Paving Ideas Perfect for Your Driveway
A well-paved residential or commercial property adds an executive, professional appearance,
improves comfort regarding movement and accessibility and ultimately increases property
valuation. A driveway is also the first section of a house people encounter; it is necessary
therefore to have a driveway that reflects the aesthetic nature of your home by creating a
positive perception. Below are ideas and materials that you could incorporate in paving your
driveway giving it a touch of elegance and uniqueness as well as durability and ease of
Exposed aggregate
This form of paving is achieved by removing a small top layer of laid poured concrete to reveal
fine stones, pebbles, and sand on the gravely surface. Exposed aggregates serve as a paving
style that is not solely unique and cheap to the homeowner but also durable in contrast to
other paving materials, besides as advantage the surface is skid resistant. To add an extra touch
of elegance you could use different texture colors that match your home décor for a
personalized outlook. Exposed aggregate only requires minimal maintenance and repairs
nevertheless it is meticulous to reseal the surface after several years to maintain the original
Townhall pavers
If you wish for a driveway that has a historical appearance, structural durability and a display of
craftsmanship, townhall pavers remains a prudent option. With various colors available for the
pavers including heritage makes of red, clay and blend, old oak among others, you can use town
hall pavers to juxtapose your driveway with your house colors for matching exquisiteness.
Permeability is also benefit accrued by using the pavers that prevent standing water on the
driveways which otherwise could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers are a prudent choice for outdoor paving such as driveways giving a
homeowner a wide variety of options to choose from regarding designs and colors. Concrete
pavers offer an advantage over poured concrete since they provide room for expansion and
contractions; they are therefore durable and versatile even in seasons of extraordinarily high or
low temperatures. Cleaning and maintenance for concrete pavers are easy and involves regular
sweeping or occasional pressure washing to remove tough stains in case of any.
Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone pavers are made from the naturally occurring blue stone with compatibility for
driveways being enhanced by their hardwearing and durability qualities. Bluestone can be cut
to either regular or irregular shapes depending on the choice of your driveway outlook with a
concrete finish at the ramp section for slip resistance according to designer JJC Design.
Bluestone is high density and thus can withstand harsh weather conditions; it is, however,
prudent to seal the bluestone at installation with a porous sealer to prevent loss of natural
color due to water absorption.
In the selection of paving materials, it is imperative to factor in several factors to experience
their maximum benefit. Such factors include the cost of upfront installation and maintenance
some pavers may have low installation costs but high maintenance costs and vise versa. Other
factors include meeting all safety, construction and engineering codes.

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