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To commence with, the term discourse refers to the aggregation of meanings through
which a specific need, social phenomenon, intervention and knowledge are perceived by
different people. Furthermore, discourse also implies the way human beings build their thoughts,
identities as well as the actions they portray in various daily undertakings. Moreover, social
workers can employ the discourse aspect and assist them in encountering and viewing the
customers’ needs. In that context, instead of relying on the dominant ideas to serve clients, social
workers are supposed to devise alternative and more accommodative ways which fully address
the clients’ needs.
As a result, we have three discourses namely alternative discourses, dominant discourses
and finally but not the least social and behavioral science discourses. These particular discourses
are miscellaneous, hence, applied in different real-life situations. In the case of the dominant
discourses, they are applicable in knowledge matters regarding welfare services and health as
well as in the power of shaping thoughts. The social and behavioral science discourses are
acquired from the disciplines that offer theory foundation and parent knowledge regarding the
social work activity. Lastly, the alternative discourses subsist outside the above-illustrated
discourses, but their effects on them are definite. Therefore, this paper seeks to address the case
posed to us of Mary and Jack, by employing three perspectives in unraveling the predicament
which has encroached in their life.
Issues to be addressed Regarding the Three Perspectives
The following issues prevalent in our case study should be tackled. To begin with, Mary
giving birth to Jack and instantly her weight increasing is a matter of concern if we have to be
reasonable in addressing her trouble. Subsequently, this becomes an obstacle in her entire life
since she cannot secure herself employment or even stroll for long distances.
The pension quandary depicted in the story of Mary also should be addressed
accordingly as it has critically impacted her life. As a result, Jack has not been attending school
regularly due to lack of fees. Again, the lady is not working and, thus, getting food has been a
grave problem for both of them. Furthermore, the rejection feeling building up in Mary as a
result of failing to find a job must be solved through the use of the three perceptions. Further, the
child protection aspect will be addressed accordingly and in our case, Jack will center of our
focus. The law, biomedical and Economic and New Public Management discourses will assist us
in analyzing and coming up with clarification of the issues above. Therefore, through utilizing
the above-outlined discourses, efficient solutions will be reached and the entire problem dealt
with effectively.
Description of the Selected Discourses
To start with, the Biomedical Discourse approach has played a vital role in the shaping of
ideas particularly in the health rehabilitation places, mental health services and hospices.
Moreover, it covers children protection practices by providing evidence of harm and abuse after
assessing and defining their causes to the respective bodies. The social workers must be in a
position to understand the expertise used in biomedical discourse and competently communicate
in these practice fields. Consequently, they should help their fellow acquaintances in
understanding the complicated jargon used in biomedical terms. On the other hand, legal
discourse stresses on case law and statutory law in shaping social workers’ framework. In that
context, the statutory law is developed by government and immensely affects social work.
Further, case law is obtained from case results and previous case analysis. Nevertheless, social
workers are sometimes are obliged to abide by the set code of rules and regulations in that
particular institution.
Also, Economic and New Public Management discourse, which is among our selected
discourses, deals with delivery of health and warfare services. For instance, a neoclassical
economic discourse has been used in numerous postindustrial states in making decisions
concerning public policy and financial matters. Moreover, neoclassical economists have
contributed to social work services with free-market ideas.
Strengths and Weaknesses of our Preferred Discourses
Strengths of Biomedical Discourse
According to Biomedical discourse, many preventive measures have been developed to
deal with emerging infections. In that context, various life-threatening diseases have been cured
through employing specific criterions. Nevertheless, in our case study, Mary's ailment can be
cured only if she approaches a physician and undergo clinical examination. Consequently, on
being examined she can be found to be suffering from obesity disorder perhaps, and effective
treatment carried out. In that context, since the assumptions made by the woman regarding the
disease she is suffering from are null, the best advice to her is that she must visit a medical
practitioner and be checked. As a result, the biomedical discourse will have unraveled the reason
behind what is happening to Mary’s health.
Additionally, the above discourse also advocates for early intervention and prevention.
According to the case study provided, the lady ailing could have prevented herself from reaching
such a critical state through accessing medical care immediately when she recognized the signs
of the entire problem.
Weaknesses of the Discourse
To start with, by utilizing biomedical discourse a lot of life issues have been handled
using a medical perspective. However, we should note that not all health problems require one to
seek health clarification in hospitals. For example, Mary can decide to embark on a severe
physical exercise and amazingly reduce her body size. Further, in this discourse when it comes to
allocation of funds, substantial funds are transferred to cater for pharmaceuticals. In our case, if
public funds are distributed proportionately in all government sectors, Jack could no longer be
idling at home. As a result, the school fees could be a bit economical and, thus, needy families maybe
could manage to meet education cost.
Strengths of Legal Discourse
The social workers are obliged by the law jurisdiction to share their personal information
on some occasions purposely for meeting the client interests. Subsequently, when counseling
Mary, I will have to relate her predicament with my real-life scenario and narrate the
repercussions I faced when I delayed going to seek medication. Moreover, the statutory law in
social work embraces the protection of children and the employees. In that context, Mary should
use the powers accorded to the workers by the legal law to sue the company she was formally
working. Perhaps, she can be compensated and use the money for her health expenses as well as
paying the fees the school owes Jack. Additionally, in social working there exists case law
deduced from various case studies conducted. Since these studies address the issues affecting the
working staff and their customers, they are better placed to tackle the case of Mary effectively.
Furthermore, through the use of the legal law which stipulates employment terms, Mary
should take legal action and find justice in the court of law regarding her pension predicament.
When she wins the case and reimbursed can take Jack back to school and use the rest to cater for
her medical costs. However, defeating the company in the court is not a mere thing and here
Mary has to prepare adequately with bulk evidence to convince the court that she was once an
employee in that particular organization. Additionally, statutory law accentuates on the
protection of child rights and, therefore, though indirectly the firm which had employed Mary
has undermined the rights of Jack by delaying to accord her mother the pension. Accordingly,
Mary should prepare adequately and face the reluctant company which has enormously violated
her rights.
Weaknesses of Legal Discourse
Besides this discourse being of importance to social workers, it has several limitations which
hinder its efficient performance. To start with, corruption is very rampant nowadays and it has
even entrenched itself in our courts. In that perspective, Mary’s case when handed over to a
judge who has an appetite for money undoubtedly the defendant will be the winner. Moreover,
the constitutional law is exceedingly coercive especially to lose the party. Consequently, if Mary
loses the case in the court of law, putting up with the situation would not be easy bearing in mind
that she is even sick. Further, in some instances, the statutory law fails to recognize the aged
people in exploitation and protection. Consequently, Mary though middle-aged she may fall
victim to the same.
Neoclassical Economics and New Management Discourse (NPM)
Strengths of NPM
The above discourse (NPM) advocates for extending services even if the client has catered for
their cost. In that context, the hospitals should offer extra services to Mary putting into
consideration her financial status. For instance, the hospice can choose to be providing free
exercise services to this lady. Again, the school Jack is attending need to understand the
devastating condition the student is undergoing and treat him as an exceptional.

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