Sexuality and Human Relationships

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Sexuality and Human Relationships
Question 1
Cultural differences are a reality between persons from different nations. For instance,
an Irish will be significantly different from a French national. In the example in this
statement, for example, a German student would not be happy with these statements, even
though they are merely reactions from a movie. A German student would make an interesting
statement to their professor by saying that these statements are dishonest because, on one
hand, the partner says that s/he loves Brady Cooper while on the other hand, s/he says, “I love
In this example, the conflict would be that there is a commission of dishonesty
because the lover would always mean to please their partner irrespective of circumstances
since, in Germany; the culture is such that the traditions are held in high esteem. Therefore,
the mere talk that one loves another one besides their partner would be highly detested and
condemned in equal measure. The tradition of the Germans is such that the very idea of
saying that one loves another party in the presence of his/her partner would create conflict in
the relationship between these two people.
Language also takes different dimensions as far as German and American cultures are
concerned. In America, the acts of liking and loving are more or less the same in informal
situations. However, in Germany, these terms have defined and separate terms, so much so
that when one says, “I love you” and on the other hand says, “I love person X,” the difference
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will be non-existent and the other party will not take this aspect lightly since there is a clear
distinction between loving and liking.
Finally, Americans are tolerant as far as flirtation is concerned. Therefore, when an
American says that she is in love with a celebrity that she is in no capacity to date, her partner
will not take the matter seriously, unlike in Germany where flirting is not tolerated in formal
Question 2
Americans have higher levels of tolerance. In these two statements, an American
would interpret the first statement as an issue of someone liking a celebrity while the second
statement would be interpreted as true love for a partner. This idea implies that a clear
distinction must be made between loving and liking.
In America, people often say that they love other people, especially celebrities
irrespective of gender. Therefore, one would be tolerant and tell their partner that it is fine
and okay with them in this regard. In this sense, therefore, it is imperative to note that the
issue will even vanish without the addressee taking notice. The level of belief in America is
far much different from other nations, as far as relationships are concerned. In this light,
therefore, an American would take all matters lightly, because there is not even an iota of
notice because of the lack of notice in the two statements.
However, these statements may be interpreted differently depending on the American
who is being addressed. America is a multi-ethnic area as well as having a multiplicity of
races. The implication is such that America has many cultures. This idea means that the
interpretation of the two statements will differ significantly depending on the person being
addressed depending on their origin. America has many people from German, Irish, French,
and Scottish origins. In this regard, therefore, it is imperative to note that the reaction of the
person reacting to the idea of one loving an actor and on the other loving their partner, the
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response will be different dependent on the manner that they uphold their cultures and
practice fidelity to the said cultures.
Question 3
I see a difference between the two statements because, in any structured and formal
relationship, there is a clear difference between flirting and love. In this light, therefore, it is
important to note that a person can only flirt (even though in this case it happens in absentia
of the person being flirted with). Admiring someone in a passionate manner is a “no-go zone
in relationships. This implies that in most cases, even if a person admires another one, it is
entirely wrong to say so in the presence of the partner. However, in the same light, it is also
adequately imperative to note that the manner in which people interpret issues differs a lot.
However, in the context of going to a movie theatre, watching a movie, and reacting to it, it is
normal to say that one loves another (audience to an actor). This reaction is dependent on the
topic or the theme of the movie. If for instance, the movie is about someone acting in a heroic
manner, it is well and proper to say that the audience loves the same hero in the movie. This
is, however, relevant to the person of the addressee. For example, if something outstanding
done by the star in the movie and achieved heroically, and the same is a weakness of the
addressee, it is impolite of the other to mention the idea of love to the party concerned. I also
believe that it is important for people to give their honest point of view because doing so
could help in challenging the addressee to do better.
Question 4
Body language is an important aspect of communication. Therefore, it is a significant
issue to interpret the idea furthered by someone depending on his body language. Personally,
I believe that to get the germ of an issue and to put the ends furthered; it is always incumbent
upon the audience to look at the body language of the speaker because it contextualizes an
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In my interpretation of the idea and the reactions of the speaker, I believe that it is honest to
say what one believes in. For instance, in this example, one would be interested in looking at
the body language of the person speaking all through the movie. I believe that there is
honesty in the speaker because all that the speaker says is that she loves the actor because of
what he is able to do in the movie. Ideally, a movie is always about issues that happen in the
society, since literature is a mirror of the society. Therefore, if the speaker is in tandem with
the actions of the star of the movie, it is a right move by any sane person. Finally, body
language is the main tenet on which my reaction is based, because merely looking at a person
as they do something or speak makes a lot of sense and puts issues and ideas into perspective.

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