Policy Introduction Speech in China

Policy Introduction Speech in China
Policy Introduction Speech in China
I appreciate the support and commitment from different national departments, primarily,
the court, people’s court, and the securities or safety regulatory commission of the country. The
departments have helped to officially publicize the implementation of policies intended to
promote effective M&A funding mechanism for favorable market advancement to assist business
organizations in numerous parts of the country.
Recently, numerous Chinese industries have experienced deteriorating market
competition that may likely to continue in the absence of necessary policies or government
interventions. In response to the market complications, the CSRC has established numerous
procedures intended to promote favorable market (Staff, 2013). Improving the confidence of
both traders and investors in China's economy requires the CSRC to establish innovative
regulations intended to restore the confidence of investors in the stock market before IPOs
resumptions. The innovative provisions assisted in the review of merger and acquisition
circumstances in the country.
The merger and acquisition review has assisted in ensuring financially healthy
corporations on the country, hence promoting consolidation of industries in China. The reforms
in market restructuring, merger and acquisition regulations has enhanced national market
orientation in China. The CSRC has enacted rules intended to improve the transparency of
business transactions, minimize the administrative approval requirements for mergers and
acquisition (M&A) and to ensure adequate cooperation with different stakeholders to ensure
efficient taxation of M&A transactions in the county (Staff, 2013). The CSRC has adopted
registration system in approving IPOs and permitting the market to select types and pricing
mechanism for the corporations in the market.
Moreover, the CSRC has promoted innovative funding mechanisms to improve M&A in
the country. Initially, the preferred share compensates fixed dividends and has senior positions
compared to ordinary stakeholders. In the events of bankruptcy, they have enjoyed seniority
privilege. The preferred shares do not possess voting rights and are not traders in the liberal or
open market. Furthermore, the preferred shares do not cause dilution effects to net benefits
credited to shareholders (Staff, 2013). Additionally, the CSRC has enhanced preferred shares
utilizations and investment funds for M&A in the country.
The regulations represent significant institutional planning or arrangement of securities
and future organizational mediation necessary for establishing favorable transaction policies
which promote efficiency and flexibility in the coordination of existing or available resources
within the country (Nussbaum, 2016).
On behalf of the China Securities Regulation Commission (CSRC), I would like to
appreciate different national departments for the valuable assistance, guidance, and support in the
execution of national policies and establishment of the domestic capital market (Staff, 2013).
Additionally, the departments continue to play significant roles in ensuring effective enforcement
and supervision of the national regulations. The CSRC has acknowledged the significance of
investors’ contribution to the advancement of China's market through liquidity benefits and
direct financial responsibilities in the domestic market. The contribution of investors may assist
in promoting the capital market of China (Staff, 2013). Finally, the promotion of innovative
funding mechanisms to improve M&A acts as the cornerstone of ensuring the active business
operations in the country. CSRC agencies should effectively implement the policies to provide
adequate protection for investors. Consequently, the CSRC has confidence in the powerful
commitment of various departments in ensuring the active promotion of substantial advancement
in China.
Thank you.
Nussbaum, L. (2016). Mediation as regulation: expanding state governance over private
disputes. Utah L. Rev., 361.
Staff, R. (2013 December, 12
).China to liberalise M&A policy, encourage use of preferred
shares for funding report. Routers. Retrieved from

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