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Movie Review: Amreeka
Cherien Dabis’s film, Amreeka receives the view of being quite heartwarming. Apart
from being considered realistic, Amreeka’s characters depict an overall cultural struggle.
Amreeka, according to Arabic pronunciation typically refers to America. Amreeka film
concentrates on a struggling single Palestinian mother, Muna. Muna operates consistently within
a military-dominated West Bank, a territory monitored by the Israeli military. Subsequently,
after being considered a fortunate winner of the American green card through lottery
participation, Muna relocates with her teenage son, Fadi to the U.S. While in Illinois, a small
town in America, Muna gets bombarded with different struggles. She seriously focuses on
acquiring a new job. Even though, being in possession of two degrees as well as about fifteen
years of experience as a banker, Muna gets appointed for a job at the White Castle. She then
informs her family about her working at a localized bank nearby.
In the 2003 spring season, the American military ambushed Iraq. Although friends hailed
from distinct backgrounds, Fadi gets showered with prejudice while schooling. The family
consequently had to now deal with bigoted critics pointing terrorist fingers at them. Dabi hence
presents Amreeka from a renowned American perspective by giving a stringent focus on Muna
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and her family. Dabi categorically exploits specific film elements such as music, lighting,
camera, and shots to capture the audience’s attention to considering the characters.
Amreeka highlights several stereotyping approaches within the film. While high
schooling, Fadi could get subjected to quick racist remarks from comrade teens; a teenage group
always associated Fadi to being bound to terrorism. The criticism directed to Fadi culminated in
a period when all the Americans had the thought that the entire population of the Arabian nations
was typically Islam (, 2009). There existed the belief that youngsters, as
well as teenage Muslim boys, had secret alliances with the Muslim extremist groups. For
instance, upon Fadi’s arrest by the corps, there would emanate accusations as well as severe
speculations about Fadi’s connections with the Muslim world and terrorists which would then
require further investigations before Fadi’s eventual release.
An officer would, therefore, get obliged to consider that terrorist-related issues are quite
severe. Despite Fadi having Arabic routes, the setting of Amreeka got released in 2003, a period
when most Americans were quite bitter with the Arabian world strategic maneuvers as had been
witnessed through the Iraqi-American War as well as the perpetrated 9/11 waged bombing.
Currently, Americans still perceive all Arabians as being Muslims; bombing jokes become the
day’s order instead. Again, Donald Trump, the current U.S. President through his hardline stance
against Muslims, Trump has categorically hinted out about plans to forfeit Islamic immigration
into America through enacting stringent as well as ruthless migratory bans.
In Amreeka, Cherien utilizes several elements. Dabis could extend intimacy to Muna
through the use of camera close up strategies. Close up specifics gets revealed in one of the
scenes when Muna typically fell backward on her back while she undertook some of her
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encounters at the White Castles. Cherien Dabis had to consider wider shots as they became
essential in capturing the concerned characters in the necessary set context. The exploitation of
music could reveal the atmosphere of the scene severally. A mix of English and Arabic music
assisted in engaging the audience emotionally. Besides, the characters could as well confirm
their specific identities. Hence, Amreeka could then reveal simple stories about specified people
who categorically focused on acquiring an individual place in life. The audience could now earn
a chance to watch and judge Amreeka which concludes with a touch of optimism.
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Penelope Andrew. 9/11 Film Review of Amreeka, Nov. 2009,
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