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Aboriginal Women
This will be an interesting segment that will give specific attention to the women that are
actually regarded as the original inhabitants of the place. It will be key in giving insights on the
way forward on this very sensitive topic.
Women in Traditional Aboriginal Society
This will be a key area in the paper which will certainly address the some of the main
features of the aboriginal society and not just the women. The women in the aboriginal families
have been key in promoting their culture by being the ones to pass on the oral teachings to their
children more so the girls. This has been key in ensuring that the girls are aware of their culture
as well as the need to fight for the extra space in the society. The revival of the aboriginal women
and culture has certainly been as a result of the constant assault of their culture and general way
of life. Many have decided to handle them negatively which has certainly sparked some ways of
addressing the issue in such a way that they retain their traditional culture without many cases of
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Cultural ChangesThe Impact upon Aboriginal Women
This is a critical segment in the paper in that it tries to explain some of the challenges this
group of people is actually facing. This includes a wide range of issues or ideas one of them
being racism which have certainly hindered their ability to freely express themselves in their
culture. They are looked down upon since a huge number of these kinds of women are not
Whites hence the reason they are looked down upon on the basis of the racism. They are usually
victimized mostly after the introduction of the Confederation schools for the aboriginal children.
Modernism is another challenge in that the society expects them to behave modern which
certainly means leaving their culture that they have always been guided by. This has made their
life very difficult hence the need to venture into the detailed understanding of their culture and
how they live their lives now that there is a strong wave of modernism pushing them to the edge.
Aboriginal Culture
This is key section that will certainly be able to explain some of the key characteristics of
the aboriginal culture. Under this section one will be able to understand what it used to be then in
terms of their culture, how it is today and if there have been any forms of effort to destroy or
throw this culture into disarray in the name of modernity. This will also address the fact that they
are considered inferior to their male counter parts hence they are given very few opportunities
when it comes to matters leadership or even major decision making. The fact that they could
even be given the same rights as their male counterparts is indeed a huge issue. The aboriginal
women in Canada are the best example in that until recently they could not be allowed to vote.
The groups of people have certainly hampered the growth of these category of people in that they
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are no longer purely living in line with their culture but at the same time, they have ended up not
being the modern either hence they are just in the middle.
The Changing Image of Aboriginal Women
This section will address how the image of the aboriginal women in the North America
has changed over the years. Instead of leaning toward the culture where there was masculinity
superiority much as changed over the years. The image had initially been presented as the
aboriginal women are the ones that have been mistreated at the hands of their husbands. They
have no say and even the non-aboriginal men have also taken advantage of them and mistreated
hence the initial image was that of a women who does not know where she is and her rights and
freedoms hence the reason many used to mock them so much. This is not the case today in that
they now know what they want and they are ready to stand fight for it. They know their position
in the society and it is not that where they are to be used at the hands of men.
The Abuse of Women and Children
This will explain how the women and the children under this culture have been certainly
mishandled. It will address some of the common forms of violence that is usually thrown at the
children and the women giving the nitty details of some of the common ways they are usually
punished. It will also highlight the nature and level of spousal abuse in that apart from gender
based violence leveled against the women in general, there is spousal based violence where the
husband in the one mistreating the wife.
Support for abused Aboriginal women and recommendations
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This is the section that will highlight some of the measures that should be taken in place
to support the aboriginal women who have been abused by both the society and their spouses.
Then the last item on the list will be the conclusion which will certainly act as a
summary of the key things and highlights that have been addressed.
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Work Cited
Drache, Daniel, Fred Fletcher, and Coral Voss. "What the Canadian Public is Being Told About
the More than 1200 Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and First Nations Issues: A
Content and Context Analysis of Major Mainstream Canadian Media, 2014-2015."
Canadian Journal of Cardiology 31.10 (2015): S291.

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