Social Work Management

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Social Work Management
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Social Works Management: Global Child Protection
Demonstrated understanding of the concept of leadership as it applies to social work
In social leadership or management, the main aim is to promote positive social changes
and to advocate for the social justice since they are mostly not profit oriented. It can be done
only through leading change in the organizations, within the communities and in the society. In
social works, the leader identifies the problem, creates a vision for the change, inspires and
guides others to work towards achieving the change. The social team then executes as a team.
Social work is in joining hands and working together. The social work managers rely heavily on
the ability to communicate and to be able to motivate the followers. The social organizations
need to have a leader that has the qualities to manage the organization. The leader has to course
the supporters to freely and earnestly use up spiritual, emotional and physical energy and
coordinate efforts to achieve the goals of the organization (Winston & Patterson 2006).
The leadership of a child protection organization needs a team of individuals of great
gratitude and good character. They should have their emotions in check not to manage with
nepotism or any form of corruption. It gives the organization a better picture beyond the offices.
It also puts the organization at a level that it is easy for people to contribute or donate since they
are sure it will perform the designated duty (Masten 2014, pp.6-20).
The system that is formed to take care of the children has got to have stakeholders that
successfully implement the initiative the system and can see the bigger picture, build
relationships and exhibit patience and are flexible to be able to eliminate barriers that the
organization faces. The leaders also connect the disparate groups to an organization that can
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offer help to them. Leaders that are involved in child welfare also get to internalize and promote
the family as partners. The organization work to prevent violence not to occur but when it
happens, the organization works to ensure that the children that are affected get the necessary
support they need to recover and also to return to support and protective environment. The
organization does this by:
• Strengthening families and caregivers with knowledge and skills to protect the children
• Support relevant duty bearers and other partners like social workers teachers and police
• Listening to and involving children in their protection.
Some of the works that are currently being done by the organization are; a strengthening
system that is meant to support orphans and vulnerable children affected by the global AIDS
epidemic. Working with the government, the communities and the families to keep the children
in family-based cares that can offer them with the necessary parental and worm family
environment and love and helping children and families in emergency situations to uphold or
recover relations stability and safety (Winston & Patterson 2006).
Application of the discussion of leadership to a specific human service organization
Global Child Protection is a worldwide organization that is significantly involved in
supporting, protecting and promoting children’s rights. Children in each country are at risk of
violence which includes physical and the affecting abuse, sexual damage, and operation and
neglect or deliberate deprivation. Children living in households and communities impacted by
divergence, natural disasters, and global pandemics like HIV/AIDS are often at increased risk of
abuse, violence, and exploitation. The clients get the priority. When we focus our concentration
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on prioritizing these children and families and work with them and their communities to
emphasize protection so that we can limit the unhelpful outcomes they that they face the
organization also gets help from external sources for the operation. Global concerns about the
consequences of disasters, political violence, disease, malnutrition, maltreatment, and other
threats to human development and wellbeing have sparked a surge of international interest in
resilience science (Masten 2014, p. 6-10).
Child protection is a myriad of different experiences. To manage the situations and the
emotions; supervision is one of the significant and most important tools for the proper
management of the organization since various conditions get placed under control. Each day
social workers have to travel to schools, hospitals, homes, parks, lots of McDonald’s restaurants
and bring up different bizarre subjects with the people about childhood experiences, criminal
pasts, and thoughts about parenting. The management attends to all the issues relevant to a child
or the child protection and safety. The leaders start their day very early in the morning sitting at
the desk and attend to the organization's work and duties. The full scope of their job often brings
a wide range of emotions. The leaders stated that “sometimes I do lose my temper with clients. I
have cried with and for a client. I have been sarcastic with a client. I have cared deeply about a
client. I have laughed at a client and also with a client, and I have to attract a client”. Child
protection can sometimes be severe, so one should not be afraid to laugh with a client (Warner
It is sometimes difficult for the leaders to be able to remain level-headed since parenting
has got a lot of challenges. Not all the kids have the same capability to do what is wanted or what
is right for at the right time and the right place. Parenting is profoundly an individual thing, and
most of the people have severe and very different opinion about parenting. The hardest part of
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the job is when the situation calls for a child to get separated from the parents. There are a lot of
emotions that are involved in the separation of the child from the mother and the father. The
doubt, the fears and the reliefs of whether one is making the right decision and just some of the
few difficulties that surround the separation the child from the mother and the father Ferguson (
2016, p. 283-294).
The leader affirmed that the extensive collection of the emotions needs to untangle. “For
me, an important part of the child protection has always been supervision and debriefing” stated
the child protection leader. One way of processing information within the organization is by
talking a probing the situations since a child guard is not an omission of the process. The
organization strictly checks the level of supervision done by the leaders to the clients. Regular
monitoring provides the experience and the ability for the workers to look at their experiences
from different perspectives. The supervisors also allow the workers to talk about their personal
feelings about a given situation and also to be able to reflect on what could be done differently
for the betterment of the organization and their ability to offer services for the client. The clients
that are attended to have to be meet at their places making some of the missions difficult and
Identification of strategies to increase social workers' leadership participation both within
the organization and within its environment
The organization has got some set of objectives and missions to be attained. The
organization broadens the goals which lead to the requirement of additional membership support.
