Middleville Regional Healthcare

Middleville Regional Healthcare
Middleville Regional Healthcare
State of Healthcare
As one of the healthcare providers for a population of 350,000 people, Middleville as
well as its rivals act as not-for-profit initiatives (organizations). From the table below of the three
organizations, as a consulting firm, the aim is to address measures that can be implemented by
the facility to enhance performance and service delivery. The findings of the study will be shared
with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the governing board of the healthcare facility.
Table 1: Middleville, Brierfield, and Greystone Health Care Systems
OP Visits
Expenses (000)
Role of Governing Board
In trying to improve the performance of healthcare organizations (HCOs), there are core
elements that are considered, and the governing board must play a crucial role. The board of
Middleville must establish the mission, values, and vision as well as agreeing to the standard
care goals of the entity to ensure guidance. Secondly, the board must work hand in hand with the
chief executive officer by creating a functional relationship, performance rewarding and
evaluation of official conduct. Besides, the focus must also be on policies, recruiting and
development of compensation plans for managers ensure success from management. The board
must also approve budgets and strategies aimed at implementing missions and accomplishing
tasks (Culica & Prezio, 2009). These should entail investment and consistent financing. Further,
the board must ensure the quality of service to patients and accountability of care of the
organization as a mechanism to retain competent employees. Lastly, consideration must be given
to result oriented compliance in meeting goals, regulations, and laws that govern HCOs and use
them as a benchmark to improve community health and services.
Evidence-Based Management
Performance measurements and indicators
As Middleville aims to provide quality healthcare to its community, the facility can use
three performances, namely; QPS (Quality of physician services), QHS (Quality of hospital
services) and QHP (Quality of health plans). With these three, the healthcare facility can ensure
that the feedback from the studies can foster development in sectors that are lacking. Notably, for
the success of the performances, quantifiable and measurable indicators must be employed.
These include participation rates, some patients served and prevalence rates. Hence, by
integrating the performance measurements and the signs, Middleville can find ways of
improving its patient care quality.
Importance of performance measurements
Quality of Physician Services.Using this performance measurement guarantees the
possibility of the HCO monitoring the service delivery of their physicians. According to
Bobocea, Gheorghe, Spiridon, Gheorghe, & Purcarea (2016), with the number of patients
recorded for every physician; it becomes accountable and accessible to identify areas that
Middleville can improve to warrant better care provision to the community. As a result, with the
QPS in service, patient outcomes and experience about the care can be ascertained by the
medical facility.
Quality of Hospital Services.The of use of this measure fosters the identification of
areas Middleville can improve. It is essential to deploy QHS as it offers patient feedback about
the quality of services availed by the physicians and nurses in meeting the concerns of the
patients. As Mosadeghrad (2014), notes that by using this measure concerns about how quickly
patients are cared for are provided, and the report can suggest strategies to improve the state of
the health care system. Therefore, with the QHS, Middleville can measure the safety and quality
it avails to the community.
Quality of Health Plans.The focus of all HCOs to offer better health plans to their
clients. Through QHP insurance plans can be discussed for low income earning families and for
those with no coverage. Primarily, this ensures that different strategies can be introduced for
people with no insurance policies in place. Consequently, this eliminates the possibility of some
patients missing out of health facilitation (Mosadeghrad, 2014). Thus, with the use of QHP,
Middleville is confident of improving services to patients by initiating new plans for its
Recommendations to Middleville Governing Board
Following the study of its competitors, it is imperative that Middleville focuses on the
admission rates of the facility. By taking on more patients, the hospital can expect to make more
financial gains than before. Given the changing trend of healthcare systems, the number of
people admitted to contributes to the revenue returns for the facility. It is suggestible that by
adding on the number of beds, the hospital can take in more patients will maximize its revenue
return. According to Dafny & Lee (2016), healthcare executives must focus on the competition
that can buy them more patients attending their care rather than going to other facilities.
Similarly, in the case of Middleville, it is vital that caregivers are trained so that when the
increase in admission takes place, patients are satisfied with the care experience. Therefore,
consideration should be turned to increasing the number of entries at the same time offering
training to caregivers to maintain the quality of services at the HCO.
