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Equality in the society has for a long time been an issue that has attracted a significant
number of people across the world. The works are drawn from different genres, description,
book review and a comparison or contrast article. These will bring out the different
perspectives in regards to equality in the society. A summary of the different genres of work
ascertained that the authors are in agreement that there is no equality in the society people
who are stable financially are held in high regard compared to the poor despite the many
assurances by most governments across the world that all citizens are equal and deserve equal
treatment. I am of the opinion that after reading the articles, the reader will concur with the
authors’ perspective.
Description Genre
The list of the poorest countries in the world is out so it is time to check how the
countries are ranked. Ironically the people whose countries are in the list rejoice at the fact
that their country is on the top four at least it has earned the recognition as it is the time to be
on the spotlight. Next time the list of the poorest and worst performing countries all folks
should go out in the street and rejoice for being in the spotlight for being a hungry nation
(Jordan, 2003). In the two months-long assignment, the journalists describe how the family of
Bonaya at times had to sleep on an empty stomach after a severe drought ravaged all their
Book Review Genre
Most of our country mates are very poor that we can do anything just to survive, to
most citizens their health is not important than making the rich happy. The waiters in most of
the prestigious hotels and social amenities in the world have to do their best to ensure that the
clients are happy even it means compromising on their health. In one incident a black male
waiter goes into the water fully clothed to serve drinks the tourists who are sun basking in the
sun while afloat. It is evident that the waiter is not doing so due to the love of his job, but he
is doing so to be able to earn a living. On one of her outings in the streets, the book narrates
how women selling wares to the rich have to sell their ornaments at throw away prices to get
some little cash to buy food.
In an encounter with her housekeeper, the conversation that arises shows how poverty
has affected even the morale or the reason to live among the poor. From the report, it is
evident that the housekeeper does not contend with the work she is doing she has been forced
to do the work due to the need of money to meet some of their needs. A majority of people
living in various countries live below the poverty level and are not able to afford some of the
basic needs. The jobs that are available are not paying enough but due to poverty and the
pressure to provide most of the people have to take some odd jobs.
Comparison/ Contrast Article Genre
Poverty is rife in different parts of the world, and all the countries in the world have
people who are regarded as poor, however, according to a recently released report the life of
the people who are regarded as poor with the people who are also regarded as poor from
different nations. The poor in the United States can afford some of the amenities that can be
afforded by the middle class in most countries.
The facts presented in the different pieces can be backed up by academic research that
has been undertaken by some of the renowned scholars, some of the aspects of the articles are
fictional. The description article is inspirational but is fictional even though it presents some
of the challenges that the poor people have to undergo in conflict-ridden countries (Pew,
2015). The rich are enjoying immense privileges such as private armies in countries such as
Somali while the poor are exposed to insecurity, in Any conflict the people who suffer the
most are the children.
The book review is based on facts presented in the book entitled, Report from
Bahamas 1982 shows how poverty drives people to take on some very difficult jobs that may
have some negative effects on the health of an individual. All the aspects mentioned are
based on a personal experience in regards to the poverty levels in the Bahamas. One of the
memorable quotes that amalgamate the effect of poverty is derived from a conversation
between the writer and a house keeper who tells the writer “You are so lucky!’ she
exclaimed. […] ‘You have a cause. You have a purpose to your life” (Jordan, 2003). The
facts presented under the genre comparison/contrast article are based on research carried out
by Rakesh Kochhar entitled How Americans compare with the global middle class.
Jordan, J. (2003). Report from the Bahamas, 1982. Meridians, 3(2), 6-16.
Pew, R. (2015). How Americans Compare With The Global Middle Class. Fact Tank | Pew
Research Center, 2015-7.

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