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Multinational enterprises do operate internationally or regionally, publicly known companies like
The Coca-Cola Company do business in many countries in the world. The success of the company is
observed with its way of operation and the number of employment provided to the people around the
world. My research focuses on the internal and external environment of the company, the analysis used by
the enterprise to operate its business and more so, the management of the company. Every business has a
mission that guides the enterprise to provide effective services.
Background of Coca-Cola Company
The purpose of every business is to make returns, international companies like Coca-Cola operate
on a strategy of profit maximization. Coca-Cola enterprise is situated in the United States of America and
mainly majors in the nonalcoholic beverages concentrate and syrup. The daily business that the enterprise
engage in, is the manufacture of Coca-Cola produce. I have chosen to research on Coca-Cola enterprise
because of its commonly known for its reputation ineffectiveness in doing business. According to Paul
Austin, the company is one of the best success business we have in the world today. The company has
won Nobel prize which is a historic thing to be acknowledged and respected. The business focus is not
only on making profits but also on the welfare of people, one of its mission is to support the prevention of
the spread of HIV virus from mother to child.
Coca-Cola company has proven over and over again that it is the best operating company through
the ratings in the stock exchange market. The company once again navigated through the hard-
environmental harshness which is full of competitors by delivering earnings and a revenue number that
did beat the Wall street anticipation. This year Coca-Cola provided its report which had adjusted earnings
per share of 39 cents on revenue of 7.51 dollars. This was a high margin compared to other competitors.
According to James Quincey, Coca-Cola this year will be a successful business venture because the
company is trying to eliminate the 800 million dollars in cost, the CEO is encouraged with the way the
company is heading so far, it’s momentum and vision rhyme in everything the handle (Wirtz,2016).
45.21 is the price in the stock exchange market in US dollars, which has a daily change of 0.43(0.97).
The international Market operates with stiff competition from different companies with the same
goal. Coca-Cola has advantageously placed itself in the world’s soft drink market. The business does
operate in 200 countries comfortably because they are challenged with a clear choice of standardizing
their product offerings globally which is accompanied by the reaping potential benefits of economies of
scale. Coca-Cola has received a substantial growth for more years since its birth in1886, the founder of
the company Dr John Pemberton who was a pharmacist from Atlanta, had a vision and Goals for the
companies’ future. The Mission and the vision of the company are what any other competitive enterprise
practice to provide the best services. The main aim of Coca-Cola industry is to maximize profit as they
maintain a long-term sustainable growth within the beverage industry. The companies mission and vision
are summarized into three option and that is to refresh the world, to inspire the moments of people around
the world through moments of optimism and happiness and lastly the to create value and make a
difference in the place that we live in, this is observed through employment and other help is given to the
The external environment of the company consists of the macro and microenvironment. The
macro environment of Coca-Cola company are the factors that are uncontrollable by the business. This
factor does influence the decision making of the company and more so it’s performance and strategy.
Although the enterprise is well managed and it is the leading enterprise in the beverage industry, it still
sustains its competitive advantage. The external factors are the main reason why the companies perform
best to outshine other companies. Macro factors such as technology, political, economic and competition
of other related enterprises like Pepsi enterprise.
The political factors strongly affect the marketing strategy of a company. This factor is based on
the pressure groups, the agencies who work with the government and more so the rules and policies
required to be followed in order to run a successful business following the trade traffic and the fiscal
policies which utmost can affect the economy of a country and in turn the procedure of business. Coca-
Cola is a non-alcoholic beverage company it will be categorized under the food and Drug Administration.
The business has to ensure they meet the required standard of FDA guidelines in order to be approved to
function to the public. The guidelines and regulation of revenue, export, import and political problems
are the main reason why a company can be denied access to operating internationally if faced with a
political crisis.
The increase in the level of purchasing demand depends happening the increase in the growth in
the growth of the economy. Coca-Cola is identified as having the best marketing strategy as it enters a
new market and manages to market its product effectively across the world. The coca cola company
operates in more than 100 countries and with this tool of effective marketing the business works in 63
different type of currency. Therefore, with the fluctuation of the exchange rate and currency rate the
business export of products is affected globally. The company can either get a loss or a profit because of
the economic effect globally. More so, the Interest rate is a tool affecting the Coca-Cola company on
borrowed money. The company does manage the fluctuations in the rate through the use of a derivative
instrument. The employees do get a high salary in the countries where there is a high rate of inflation so
that they can cope with the situation. The Coca-Cola product cost also increases which cannot be imposed
on products’ price because of the market risk and competition (Rugman, A. 2017).
Competitive Advantage
Competition from other well-established companies in the market creates more strategies to be
used to provide effective services in order to increase its demand in the market. Other companies like
Pepsi provides a great challenge to Coca-Cola though the company has proved time again to have a
competitive advantage over other companies. A competitive advantage is attained when the current
strategy cannot be implemented by any competitive company. The ability of Coca-Cola company to
continue developing and re-inventing products proves they are in the market to stay. With the world, most
comprehensive distribution system over 200 markets with over 400 brands worldwide proves that Coca-
Cola I so competitive to other enterprises because Coca-Cola reaches its market in places where other
businesses would never consider to delivering their products.
