Organization Chang

Organization Change
Technological changes are significant to the success of a business. Individuals who
consider the use of computers as laziness do not understand the importance that comes with
the adoption of the new system. First, use of computers shorten the long processes that a firm
would have undertaken to attain certain aspect (Blyton, 2017). The computer is also able to
store a large amount of information and thus saving on the expenses incurred on storage. It
reduces paperwork and makes it easy to access past information as it takes a click of a button
(Coccia, 2018). However, the use of computers comes with certain disadvantages such as
unemployment, it has more benefits. The use of updated technology will lead to the
production of high-quality products and it will also reduce the time spend on serving a client
or producing a unit of products. The aspect that the use of search engines has affected how
students learn and thus there will be few professionals is not true since it all depends on the
practical part of learning (Blyton, 2017). Search engines only a theoretical framework for
In a situation where I have aged employees willing to train with the new technology. I
will mix the new recruits to train with the old employees. As a manager, it will be up to me to
make a rational decision and hence I will go ahead and train the old and new recruits at the
same time to cut on the cost of recruiting and training employees. It is important to make sure
that all workers are well versed with the new technique. Training the workforce will ensure
that maximum exploitation of the available resources is attained.
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