Modern Technology Makes Life More Convenient

Modern Technology Makes Life More Convenient
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The impact of technology on our lives has been immense. The debate surrounding
technology’s pros and cons still continues. Revolutionary inventions such as the computer, the
internet, smartphones, health gadgets and equipment, and home appliances have all changed how
we go about our daily activities. People will write an email today as opposed to sending mail by
post; diseases are better managed today than they were decades ago; doing laundry and washing
dishes does not have to be done by hand anymore. The list is long. It is important to note that
modern technology has a myriad of misgivings. This paper argues that modern technology has
brought about more advantages than disadvantages and has, therefore, made life more
The computer and the internet have brought about a formidable revolution. Before them
organization was a tough task. Office work was tedious and bulkiness was unavoidable. Chen et
al. (2012) observe that E-commerce has changed the way business is done by providing online
market places. These have made shopping easier and people are able to get the most value out of
their money. Free flow of information on the internet has dismantled price rigidity due to the
high competitiveness (Grewall, 2012). Government services have also been hosted on the
internet (Chen et al., 2012). This has made service delivery an easier task by easing the queues,
time lost and labor involved.
Health is an integral part of life, and modern technology has not failed in ensuring it is
managed better than it was before. According to Free et al. (2013), mobile health technology has
improved patients’ consciousness on metrics such as blood pressure and heart rate. Constant self-
monitoring has impacted positively on patients who suffer from chronic diseases and has also
helped in smoking cessation (Free et al., 2013). This is not to mention that modern technology
has enabled electronic health recording systems to function effectively. Today, the storage,
maintenance and retrieval of patient information is faster and more accurate than the traditional
physical filing system (Bowman, 2013). Faulty machines and threats of cybercrime are the
detriments that may reduce the positive impact that technology has on health (Bowman, 2013).
However, if they are well mitigated, the pros outdo the cons.
Modern technology has changed communication almost completely. The world today has
the internet that has provided a platform for social media sites and other interactive websites. To
begin with, social media and the internet are now more famous than newspapers in relaying news
and updates (Reich, 2013). Secondly, traditional methods of communication, in firms, such as
memos are slowly dying away and are being replaced by emailing services (Bloom et al., 2014).
Additionally, modern technology has brought people closer to each other. The presence of
applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and Linkedin has enhanced
communication among people from diverse parts of the world (Crowley & Heyer, 2015). It is
easier today to chat on video with a relative who lives abroad. However, critics of modern
technology may argue that it has deconstructed traditional communication such as picnics and
dates that bred real relationships as opposed to virtual ones.
In conclusion, it is agreeable that modern technology has brought about lots of
advantages. The business world has been changed and new markets have been created. People’s
health has been enhanced with better management systems and self-monitoring. Communication
has also been transformed and the world is a smaller place today than it was years ago since
geographical boundaries have been breached by technological advancements. The risks involved
in the development of new technology can be mitigated. All in all, modern technology has made
life more convenient and it has never been better.
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