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Molarity 2
1. Explain the ethical approaches of Kant, Mill, Aristotle, and Held.
When it comes to Kant his position when it came to morality, his stand on moral theory is
characterized by his creation of the Categorical Imperative. According to Kant, deciding on
what is immoral or immoral is just based on what is referred to as the act of categorical
imperative. By being consistent with what the categorical imperative requires, means that the
action which an individual is taking is moral. When an individual deviates from the
unconditional imperative means that an individual is immoral.
Many have believed that Mill ideas are an offshoot of other ideas. Mills had a utilitarian
approach to morality. This refers to that an individual morality is assessed by the action which
makes the consideration of the action utilitarian. The society judges the actions basing on what
can be done to the community or the people.
For Aristotle, his approach to morality was that having people consider what is the best
form the many but not for the few people. His focus on morality also touches on virtue, and
the consideration of money, material consideration, and weighing on what constitutes to
Held approach to philosophy was that of ethics care. It tries to establish the feminist roots
of the ethics of care will be a morality. It explores that we should care for others and others
should care for us.
2. Present the most important similarities and differences among the four approaches.
The four philosophers have moral philosophies which have some similarities basing on their
implication and basing on its characteristics as well. One of the examples is that is that critics of
Molarity 3
the philosophers are offering normative theories of what we should value most. One of the striking
similarity of the three philosophers is that is that part of the concept to be good which is essential
in morality, recognizes the fact that it is difficult to act in such a way, which is perceived by the
society to be good. The other similarities of the three individuals, regarding the pursuit and the
recognition to the concept of morals, moral philosophy and morality are that they are all
responsible each for the three different perspective, ideas, and approaches concerning morality and
morality based on what they have been popularized.
The philosophical approaches of the four philosophers also vary to a great extent. One of
the examples is that both Aristotle and mill argue reasonably, understand constructs from the moral
philosophy which they propagate and the expectation in which the society require from them. Kant
appears to have an extreme when it comes to the ideas, and the section of the people and the
community, if his approach on all marl philosophy is to adhere with. Also, Kant has a belief that
an autonomous individual has a free will to exercise and the idea that the view is an act of the
manifestation of God will, and this is the reason for identifying and understanding morality. Mill
believes that morality does not include God, and the individual morality is based on personal
happiness. Kant, on the other hand, thinks that morality is depended and an individual, so an
individual should be answerable for his action on immorality and morality. Held also focus on
morality is that of ethics care and our morality should be the focus in helping other. Hence it
focuses on morality being a shared approach.
3. Your thesis, which takes the form of choosing which of these approaches you think should
be used. You may select a combination of these approaches or even a different approach, but
if you do this, be very sure that you explain in detail why you find a combined/different
Molarity 4
approach more useful than any of the four methods by itself. I strongly recommend choosing
just one of the plans as the essay is much easier to write well with a more straightforward
After going through the different approaches by the philosophers. I think that Aristotle
approach to morality should be used. This is because of its focus on what is best for the many
people, not a few individuals. His discussion on morality also focused, on virtues, and he put into
consideration the role which plays when it comes to happiness. Hence money should be used when
assessing marl and immoral actions by individuals. From his moral approach to morality, Aristotle
can be considered realistic; even his ideas have been given in simple construction, such as how it
is difficult not to be good. His reflections are realistic in the society which we are in today. Aristotle
ethics should not be an academic discipline. By Aristotle raising the question of what is right, he
is not looking for a list of useful items, the question which arises is whether some of this item we
think they are right are more desirable than others. For Aristotle the highest good should have three
main characteristics, that is it should be beneficial for the sake of other products, desirable for
itself, and it should be desirable for its purpose.
4. Explain why you think the approach you have chosen is likely to be helpful in solving
ethical problems or dilemmas. These can be original reasons, or you can use ideas from the
textbook, provided that you cite them correctly. You may use ideas from other sources if you
wish (though there is no need to do this), provided that the plans are adequately documented,
and the cause is included in a bibliography. If your only source is our textbook, you may use
page numbers and omit the bibliography.
Molarity 5
The principle of ethics is applied when making a moral decision. Aristotle ethical approach
is used to solve the current moral dilemmas and issues. Since Aristotle believes that be are
generally incline to good, but they do not just develop such inclination to do well. His guess that
what you do, with that respect the other person should do the ideal thing.
One of the examples is the requirement of the nurse to be moral agents, during an ethical
decision making, and they should not always bring their emotional experience when handling
patients. We should still do well but not consider the holistic human nature, of a nurse being a
moral agent. The other application of Aristotle ethical approach is when helping people who are
needy in the society. We should always focus on doing well and not expect any good in return.
Doing this will enable people to learn from the ethical virtues and also act well.
5. Explain why some people might disagree with your approach. Make use of the views of
any of the four authors whose beliefs are different from yours, as well as any other objections
to your attitude that you can think of.
People might disagree with Aristotle approach which I have taken. This is because Aristotle
has put morality being a dependent issue form the known cause of action from any person. This is
because this might result in moral virtues which determine actions. The difference is found when
compared to the moral virtues of Mill and Kant. Aristotle put righteousness as the primary way
which is not for Mill and Kant. People also might agree with this, since this approach, for example,
it combines morality with aspects such as education. It considers that knowledge can make
somebody take action which is being taken as necessary based on their efforts.
Molarity 6
6. An explanation of why each of the opposing arguments does not undermine your thesis.
From the argument given above, it does not undermine my case since from this approach
we morality has been put as a secondary issue from at issues which are happening in the society.
This has been the situation se in the community. Morality is a secondary issue, and it cannot stand,
but it’s on. The action we do defines our moral standards. Hence for the other philosopher putting
morality as an independent think from other think is also morally wrong.
7. Show how your ethical approach could be used on the ethical problem or dilemma that
you described and posted about during the orientation.
When somebody is referred to as an agent, they are entailed to take morally without
having to consult anybody. My ethical approach is that of being impartial; this involves weighing
every interest equally. This ethical approach could be used when making decisions which affect
people. This impartiality approach enables people to see that you are fair when making a
personal choice. From Aristotle right approach which envisions that we should always pursue
what is still good from many but not few people.
The philosophers who have been stated above person who has explored a lot about
morality, in doing this way they have been able to give a definition of life and the idea of life.
These people play a significant role because people have to know how they will act in certain
situations. From the philosophers thought, it is the idea which is most crucial when it comes moral
philosophy and morality. From the views of the philosopher which some are similar, and some are
different it gives people a chance to choose from a wide range when assessing their actions
Molarity 7
In this assignment, we have chosen Aristotle right approach since this clearly shows how
the society should behave. People should always focus on what is right from the many people and
not just a few. This is very significant when dealing with many ethical dilemmas which are being
faced by people in the society.
This does not the moral approaches from the other philosopher are not good for the society,
but we have chosen this since I believe it overrides the others when it comes to the topic of morality
in the community. From the moral approaches, of Kant, mill, Held, and Aristotle, they are
informing us of what we should follow.

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