A graph that shows the position of the two competitive brands in the market.
Outer-Organizational of Coca-Cola
A corporate strategy is a path that an association follows in the changing business environment
over the aim of competing well in the market and meeting the stakeholders’ expectation. The business
must have a long-term nature with a direction towards the goals that the organization have yet to be
achieved after a certain period of time. These strategies do affect the whole organization both positively
and negatively depending on the strategy implemented. A corporate-level strategy is simply concerned
about the business to engage in competition with. The corporate strategy needs careful analysis in order to
successfully compete with other business. The decisions made are complex because they need time
because of the market demands. The effective provision and use of the scarce resources in the market
should be beneficial to the whole company. There are three types of strategies used by corporate
companies which include the growth strategy, diversification strategy and stability strategy. The Growth
strategy is implemented with an aim to achieve the key metrics such as sales and revenue. According to
Richard Rummelt, companies only think of diversification implementation when they have realized
progress has gotten to its peak and therefore, no chance for further growth. Diversification is a useful
strategy used by companies in the management position as the firm tries to secure strategic fit in a new
business where attempts to secure a strategic fit in the new industry. Stability strategy is mostly utilized
only in an environment with predictability.
Effective Strategy of The Company
Wheelen et al. (2017)
1. Researchers did not find the literature
that did influence part of the
organization and its external
environment. According to Wheelen et
al. suggested that a change in the
external factors do impact a change in
the organization and its likelihood. It’s
an area that needs the more time and
further investigation by researchers in
Dessler (2016)
1. According to Dessler factors that
impact greater change in a business
are the external factors. More
concentration should be focused on
factors such as technology, security,
economic growth and more so
competition with other companies.
These factors need more analysis and
concentration in order to have a
successful business in the market.
According to Wheelen et al. (2017) and Dessler (2015), it shows Coca-Cola company is ready to
achieve its goal through the strategies they have. The company is focused to drive revenue and more so
profit maximization. The company is effective in every step they make, through branding, and improving
market globally. Coca-Cola enterprise did simplify the business through identifying the areas they could
be faster, smarter and more efficient (Trigeorgis, L. 2017).
Corporate-Level Strategies
order to have an effective an effective
literature analysis.
2. behavior controls the management and
the operation of a company.
According to Wheelen et al. (2017),
behavior control does encourage good
performance that will enable a
business to provide better services and
reach its goal.
3. relationship between the buyer and
supplier should be of importance to
the company, According to Wheelen
et al. describes ways through which a
government can influence the supply
chain of business, more so restrictions
by the government on exports and
imports of certain products to other
2. organization needs to be prepared to
meet its goals. The business needs a
good gesture to the consumer, this
behavior will attract a good mindset
about the business. The effectiveness
of good behavior to the public it does
attract more sells and this allows profit
maximization of a company.
3. According to Dessler companies
should follow the required trade
restrictions from the government. This
because the goal of a business may be
shuttered down from ever happening
when a company does not go by the
regulations provided by the
According to Porter ad, Ansoff’s Matrix Coca-Cola company has this strategy in place such as
effective cost management, the company is focused on providing better products on time. The company
does risk in engaging in business in more countries despite the risk involved in the business. Product
development requires advertising through the media to reach out to the audience on the updates about the
growth of the company (Smith, 2016). Through adverts the companies are attracts more investors and
consumers which leads to success of the business.
Porter (1980)
1. According to Porter, this generic
strategy is referred to as the Cost
leadership, focus and
Differentiation. The Cost
leadership deals with leaders in
terms of cost. The Different
strategy does involve the creation
of products and services. Lastly,
The Focus involves at a precise
niche market through the
considerate of the dynamic of that
market and the exclusive wants of
Ansoff’s Matrix
2. According Ansoff Matrix in an article titled
“Strategies for Diversification.” It has
provided marketers and business leaders a
simple way to engage in risk of development.
The strategies presented by Matrix include
Market development, Diversification, Market
penetration and the product development
We love a company because of the product and services they deliver to the world, Coca-cola
company is probably prized company globally. The remains the same with the effective business outline
put in place. The progress of the company proves that other competitors cannot withstand the
performance of the business. Operating in more than 200 countries proves that the company’s products
are accepted all over the world and therefore there is a steady flow of goods. The Coca-cola company
provides employment to many people in the world and more so supports human welfare projects. The
company cares and acknowledges talents too, I appreciate the effectiveness of the company in the society.
Stobart, P. ed., 2016. Brand power. Springer.
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Trigeorgis, L. and Reuer, J.J., 2017. Real options theory in strategic management. Strategic
Management Journal, 38(1), pp.42-63.

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