Social Studies LESSON PLAN

Lugo 1
Stephanie Lugo Landeros
Professor: Beth Forester
EDU 102 CRN 94840
November 24, 2014
Social Studies Lesson Plan
Name: We Are Different But The Same! Date: November 24, 2014 Age of Group: 4-5 years
1. Activity: Cutting Apples with Different Colors. Subject: Social Studies
2. Rationale
This activity will help children learn and appreciate diversity in their community, school
and even families while recognizing that in essence, all people are the same. The main
aim of the activity is to help develop the children’s knowledge of the differences in
ethnicity, race, gender, language and culture.
3. Concepts
The lesson will assess and develop self-awareness among the children and introduce them
to the concept of diversity in the society.
4. NYS Learning Standard/s that would be enhanced
This activity will enhance NYS Learning Standards Domain 5: Cognition and Knowledge
of the World; Social Studies. Geography: 1.) Develops a basic awareness of self as an
individual, self within the context of family, and self within the context of community:
1a-b. ; 2).Demonstrates an awareness and appreciation of their own culture and other
cultures: 2d.
Lugo 2
Domain 5. Cognition and Knowledge of the World: Social Studies. Civics, Citizenship
and Government. 5) Demonstrates an understanding of roles, rights and responsibilities:
3b; 6.) Begins to learn the basic civic and democratic principles: 6b-c.
5. Learning Outcomes/Behavioral Objectives
Children will be able to acknowledge and appreciate diversity, and communicate
differences among individuals, families and communities without undermining others.
6. Materials
Red and green apples
Plastic knives
Plastic plates
A colorful toy microphone
7. Procedure
a. Motivation:
Read the storybook “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox
b. Introduction
Are we different or the same?
c. Activity
1. Ask them to sit in a circle.
2. Provide them with a plate, a red
apple, a green apple and a knife.
3. Ask them what is different about the
4. Have them cut the apples open
5. Ask them what is similar about the
apples on the inside.
6. Have them stand when presented with
1. Sit in a circle.
2. Identify and describe what is
different about the red and green
3. Cut the apples open.
5. Identify and describe what is similar
about the apples on the inside.
6. Stand and describe what makes
them special when presented with the
Lugo 3
the microphone, and talk about what
makes them special
8. Ask them why they are the same
7. Have them enjoy eating their fruits
7. Describe why they think they are the
d. Closure
Does anyone like being different on the outside but the same on the inside? What was
everyone’s interesting part?
8. Evaluation
The activity is process-oriented because it helped the children develop their knowledge of
diversity through a hands-on experience. It also provided them with an opportunity to
develop their awareness of self within the context of diversity. The experience equips
them with skills and knowledge to identify and appreciate differences among various
societal units.

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