Psychological and biological factors in healthcare

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Mental health
Mental health is a state in which the human brain functions at a satisfactory level. It is that
condition where one is in a position to deal with stress, anxiety, and any other issue that might
affect the functioning of the human brain. It can also be described as a state of being free from
mental disorders. A human brain is one of the key parts of the human body since the absence of
its health can render the whole parts of the body to look as if they are not functioning well. When
one is in a state of mental illness, the rest of the body is at risk since the brain controls the majority
of the activities done by an individual pertaining his/her body (Halter, 2017). The factors
determining the mental health of an individual can be grouped as both psychological and biological
Psychological factors
Psychological factors deal mostly with the individual behaviors in reacting to various
issues facing them in life. These factors may include the perception, stress, behavior, anxiety,
emotions, and general knowledge of mental health and illness. Emotions determine our inner
feelings towards various things we often come through in our day-to-day life operations. Having
negative emotions can significantly affect our perceptions and contributes to the mental illness
which affects our mental health. It is thought that when an individual start to develop negative
emotions towards various things or people, the health of brain is compromised unlike when one is
at peace in almost all the times (Halter, 2017).
Anxiety is another one of the major psychological factors which determine the health of
the human brain. It is a state of being nervous. When an individual has this feature, most of his/her
time stress so much the functioning of the brain to an extent that the nerves no longer hold much
anxiety. At that level, the brain is at risk of being unstable thus resulting in mental illness. Several
people have been found to succumb to illness related to mental disorders caused by anxiety so fast
since as the patient undergoes treatment, the mind is still under stress due to anxiety over what
might happen due to sickness (Halter, 2017).
Biological factors
Biological factors to mental health are those which are not related to the behavior of an
individual but are internal to the human body. Genetics is one of the biological factors which
contributes to the mental illness. Genes are the main carrier of the mental disorders in several
families. If one member of the family experiences a mental disorder, it is likely to transfer to other
generations of the family through genes (Clements, & Koenig, 2014). Age is another major
biological factor. As one gets old, the level of brain functioning decreases to an extent that the
memory of the brain can no longer withhold much information thus affecting the functioning of
the brain.
Impacts of factors on healthcare
The psychological and biological factors of mental health have an impact on healthcare
providers. As an art, both parties need to consider the two factors as something which can be
handled without taking much medication (Clements, & Koenig, 2014). By handling the causes,
the illness may not arise. Patients need to seek attention from the providers of health services to
be advised on the best way possible to live and abstain from situations leading to mental disorders.
It, therefore, requires systems in place for the healthcare to provide services outside their operating
environment to reach patients outside. As a science, it involves using scientific principles and
knowledge to deal with mental issues. It includes taking diagnostics and treatment to suppress the
factors leading to mental illness. It impacts the health care since it requires the providers to indulge
in more research to come up with scientific ways of reducing the factors causing mental disorders.
Implications of dealing with patients with diverse cultures
Dealing with patients from diverse cultures has got some implications. The implications
are that the healthcare providers need to have a wider knowledge of the norms and beliefs of the
society to understand how they view mental disorders. Some communities consider mental
disorders to be caused by a curse and see no reason to seek medical attention (Halter, 2017). As a
result, people suffering are left unattended. Other patients decline the prescribed treatment since it
may go against their culture.
Clements, W. M., & Koenig, H. G. (2014). Aging and God: Spiritual pathways to mental health
in midlife and later years. Routledge.
Halter, M. J. (2017). Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing-E-Book: A
Clinical Approach. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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