Response to QuestionsGroup Leadership

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Response to QuestionsGroup Leadership
1. I frequently perform maintenance leadership roles that involve creating and maintaining strong
relationship in the group through communication. Establishing clear communication improves
group cohesion, reduces conflicts, and provides a conducive environment for conflict resolution.
2. I believe transformational leadership approach should be preferred over functional and
situational leadership perspectives because it is associated with meeting certain goals through
uniting, inspiring, or motivating other members of a group to achieve common goals.
3. I was appointed as the manager of the emergency department in a hospital. I was tasked with
reducing the level of congestion in the department. Due to the shortage of caregivers, I was
supposed to come up with strategies that would increase collaboration among all professionals
(nurses, clinicians, and physicians). I was supposed to organize all professionals into groups and
assign them different roles to minimize congestion in the emergency department. I had to
motivate all members and assign the different task, which they were to accomplish within a
specific duration.
4. I perceive Mahatma Gandhi as transformational leader. Gandhi facilitated the formation of
several political and social movements and often employed motivation, as a tool to create unity.
5. Situational leadership can be evidenced in situations where there is no organization between
members. For example, during riots a situational can be helpful in calming rioters down.
However, situational leaders are mainly concerned with meeting short-term goals.
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6. Laissez-faire leadership involves all group members in decision-making and setting boundaries.
Laissez-faire is not recommended because it may take a lot of time to arrive at a single decision
that is mutually agreeable. Besides, due to the fact that the opinions of all members are taken into
account before a final decision is made, Laissez-faire may be marred with conflicts due to
differences in opinions.
7. As a group leader, I usually act as a role model to other by portraying reputable behavioral
patterns. Besides, they I am devoted to sharing information to ensure that all members share
common goals and creating strong working relationships. In addition, I usually engage in
motivating other group members to enable all members to progress as a unit.
8. Common behaviors in groups are listening and discussing or contributing to the topics or agenda
through opinions.
9. Leaders should nurture an organizational culture that underpinned by reputable virtues. Besides,
leaders should have a vision in the form of goals or objectives, employ communication, and
nurture reputable values in a group. The values should be part and parcel of the service delivery
in the group.
10. The article presents vital information about leadership, especially group leadership. It is also
worth noting that proper leadership involves setting goals, communicating group goals to all
members of a group, and motivating all members to work towards achieving the set goals.
11. It is evident that leaders should not be self-centered, but rather dedicated to serving the needs of
all people to realize our goals. Besides, communication is also portrayed as essential for leaders,
as it help in building strong relationships and facilitates sharing of ideas.
12. Gandhi was courageous. He organized and led peaceful demonstrations. He was keen to
influence his followers to achieve the intended goals. He was also diplomatic. He often engaged
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with different groups (British, Muslims, and other Indians) to iron out differences between the
colonial regimes and the Indians.
13. Gandhi was keen on influencing people to achieve the intended goals. Ideally, he set visions for
his followers, motivating and guiding them through working processes and building morale. The
process of setting a clear understanding implies getting the followers to understand and accept
the goals underpinning a process. Building morale entails seeking to comprehend the needs of
the followers and addressing them through facilitation and recognizing their efforts.
14. During my service, I got the opportunity to meet and work with Thomas Mooty, the CEO of the
Macbee Company. Despite being 28 years old, he rose through the ranks through his reputable
leadership qualities. Mooty is an active listener. Besides, he is able to communicate in English,
French, and Arabic. As a result, he is able to manage the organization, even amidst increased
diversity due to globalization. Mooty is also demanding, but patient. His leadership approach is
mainly concerned with the emotional well-being of all employees. He usually motivates and
inspires other employees through his mastery of language. He also ensures that all the employees
share the same goals. Following his promotion as the company’s head, the company has
witnessed significant growth and profitability. It is also worth noting that the employees at the
company are fully behind him due to the proper human resource management incentives that the
company embraced under his leadership. In addition, Mooty’s leadership is also in line with the
ecceptable ethical standards.
15. I do not possess most of Mooty’s attributes. To develop some of his qualities, I will have to
begin step by step through leading small groups of people while exercising what I have learned. I
believe that practicing these aspects would enable me nurture my leadership qualities. For
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instance, leading my church singing groups and community youth groups will help to improve
my service leadership qualities.

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