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Why diplomacy is in decline according to Morgenthau
Diplomacy according to Morgenthau was very critical and consequently instrumental
before, during and shortly after World War I. He, however, argues that after the war, some
situations, political developments, and technological advancements have seen it decline over the
years. Developments in communication, depreciation of diplomacy, use of diplomacy by
parliamentary procedures and the superpowers are the reasons for the decline. He argues that
bending the truth to make a given party happy and providing partisan verdicts during diplomatic
missions are the reasons for the decline. I agree with Morgenthau’s opinion on the decline of
diplomacy and reasons contributing to the same. In my view, increased democratization and
protection of boundaries and attacks on particular countries are other reasons behind the decline.
However, Morgenthau’s explanations and reasons for the decline are perfectly true. Other
methods should, therefore, be deployed to help play the imperative role formerly played by
diplomacy in fostering international peace.
Contrast the Cold War Strategy of statecraft characterized by détente with the strategy of
force employed by the Reagan administration.
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Ronald Reagan rose to power during the time when détente, the easing of East-West
relations was drawing close amid increasing cold war tension. Reagan, however, held strong ant-
détente opinions hence a big contrast between his approach and the detente statecraft. Cold war
used strategies such as propaganda, supporting enemies of an enemy country as well as other
indirect methods of attack such as economic sanctions and sabotage. Reagan, on the other hand,
used arms race and futile methods such as strategic defense initiative, an anti-missile system in
space, offensive and military spending. In my opinion, the end of the Cold War can be attributed
to Reagan's strategy. He used a confrontation approach as was described by The Soviet Union
his initiation of anti-missile system strategy aimed at neutralizing. Soviet missiles worked
wonders since it reduced The Soviet Union’s attacks. The Soviet Union was surprised by his
aggressiveness that failed to economically meet Reagan's escalating arms race leading to the
collapse and ultimate end of Cold War.
Lessons learned by diplomats and leaders from the mistakes following World War I as they
planned for postwar settlement?
World War I brought the world's attention to different leadership and diplomatic
mistakes. It is thus from these mistakes that leaders and diplomats alike learned lessons which
they consequently used in the postwar settlements. Firstly, they discovered that Shared Interests
could be overwhelmed by other considerations. Secondly, Health is a critical issue in leadership.
Institutions can be most vulnerable at the moment when they are generally accepted as
Consequently, they learned that management dysfunction could consume legitimacy, war
aims and consequences were poorly communicated. Other lessons include; the victors wrongly
projected their post-war views of the catastrophe, the fog of war are lethal, and history does not
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stand still. In my opinion, the leaders and diplomats extensively avoided making these mistakes
in their post-war settlements. For instance, communication was extensively and professionally
used to prevent problems and losses that resulted from such. Shared interest was balanced with
everyone opinion considered to ensure other factors do not jeopardize the postwar settlements.
How the UN reflects some features of the diplomatic revolution
The UN acts as an umbrella that controls diplomatic and peacekeeping missions in the
world while championing for protection of fundamental human rights. It reflects some features
similar to those of a diplomatic revolution. The UN determines its objectives in light of its
powers for the pursuit of the set objectives; it assesses the goals of other Nations and powers
available to them in pursuit of their objectives. Thirdly, it determines the extent to which the
objectives of members are compatible with each other. Lastly, it employs the means best suited
in pursuit of its objectives. A significant level of prudence is however used in its missions
especially those involving disputes between member states. This is done by reducing errors that
might escalate the enormity between the states in question thus fueling the war. Just like
diplomacy, UN acts in a manner that protects and upholds human right while fostering peace and

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