Private Transportation and Fleet Management

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Private Transportation and Fleet Management
As opposed to public transportation, private transportation is a form of transport that does
not involve any general public means. It is a transport service that is only offered to an individual
to transport private goods to particular places with a private vehicle. Private transportation
services are usually offered by the transport service companies to the individuals who have hired
trucks. However, there are some of the legal constraints that are imposed on the operations of the
private carriers. One of the legal constraints is that the private vehicle or carrier is not allowed to
be used for university or any institutional businesses. Another legal constraint is that private
carriers should be registered under the legal names of the owner or the company, and must be
known by the government. This is because it will be easy to profile a case when an emergency
arises. Besides that, the individuals who hire the private carriers should incur all the costs of the
vehicle and should carry the maximum goods upon the agreement with the company or the
Private trucking is the most prevalent form of transport in the United States. Most of the
people prefer it because of the services offered and the efficiency of the transport. Therefore, one
of the reasons why private trucking is the most pervasive form of the private carriage is that it is
the safest means. As compared to the public carriage, the private carriage is safer in terms of
goods security and theft. Several individuals in the United States hire vehicles and transport them
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by themselves. Another reason why private carriage is widely used in the United States is that it
is the fastest means. Since the businessmen and other individuals in the United States want faster
operations without delays, they prefer using the private carriages. Besides the private carriages
being fastest and secured in the United States and other countries, it is also available anytime as
compared to public vehicles. An individual can use private carriages day and night without
restrictions from the government.
Most of the people prefer to establish private trucking operations because of its services
and costs (Kennedy). One of the service advantages afforded by the private trucking is that it has
a flexible and convenient operation. An individual can make transportations at any time to any
place. This makes a private trucking advantageous regarding its services. Another service
advantage afforded by private trucking is that it has reduced damages. The company or an
individual offering the private trucking services ensure that the damages are reduced by
maintaining the trucks and giving the best deal to the clients. Besides the service advantages
offered by the private trucking, it also offers the cost advantage. One of the cost advantages is
that the costs depend on the services offered and the location of delivery of goods. Costs can be
negotiable depending on the owner of the private trucks. Moreover, reduced costs can be made
upon the agreements. Therefore, private trucking has several advantages in terms of costs and
services offered to the clients.
On the other hand, private fleets can be organized on the basis of cost center or the profit
centers. This is because the individuals hiring the fleets and the private fleet company should
first agree in terms of costs (Maltz). Agreements should be made first before using the fleet and
carrying out different operations. Therefore, the company together with a client can sit down and
calculate all the total cost of operations, and make payments before the commence of the fleet.
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That is why the private fleets can be organized on the basis of the cost center. Moreover, fleets
can be organized on the basis of cost centers to enable the client to negotiate and make future
arrangements. In some of the instances, private fleets can first be applied. Therefore, the cost
centers are the ones who approve the application as soon as the client pays the costs.
The federal government has imposed the safety and economic regulations to the private
trucking in the United States and other countries. This is to ensure that the country runs the
business operations smoothly without critical issues arising (Porter). However, one of the
economic and safety regulations imposed by the federal government is the policy of roads. This
is the federal law that allows all the private truckers to use roads that can benefit both the
government and the users. The government has also come up with the tolling policies that allow
for cost recovery and increase the economy of the country (Wallis). In the United States, tolling
roads have been set aside to be used by the private sectors. This has enhanced economy and
safety of the private truckers in the country. Another safety and economic regulation that has
been imposed by the federal government is that it has established a driver training standard to
ensure that the transportation is safe. Drivers are trained and inspected at the weighbridges.
Moreover, load limits have been formulated to help in safety arrivals and vehicle maintenance.
As widely known, wide loads and maximum loads beyond the limit can cause accidents and
damages. Therefore, the federal government has formulated a response that governs load limits
on the private carriages.
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