal lives, appreciating the customers'
loyalty embracing the "wow" factor among others (Ennew, Binks & Chiplin, 2015).
Creating revenues for the company
The last step entails the conclusion of the fore stated steps. When all processes (that were
previously discussed) are smoothly running, the organization ought to be running lucratively. In
case the goods or services are marketed, retaining of customers is important for returns. In case
the customers understand that they are receiving value, they will automatically keep on being loyal
to the company’s brand what is extremely appreciated (Ennew, Binks & Chiplin, 2015). In a
nutshell, customers that have already bought from the company need to be properly treated since
mistreating them will end up in negative publicity that might impact on the company's opportunity
of having repeat transactions in the future.
Andrews, J. C., & Shimp, T. A. (2017). Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated
marketing communications. Nelson Education.
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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Kumar, V., & Reinartz, W. (2016). Creating enduring customer value. Journal of Marketing, 80(6),

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