Rhetoric analysis

Rhetoric analysis
The pathos, ethos, and logos of the song
Pathos is the emotion appeals which are brought out in the song. The song ‘red, white and
blue’ by Toby Keith has its reliance based on pathos so as to ensure his song is convincing enough
to his audiences. Through the pathos he depicts, the audience is convinced to become pro-war. The
main idea of the song is to bring out a message against terrorism war through pathos. The
controversial comment is made to people who believe that they have the power to mess up with
the United States (Streppa, 2007). The emotions or pathos by Keith include royalty and faithful
service towards his country. This should be done without messing up with the America. It is easy
to understand the reliance of Toby Keith when he says “we will always salute recognised and also
stand up when the old glory is flying and a multitude of men dead so as we can have a peaceful
night every time we lay down to sleep.
The other way Toby Keith brings out his song is through ethos. Ethos is specifically seen
in the song as he explains about his father. It is displayed when Keith speaks how his father fought
in the battle so that Americans and his children would see freedom. Ethos is portrayed when Keith
uses metaphors so as to mess with his audience emotion so that they can agree with him that war
is the right step to take. By talking about his father, Keith allows his audience to connect with one
another through his dad’s experiences as he fought the war before he died (Streppa, 2007). By
taking to his enemies about the war they raised against them, ethos is portrayed when he explains
that he is about to take more steps for his country
Logos in the song is used to cause and effect changes. Logos specifically can be seen in
the song where Keith speaks to his enemies by explaining the cause and the effect that will happen.
Since his enemies attacked them, this is the cause. In response, Keith tells them through the song
that he will attack back. Attacking back is the effect. The song was therefore followed but causes,
the primary of the being war against terror and the song recommends that the song should be war.
In the chorus, Keith tries to convince his audience that they should battle back against their enemies
as this will be the right thing to do (Streppa, 2007).
Movement and genre of the song
In his song, Keith uses a unique patriotic genre that is often conservative and has a pro-
American nature. The movement and genre of the song are collectively that of the country music.
This is because the song uses controversial but patriotic statements through questions. The music
emanates from the country experiences which the songwriter beliefs they can be changed. He
explains the effect of the terror war in the US and how they can eliminate it by fighting back. It
uses a style that can be claimed to outlaw country music movement (Weinstein, 2007). The sound
and genre used in the music are commonly known to be the outlaw movement which is portrayed
in the country music. The song is colourful and enigmatic through the way it brings out the altitude
of the songwriter.
About the song and ideologies portrayed
The ideology brought out by the song is that U.S can only be united through the solidarity
of purpose which transcends the objectives as well as the need of the American citizens. The
attacks by terrorist-instigated the need for people to stand up for themselves and cope up with the
devastation they faced. He brings out a rhetorical vision which mollifies the concerns of the
audience by assuring them justice will finally prevail. He proposes that America should respond
to war on terror by fighting back the terrorist. In his song, Keith advances the definition of
patriotism through reference to the American military that war against terrorism in the country. He
promotes the idea of America incarnate, a powerful, resilient nation.
Keith argues that during the times of war, the country is supposed to hear songs which
promote his point of view. His song is effective in tapping to what his audience feels and values.
The song is mainly about the war against terrorism in the US (Weinstein, 2007). The songwriter
focuses on providing the cause and effect in the song. He explains terrorism as the cause since the
enemies fought against him. The effect, he attempts to convince his fellow Americans, is fighting
back against their enemies. He includes himself in the community and explains how his father
fought against the terrorists, as well as the military that protects their country against the enemies.
In the end, he concludes that America shall prevail.
Rhetoric context
Keith uses the inclusive ‘with’ in many parts of his song to provide his audience with a
common enemy whom they should war against. He stipulates that the country can unite to battle
against their enemy where he preserves the rhetorical community through rehearsing their values
as well as beliefs. Keith’s public persona serves as the biggest part of the rhetorical context. This
because the country music audience is likely to interpret and accept the message of his song based
on the knowledge they have concerning the artist. The rhetoric vision presented by Keith resonates
to the country audience since the music is based on the country music genre and movement. He
achieves in convincing his audience by offering himself as both a community member as well as
a representative of the people.
The audience/consumers of the song
Since the song is a country music, most of the consumers who consume it are the country
music lovers. Regardless of the information brought out in the song, some of the audience can
listen to the music because it is a country music song. However, Keith wrote and sung the song
with an objective to target the Americans who suffer due to terror attacks as well as those who
have lost loved ones due to attacks raised against Americans. He explains how his father fought a
battle for the Americans since he wanted a peaceful life for the Americans at large. Later, he tells
that his father died a patriarch man who believed in America (Weinstein, 2007). He also targets
the American military that is out there fighting against terrorism for the sake of their country. He
believes that all the citizens of America should unite and fight back terrorism in their land.
Therefore, the consumers of the song are likely to be country music lovers, the patriarchs
Americans and the military that are fighting against terrorism. The song also seems to be
communicating with the terrorists who fought against America. Keith tells them that he will battle
against them and that ultimately, America shall prevail. The song has many listeners, not only the
lovers of country music but also the individuals who listen to the song due to the message it brings
out (Weinstein, 2007).
Instrument reflection
The instrumentation of the song gives the singer an opportunity to move in, where the
instrumentalist backs off. A particular measure delays any vocal entrance that follows an
instrument. That way, space is added between a conclusion and the instrumental solo, which gives
the singer a chance to insist his conclusion (Arbor, 2009). By listen to the song, the instrumentation
of the song provides both the singer and the listener with an opportunity to understand the deep
meaning of the lyrics. Since it gives adequate time to focus on the song, concentration of the singer
is enhanced thus it is easier for the listener to understand and internalise each word.
The song and the artist are known as a super band. This is because the songwriter is a
famous artist who has written more songs that have a huge audience. Since the artist is popular
and has won many awards, this gives him an added advantage to the number of persons that listen
to his music. After releasing the song in 2002, he won the music award for country music school
(Arbor, 2009).
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