Emergency Department
One of the top significant features of any HCO is its emergency department, and this goes
out to Middleville that more investment should be turned towards improving this sector. While
the admission of more patients brings in more revenue, patients should not feel squeezed to pay
for services that do not meet the quality of services. It is crucial that department in enlarged to
meet the demand and also should be stocked with the necessary personnel and equipment. As
Dafny & Lee (2016), highlight, it is crucial that the standard of services availed by a healthcare
entity remains consistent as any change can mean a move to the other service provider. Hence, in
case of such a scenario, it would be detrimental to Middleville if it losses clients to rivals.
Therefore, the recommendation of the consulting firm hinges on the hospital investing in its ER
to assist its patients; thus, increasing its income generation.
Online Patient Check-In
As the level of technology is advancing, the need to increase OP visits lies in the
integration of online check-in systems that can enable patients to confirm their appointments
with physicians. With the mobile application, it becomes more approachable for Middleville to
avail its patients with information through mobile platforms to fill out without filling
inconvenienced during their visits. In recent studies, it has been found that physicians are less
elaborative in assessing all symptoms of the patients. On that note, the use of mobile apps like
HER has seen patients’ address their concerns through online forms provided by HCOs before
having an appointment (HITC Staff, 2015). Therefore, by having online systems initiated
Middleville can expect to lessen the burden of having long queues waiting to see physicians as
more care can be administered in the shortest time possible while also improving the quality of
Implementation of Data Information Systems
While Middleville can decide to implement a data information system, it must contend
with the fact that along with it come prices. Among these costs include software and hardware
purchases. First, the cost of acquiring medical software to complement the activities of the
facility would require an investment from the hospital to install and maintain it. According to
Shekelle, Morton & Keeler (2006), the cost of supporting systems ranges from $3 to $5 million
dollars annually. Notably, this would also take into account the hardware to use for the system.
As such, it is imperative that the board takes into consideration the investment plan to ensure
provision of better services once this initiative is accepted. Therefore, from the costs of today’s
information systems, the board can have reservations about undertaking the effort of investing in
the technology.
By implementing an information system, Middleville will have all services and
information about its patients in one place. The incentive of having a DIS lies in the fact that
physicians can store patient information in one central location which eases the retrieval of
medical records once the patient has a change in physicians or for recommendation to other
centers. Besides, with the system in place, Middleville will be able to know the number of
patients it services and the rate of morbidity in the community. Similarly, the information from
the patients will serve as a database to determine the course of development for the future of the
facility (Shekelle, Morton & Keeler, 2006). Therefore, it is beneficial for the governing board to
invest in an information system as it will ease the operation of the healthcare facility.
Implementing Systems
Middleville will have an in-house system and a mobile support application to ensure that
patients stay in touch with the medical facility. First, the center will recommend a housing
facility to have the support center for the software by having a server room. The timeframe for
implementing this system is estimated to be two months, followed by one month of testing. Once
the first phase is accomplished, the next stage involves having a mobile application integrated
with the system to ensure that the patients can access the system online. Due to the need to
guarantee compliance, the phase is estimated to last close to two months as a pilot study is
conducted on different mobile platforms and feedback from patients on areas of improvement.
Hence, with the plan, Middleville can expect to have a system running alongside its traditional
mechanisms of service delivery.
Promoting Employee Satisfaction
Mentoring and Training
The human resource of Middleville can implement a mentoring package that can be
integrated with individual oriented goal feedback systems to develop relationships with the
healthcare organization. By having an oriented system that focuses on the role of the employees
it builds confidence and a sense of appreciation which then foster retention. According to
Yazinski (2009), through mentoring, an entity can develop a junior by pairing them with
experienced personnel in an area. As such, this leads to transfer of skills, competencies and
shared goals which can create individual goals and expectations. In the same sense, through
training, the sense of value among employees is reassured. Therefore, through training and
mentoring Middleville can ensure the satisfaction and retention of its current number of
Benefits and Compensation
One of the most empowering incentives in the medical realm is compensation and
rewarding of employees. As an entity dealing with the loss of employees, it is advisable that the
human resource department offers competitive rewards, salaries, bonuses, health plans and
pension to their staff. Further, tuition plans and extra time pay can incentivize members to give
to the betterment of the medical center. However, as suggested by Yazinski, the rewarding
systems should be meaningful, and impact the perception employees hold about the organization
(2009). It is imperative that for all rewards promised by the department, the entity must meet
them or fulfill them. Therefore, is advisable that Middleville through its human resource consider
benefits and compensation plans as approaches to satisfying their employees as well as retaining
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