Mission and vision statements

Mission and Vision Statement
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Mission and Vision Statement
Mission and vision statements are essential components of a successful business. They
give a summary of a business’s purpose and objectives. Most importantly they guide decision
making and enable a business to align its organizational culture and its strategies to achieve
desired outcomes. Amazon’s mission and vision statements are most useful as they serve to
ensure the company remains competitive, reliable, and convenient for all its customers.
Amazon’s vision statement is “To be the Earths most customer-centric company where
customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online” (Gregory, 2017).
Amazon’s vision statements main components are maintaining global leadership in e-commerce
and customer prioritization. The vision statement outline the organization’s commitment to being
the world’s leading e-commerce Company where customers are guaranteed of availabilities of all
commodities they wish to purchase.
Amazons mission statement is striving to offer customers the lowest possible prices, the
best available selection and the utmost convenience (Gregory, 2017). Based on the mission
statement several critical features can be deduced. To start with the organization assures
customers of low prices for all their purchases which attracts new customers and maintains the
already existing customers. Secondly, the mission statement guarantees customers the best
selection of commodities. This assurance is critical as customers are assured to find all their
products in a one-stop shop reducing the need to shop elsewhere. Lastly, the mission statement
informs the customers that they can buy at their own convenience including time, and budget.
Briefly, the mission statement builds trust from customers who feel guaranteed of the best
shopping experience and customer services besides, all the aforementioned creates brand royalty.
Amazons success as the world’s largest online retail and e-commerce Company is
significantly associated with its mission and vision statements upon which its business strategies
and organization culture are aligned. For instance, the company’s customer attention is
unmatched. Amazon focuses on their customers through evaluation and collection of customer
data such as feedback to determine customer preferences and emerging trends in online
purchases. Acquired information on consumer preference is then implemented through additional
stock or customer service. Similarly to achieve its vision and mission of customer satisfaction
convenience and global leadership, Amazon fosters collaboration and boldness in addressing and
solving any arising problems (McMillan, 2005). The organization encourages invention,
innovation and cooperation among employees where new ideas are accommodated and nurtured.
Practices mentioned above serves to ensure the organization remains reliable, technologically
abreast with the latest technology and also accessible to billions of customers worldwide.
As a manager, a clear mission and vision statements are critical in setting priorities and
boundaries of how and for what purpose the organization’s resources will be used. The mission
and vision statement will inform on what priorities should be addressed first to ensure the
organization remains successful. Such preferences, for instance, would include the hiring of
skilled and experienced employees, employee motivation and investing in the latest technologies.
Also, mission and vision statements will inform the target market for the company’s products
thus providing information on how such products will be produced to meet customer satisfaction.
Most importantly as a manager, mission and vision statement are critical in planning for the
future, they facilitate setting of attainable objectives such as sales projection and profit margins
which can be used later to evaluate the success of the business.
As an employee, the mission and vision statements which outline the objectives of an
organization helps to set the organizational behavior of all the employees and what the
organization’s management expects the employees to achieve. Based on the interpreted
objectives employees can develop and devise plans and strategies of how to accomplish the
organization’s mission and vision, plans developed could include specialization.
An organization without a vision or a mission statement is set to fail since it does not
have an objective. Amazons success is based on the clear mission and vision statements which
the management and employees refer to remain focused on maintaining customer satisfaction.
Mission and vision statements provide a favorable business environment for growth, for instance,
Amazon’s vision statement of being the world’s most customer-centric company inspires the
employees and the management to continue working towards achieving that course. For the
reasons as mentioned above, if Amazons did not have a clear mission and vision statements, it
would not have attained the successes it has today as the world largest online retail and e-
commerce shop.
Gregory, L. (2017, February 12). Amazon.com Inc.’s Vision Statement & Mission Statement (An
Analysis). Retrieved May 4th, 2018, from Panmore Institute:
McMillan, A. (2005). Reference for Business. Retrieved May 5, 2018, from Encyclopedia of
Management: http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/Mar-No/Mission-and-

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