Moral Drug Addiction

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The morality of drug addiction
The research analyses the possible influences promoting drug addiction in both
developing teenagers and elder individuals inclusive of a useful analysis of outcomes that affect
the society either directly or indirectly. Educators and learners re critically distinguish between
addiction and morality since the two terms significantly differ in overall meaning. Addiction
classifies as a collective and commonly occurring term linked to drug misuse thus defines as
chronic illnesses commonly characterized by an increase in irresponsible drug consumption. The
primary thesis suggested that the essay encompasses a critical examination of possible addiction
treatment procedures that enhances the reduction of drug use thus behavioral therapy considers
motivating patients into reducing occurrences of drug addiction.
Current empirical findings and theories that relate to addiction show that it arises from a
combination of social, ethical, and cultural factors that promote the addictive behavior.
Moreover, research findings suggest that denial of moral ethical considerations promotes
realization of addiction in individuals and various myths that associate with the disorder either
directly or indirectly. Outcomes of drug addiction classify as a rather complex disorder mainly
characterized by irrepressible drug use and constant craving. Various critics claim that the
recovery process groups as a vital stage during addiction recovery since patients experience
various body withdrawal symptoms such as instances where an individual's body craves to
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partake in the consumption of drugs to relieve experienced stress levels thus potential influencers
of substance abuse consider as overwhelming.
Case study of Michael Jackson and Propofol
For instance, recent news articles proofed that constant addiction to sedatives such as
propofol enhance death evident in the case of the famous music icon Michael Jackson. Despite
pending toxicological report, several healthcare practitioners believe that excess drug propofol
classifies as an extremely dangerous drug substance thus ethical consideration needs to
consideration through administration of medical approaches to patients. In healthcare settings,
propofol classifies as a short-acting amnestic intravenous medical agent that possesses increased
advantages of maintaining and significantly reducing occurrences of anesthesia inclusive of
sedative relative addiction. In spite increased chances of propofol enhancing occurrences of
death in individuals, the drug groups as an extensively intravenous drug agent that effectively
reduces general anesthesia through its unique properties that promote rapid recovery to patients.
Ethnical issues relating to Michael’s propofol addiction
Recent report released by Michael Jackson’s official healthcare practitioner claimed that
the famous pop singer continuously depended on propofol to enhance sleep; a reason which most
healthcare critics consider grouping outside official purpose of medical recommendation.
Propofol groups as an intravenous drug mainly administered in healthcare settings to enhance
recovery in children and adults thus critics add that it also deprives normal functioning of
respiratory system inclusive of reducing heart rates and sudden blood pressure. Therefore, the
ethical issues presented by Michael Jackson’s propofol addiction case include the drug posing
increased chances of promoting occurrences of death in individuals whereas being suggested as a
suitable medical procedure.
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Possible Treatment mechanism for drug addiction
Therefore, the essay focuses to highlight possible treatment intervention procedures that
effectively analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of possible cure treatment on drug addiction.
Healthcare practitioners are highly advised to offer critical treatment possibilities to both learners
and educators. Examining potential influencers that promote an increase in drug addiction among
the public requires critical understanding in actively assessing possible factors that enhance
addition and moral behaviors. Nonetheless, the essay aims at highlighting possible accounts
where addiction showed significance in moral importance through comprehensive analysis of
possible theories that directly associate with addiction. Apart from the government drafting
possible rules and regulations that would discourage the rapid use of drug substances through
strict law reforms, there exists a dire need to address potential adverse outcomes of addiction not
only in societal level but also in academic level to counterattack rising cases of dependence
among individuals.
Various healthcare critics claim that at the beginning stages of substance addiction and
over-dependency, instances of morality consider as a vital component that enhances maintaining
of addiction equilibrium thus individuals reside on engaging on drug intake that ultimately leads
to addiction. Similarly, during the beginning stages of the addiction profession healthcare-givers
claim that individuals who choose to escape addiction can learn only when the request deems as
genuine and true thus align correctly with preferred moral obligations. Throughout the evaluation
processes of possible addicts, healthcare practitioners are highly advised to consider offering
medical procedures that align with preferred Ethical Codes of Conduct (APA, 2013, pp. 1).
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Effects of Drug Addiction
Healthcare practitioners suggest that possible long-term effects of alcohol and drug
addiction include increased over-dependency, server chronic or congestive diseases, and
increased levels of hypertension. In current advanced times, several psychological and
psychiatric publications or texts continuously study influencing factors that alter the human brain
capacity with noticed evidence findings suggesting that addition of various drugs and substances
group as the primary cause (Miller, Forcehimes, & Zweben, 2015, pp. 150). Research findings
show that immediate effects of alcohol consumption have increased possibilities of interfering
with physical and mental brain capacity causing sudden occurrences of blackouts that deem as
dangerous when associated with critical activities such as operating of mechanical machinery.
Recent research findings show that addiction cases consider as a rampant occurring social
issue affecting different individuals in the community (Miller, Forcehimes, & Zweben, 2015, pp.
147). Common substance abuse such as alcohol and excess smoking deem directly linked with
negative behaviors such as early sexual behavior in teenagers which leads to early pregnancy
thus potential promote dropping out of school. Critics claim that several sedative drug substances
possess increased possibilities of amplifying the regular activity of various classes of
neurotransmitters. Similarly, other direct influences of sedative drug substances categorize as
either downers or shut-downers usually. Numerous healthcare practitioners agree that instances
of low dose medication protocols possess increased possibilities of reducing occurrences of
anxiety while offering euphoric result patients thus professional healthcare practitioners are
highly advised to consider adverse outcomes.
Several critics consider alcohol to group as a sedative thus show sedative substances to
possess a general effect of realizing increased possibilities of suppressing standard functionality
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of the central nervous system responsible for the collection, transmission, and interpretation of
obtained information (Miller, Forcehimes, & Zweben, 2015, pp. 152). On the contrary, the social
issues brought about by influences of addiction considers as primary factors to social problems
such as increased deliquescent activities among teenage boys, increased school dropout, and
pregnancy among teenagers thus highlight the possible need of implementing current laws to
reduce raising addiction cases.
Despite various negative influences of drug addiction, various health care experts assert
that individuals with increased levels of moral wellness, self-esteem, and personal objectives
deem as less likely to reside on partaking on substance abuse through drugs as compared with
individuals portraying limited levels of moral well-being (Clark, 2018, pp.1). Current research
findings show that possible outcomes of prolonged drug addiction such as excessive alcohol
consumption and smoking to possess increased probabilities of promoting the realization of other
server mental disorders brought about by anxiety, increased loneliness, PTSD, or high levels of
depression. Possible social influences or approaches to consider when drafting possible
prevention strategies of drug addiction include but not limited to encouraging the development of
both social skills and resistance training protocols that possess increased probability of
preventing future occurrences of addiction cases.
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