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Valuing Waterfront Real Estates versus Water-Access
Real Estates
Waterfront real estates refer to those properties bordering water masses such as lakes,
oceans, rivers, and However, apart from the residents in these estates having access to
these water bodies, outsiders are also allowed for access. On the contrary, however, for
water-access real estates, one only gets access to the surrounding water bodies once he or she
purchases that property. Outsiders are not allowed (HOWELL, 2018). Most people would
prefer waterfront real estates to water-access but some would also opt for water-access
instead. Security, privacy, leisure, location and surrounding activities would be a
consideration for choosing one of the two.
Someone living in a waterfront residence gets to enjoy watching water activities. This
may include boat racing, surfing, free diving and many more. This often is fun and healthy as
one gets to relax his or her mind. On the other hand, water-access residents do not get to
enjoy all this, as it is only they that have access to the water bodies around them.
To investors of waterfront real estates, they get to enjoy higher profits from these estates.
First, they are limited in supply and secondly many desire them. These two factors are
responsible for maintaining the value of these estates for longer periods. Apart from just
selling them, some also opt to rent them hence also make profits from that (Group & Group,
2018). Those estates on city hubs often tend to deteriorate in value as many continue to be
constructed each day. Hence, their value tends to deteriorate with time.
Waterfront homes often offer privacy of a higher degree compared to water-access.
One gets to enjoy beautiful sceneries such as watching the sunrise and set each day. One is
always guaranteed that no other residence will be built on the waterside since his or her house
borders the water body unlike in water-access where a new house can be built in close
immediacy and on any side too.
Waterfront properties are often faced by the risk of natural exposure to natural
disasters. For example, sea levels may rise, surges in storms may lead to shorelines being
eroded and they are prone to wind destruction. Therefore, these properties pose a great danger
to the residents inhabiting them. On contrary, water-access properties are less prone to these
disasters since they only border small water bodies such as river inlets.
For waterfront properties, they are faced with insecurity. Even though one has legal
ownership of the property, he or she does not have any legal ownership of the shorelines.
This means that anyone has access to it. This poses a great risk to one’s property as all sorts
of people visit the shore. Unlike waterfront properties, for water-access estates, only those
who own the properties get to have access to the water bodies and the resources related to
them hence making it more secure.
Waterside properties often require high maintenance. Most of the time the
surrounding is usually humid and damply. Apart from that, the air might be salty. All these
result to corrosion of metallic surfaces. Therefore from time to time the metallic parts have to
be replaced thus becoming very costly ("Waterfront Living: The Advantages and
Disadvantages", 2018). Compared to waterfront estates, it is less costly to live in water-
access estates since property requires less maintenance as it is not faced with most of these
Thus, as much as living in waterfront real estates is riskier and costly, most people
still prefer them. To some, the leisure it offers is enough to neutralize all the shortcomings
associated with living in these areas. However, to some, they rather forego the leisure but live
a less costly and safer lifestyle.
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