The gaps that are evident within the organization significantly affect the organization. It makes
the organization to create measures that will put the social work leaders to get involved more in
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the more in running the organization. The social workers who work hard within the organization
make other workers lazy. The leaders stated that “those who benefited the most from your efforts
are not currently participating.” The organization currently has got not enough members to carry
out the legwork involved in action planning. It dramatically provides a gap for the leaders to
work hard and stretch their arms beyond their duties to ensure that the organization is moving.
The organization has got to work hand in hand with the community and the clients that are in the
programs. The organization has put in place efforts that are not publicly visible in the city and
have also expanded the membership base that brings about a great community or political
support (Masten 2014, pp.6-20).
The external environment gets involved in the provision of services to the children and
also the disabled through donations. The donations get organized by the organization. The
organization has a more significant partnership with the private sector and INGOs to have a
positive, social impact and be able to the breakthrough solution. The companies enable the
organization to drive its economic expansion and create a sustainable impression on the world’s
marginalized children and their families. It puts the members of the organization on toes to be
able to mobilize the sponsors. Another task comes up when the private sector assists in placing
the leadership in a position to be able to exercise their knowledge of management. It is upon the
social workers to see to it that the support provided by the partners are well distributed and well
The social workers get to work to give better results to attract more sponsors. It is a
strategy that is put in place to make the social workers work hard and get involved dramatically
in leadership. The organization also has arrived in place measures to provide support to even the
children that face racism. As racism continues to be an issue in all the societies, it varies from
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culture to culture and the historical periods. The leadership of the organization gets organized in
a way that the leading management position has got to provide instructions and see to it that the
rest of the departments and the branches work toward attaining the objectives and goals of the
organization. , the management has to look for funds to ensure that the clients targeted by the
organization and supported by the organization get the necessary support and the protection that
they need. It puts the workers in a position for social workers' leadership participation within the
organization (Bass & Bass, 2009).
The lack of hierarchical multiple regressions revealed that perceived lack of autonomy
and the influence of the funding sources are the major contributors to burnout. It is also
understood that the self-sufficiency and bureaucratization are significant contributors to job
fulfillment (Arches 1991. pp.202-206). The organization is connected with several NGOs to
enable it to perfume without deficiency. UNICEF is one of the NGOs that provide support to
global child protection. Achievement of child protection and social wellbeing services is
independent upon the availability and use of relevant child fortification and social welfare data.
The leaders play a significant role in the process that leads to prolific output. The
organization has in place the strategy of increasing its services to provide better and more
services. It puts the leaders also in the position not to idle in their works. The expansion also aids
in the increase in performance of the members. The organization provides training to the social
workers, in turn, increases the output of the members. It also improves the production of the
leaders in the management positions and the leaders heading the departments (Bass & Bass,
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The organization has got the necessary strategy to be able to perform within the required
standards. Some of the plans that are placed to include expanding its services and the regions to
be attended to, providing training services to the employees to be able to produce better output.
The events organized by the organization position the leaders on their toes. The leaders get
significantly involved through the programs the organization is required. The training programs
that are arranged also increase the competency of leadership. Social work is a profession that is
demanding whatever the country the manager works in and need a heart that is willing to provide
support. The management of non-profitable organizations has got great challenges hence the
people that are employed to work within such organization need to be placed on the track by
strategies arranged by the organization and also a proper allocation of duties to the social
The social workers have got clear chances and also responsibilities to attend to within the
society in which the organization is targeting. The children that are mostly in the families that
experience difficulties are the target of the organization. The leaders are sent to attend and also to
look for such families and children that are either mistreated or are incapable of providing for
them. It gives the social workers the responsibility and the duty to come up with a proper
working schedule. The leaders have to offer for an organized working program that will be used
to lead the team in the assigned mission. The group leaders also have the responsibility of
leading the team and managing the move to offer the provided services to the clients. It puts both
the heads and the group leaders the leadership responsibility. The sponsors are also in the
position of having the leadership responsibility to ensure that the donations that they give are
well placed to work and are handled responsibly (Myers 2008, pp.449-463).
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Child protection involves a lot of things and activities that are connected. The life of the
children is vital to the society and also to the country as a whole. The organizations that help
protect and support the children which the global child protection is one of them has to have
objectives and mission. The members of the organization that protect the children get support
from various parts and individuals. The support that the organization receives has to be well
managed and to be supervised by leaders who are qualified to do so. Social leadership can also
sometimes be very challenging in different environments. Sometimes the social workers have to
agree, disagree, get angry and even laugh with the clients. It brings the motions of the workers at
a test and unless the workers can manage their emotions the job remains a challenge. It requires a
unique attitude and tries for a social worker to be able to work with different people and also in
different communities. The organizations that are at the level of supporting the children get
support from various places since it is not cheap to take up the responsibilities of a kid. The
sources of funds include the private sector and the NGOs. The external environment also
requires the leaders to attend to them. It increases the level of performance of the leaders. The
society so wants the leaders to go out of their way to provide support and reach out to them.
Corruption is not part of the child protection. The leaders that are employed need to be
outstanding and able to interact freely with the sponsors. It gives the organization a better image
at creating trust between the organization and the people that support it. It makes the members of
the organization work hard to protect the image.
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