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MLA sample on why couples break up

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Micah Lagat
Professor Patricia Sullivan
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16 December 2017
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Why do Couples break up?
Long-term relationships are not easy to maintain, underpinning the need to understand the
principles of sustaining relationships. A couple that has remained in a relationship for a prolonged
period possesses the skills for nurturing relationships such as giving attention to relationship
(Markman et al. 180). However, many people fail to understand the basics of avoiding breakups
such as appreciating each other and making your partner realize that they are important to you.
These simple principles can nurture relationships to last long; however, if they are missed in a
relationship, break up is likely to happen. This paper, therefore, discusses in detail some of the
reasons why couples break up.
Reasons for Couple Break up
A major cause of couple breakups is drifting apart. Progressive development of distance
between couples drifts them away from each other. The developing distance between couples is
mainly caused by the lack of attention to the relationship (Coleman and Glenn 200). When partners
in the relationship focus more on things other than the relationship they stop spending much time
together causing one of the couples to feel neglected. For instance, when two people in a
relationship put more attention to their career and limit the time they spend with their partners, a
drift may develop between them. Empty nest syndrome is another cause of drift among couples.
For instance, a woman who is emotionally attached to her child may suffer empty nest syndrome
when her child goes to a boarding school or dies (Song et al. 270). In this state, the woman may
progressively become distant from the husband, hence drift in the relationship, and eventually
break up results.
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In some instances, relationships are based on extreme passions: both good and bad. The
positive passions are always responsible for cohesion in the relationship strengthening the couples.
Conversely, the negative passions can potentially jeopardize the continued existence of the couples
in the relationship. For instance, if one of the couples dislikes the passions of the other couple, the
relationship may not be interesting. Relationships, which do not attract the interest of both couples,
are bound to fail (Gorgievski and Bakker 269). This explains why it is important to accommodate
each other in a relationship and embrace their passions in order to keep relationships for long.
Failure to embrace the interests of each other in a relationship may inevitably lead to break up of
Stress and anxiety have also been associated with the increasing breakups of couples
currently witnessed. There is abundance of stress and pressure in life, beginning from the children,
career, funds, work, and bills. All these factors operate in a synergistic fashion to strain
relationships. Build-up of stress in relationships causes the couples to start blaming each other.
When the blame game continues for long, the couples perceive each other as opponents and hence
weakening the bond holding them together (Ledermann et al.199). The progression of the stress in
the relationship to depression often causes most couples to break up
In conclusion, couples in a romantic relationship need to understand the basic principles of
sustaining relationship right from the beginning of the relationship. If they have the knowledge of
how to sustain the relationship, they have the advantage of keeping a long relationship. Conversely,
failure to understand how to sustain relationship leads to couple break up. Some of the factors that
facilitate break up of couples include drifting apart, extreme passions and build-up of stress and
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