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Social Media
Social media is a series of connections, websites, and application designed for social
networking to allow people share, connect quickly, and even engage in social marketing
efficiently and in real time (Noor & Hendricks 2012). Through social media large groups of
people develop social and business contact as well as share information. The phrase social media
is often used nowadays to describe what we post on sites like Facebook and many others. In the
present world, it has turn out to be effortless to achieve material from social media as everything
is displayed in real time and as it happens. It is essential to know and establish the advantages as
well as disadvantages of easily obtaining information before making use of it. Though easily
obtained information is rendered effortless, it saves time. Expediency is a significant advantage
of efficiently gathering information because it is convenient for individuals to be in one place
and catch the most up-to-date news, this is easier than analyzing a whole newspaper, watching
TV, or listening to radios. Another significant benefit of readily accessing data is that it allows
individuals to carry out research, modify images, and edit sound. Easily obtaining information
also suffers disadvantages, because some information is not reliable and to find out their validity
has to be with the help of other sources and one ends up confused. The investigation of such
information is time-consuming, and at the end of the day, the information remains misleading
and corrupt. Another disadvantage is that it offers information that is sensitive either nationally
or globally to some extent the situation is personal or secret for a period, but to social media, it is
exposed causing chaos and confusion. Other sites are unsecured and easily damage people’s
computers and lead to cyberbullying which affects most people.
Social media sites are where all information is found but it is always composed of
advantages and disadvantages. One of the most considerable benefits of social media is that it
paves the way for open communication which leads to a whole new World of discoveries and
openness. People connect from all walks of life and discuss any upcoming issues, others find
spouses, and others get job offers. Users conveniently communicate with their allies and relatives
who may be distant from them. Social media has a lot of benefits to student, teachers and anyone
who is interested in research as it is very educating. Regardless of your location or educational
background you can learn and educate yourself in the comfort of your home. Social media is
beneficial to business minded people as it offers promotion of your business and large audience
or marketing and advertising. Social media helps people discover new and innovative ideas of
lifestyle to enhance personal lives and the decisions we make. It creates awareness for all people
big or small, professional and non-professionals. With its very many advantages, it also suffers
various disadvantages because it exposes individuals to hackers who quickly get hold of one’s
personal information which they use to ruin individual’s life professionally and personally.
Through social media, children and adults may be are victims of cyber security since anyone is
legible to create fake accounts and affect others making hence making it hard for them to be
traced. They suffer threats, intimidation messages, and rumors that are untrue to ruin an
individual’s self-esteem and even bring about exclusion from society. Moreover, social media is
very addictive, and teenagers are very affected because they are involved extensively and waste
most of their valuable time.
In relation to this discussion, social media can be used for a wide range of activities as a
result of the advantages and disadvantages it suffers. If someone is aware that social media can
lead to the growth of their business and encourage a big audience, then they have no choice but
to use it to their advantage. With the knowledge that hackers and cyberbullying can affect one’s
life, individuals limit their personal life and details away from social media to avoid scams and
fraudulent activities. Once individuals especially parents learn how addictive social media is to
their teenagers they are cautious and limit them to those addictive activities that lead teenagers to
wastage of time but, instead get them to involve themselves less frequently and when necessary.
Before internet people relied on newspapers and broadcastings hence, from the rise of the
information on the internet many credibility issues arose. Due to the rise of internet as a different
type of media, persons were given a platform talk about anything they want without reliable
sources. An individual’s belief or attitude becomes the motivation story than one’s research and
hard work to prepare facts hence, this makes information on the internet not trustworthy. Before
collecting information from the internet, an individual should keep in mind that it is provided to
satisfy various needs and purpose and that’s the reason why its credibility is questionable.
In conclusion, both social media and easily obtained information which is collected from social
sites are composed of both advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is always necessary to be
cautious before you can trust any information and make yourself knowledgeable about the pros
and cons to avoid chaos and drama. The internet is a global phenomenon, and anything can
spread within a fraction of a second which can lead to jeopardizing an individual’s personal life.
Noor, A.-D. H. S., & Hendricks, J. A. (2012). Social media: Usage and impact. Lanham, Md:
Lexington Books.
Platt. L. & Dean. H. (2016). Social Advantage and Disadvantage. Great Clarendon Street.OUP

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