NCCA Scandal

NCCA Basketball Scandal
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The current society has changed to purely a man eat man society where influential
individuals always use dubious methods such as corruption to strike deals mostly for their selfish
benefits and interests. The sports industry has of late been affected by various scandals. A good
example is a current scandal in college basketball. It does not only happen in the corrupt and
dirty government procurements but even in the sports industry. This scandal rocked some
basketball college way back in September. The scandal has already sent some shocking waves
throughout the sport, sending a warning shot to any person who may want to cheat that, soon
they will be caught. But in the last few months, the investigation part has remained quiet.
The basketball industry is not an exception to this menace, for instance, the NCAA
basketball scandal of 2018 is an excellent example of what is currently happening in most parts
of the world. The scandal surrounds Arizona coach Sean Miller and the basketball freshman
Deandre Ayton who signed with the basketball club Wildcats (Epstein, 2018). According to the
FBI investigations, Miller discussed paying one hundred thousand dollars in order to ensure the
college star Ayton signed with the Wildcats. Mobile phone communication between Sean Miller
and Christian Dawkins (an essential figure in the FBI’s list of investigation into this college
scandal) became intercepted by the FBI wiretaps. The results of the inquiry indicated that Miller
and Dawkins who was a sportsman working for the ASM sports agent. Andy Miller had many
conversations concerning the Star. This was discovered after the FBI carried out a series of
investigations. Miller even refused to allow Dawkins to work with the assistant coach Emanuel
Richardson in finalizing the agreement since he did not want them to deal with anyone else on
matters relating to money.
This case has different ethical options that can be used in the process. A sport is a
professional just like any other career. In any career, the people involved are supposed to behave
in an ethical manner. There are rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed. One of the
options is to dismiss Miller from his job and possibly replace him. The next option is to retain
him in the role with multiple warnings. A lot of thinking is supposed to happen to make a
thoughtful discernment without any rush in decision making.
The utilitarian approach to ethics entails an assessment of the action in question regarding its
consequences and outcomes and strives to the most significant good for a large number of the
stakeholders while minimizing the harm to the other stakeholders. It is one of the best
approaches to use. Egoism, on the other hand, is the approach where the stakeholders do things
just for their selfish interests (Ferrell &Fraedrich, 2015). The common good approach whereas
focuses on the decisions made for the good of most of the individuals in the broader community.
We need to live in a just society. Utilitarian approach suits the case in question. Doing a proper
analysis, there are consequences of removing Miller from his job as the head coach. One of the
results likely to be faced is the loss of employment, and this will mean the minority will suffer in
the process probably his family who unfortunately are not part of the stakeholders in the case
Before making any decision, respect, integrity, responsibility, and concern should be taken
to account. Multiple cases are supposed to be decided after analyzing all these qualities. Respect
helps in the protection of all the stakeholders involved in the case while integrity helps to
preserve someone’s morals whenever they are making any decisions since they can do things on
their own without anyone looking at them (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015).
Whenever there is any decision making, the principle of adult learning is fundamental.
Adults are said to be able to make their own decisions since the adult learners have different and
unique characters. The case involving some people say cartels in the NCAA scandal becomes
very difficult to handle, and many of the officials involved should be fired during the
investigations. Dawkins who act as a go-between should not be spared when making decisions
(Clay, 2018). The Utilitarian approach used in the determination will make just a few to suffer I
term of loss of jobs and the leave the others continue with their duties. We should not let greed
people destroy the careers of young hardworking people. Although the main man on the spot has
not given up on clearing his name, it will all depend on the final investigation from the FBI. He
recently released an official statement in his tweeter account showing the support he is getting
from the university. However, this should set a warning to the entire world, not only in
basketball. Cheating scandals are all over in almost every sport. People who are found guilty
should be jailed because if they are left free, the sports industry will still be in danger of
Clay, G. (2018). NCAA's Policies Under Fresh Scrutiny. Diverse Issues in Higher Education,
35(5), 7-7.
Epstein, A. (2018). The NCAA and Whistleblowers 30-40 Years of Wrongdoing and College
Ferrell, O. C., &Fraedrich, J. (2015). Business ethics: Ethical decision making & cases. Nelson

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