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Question 1
Many people in society view murder cases as taking away human life maliciously. In
military actions, killing a person is acceptable according to military beliefs and orders. The social
scientist, Stanley Milgram, was a source of inspirations during World War II in the acts of Nazis
(Wilson, 58). His experiences on authority instructions displayed a sense of obedience to the
administration. Milgram developed a theory where a person is associated with the working
group. According to the theory, a military officer would not feel responsible for personal
actions, especially in murder. If I am to participate in Milgram research, I would be obedience
based on agentic theory where I could be an instrument of a person. Therefore, I would be
obedience to his orders. Experimental manipulation is associated with ethical problems in a
research study (Wilson, 71). The problem of conflicting personal opinions designs psychological
deceptions in an experimental research. Additionally, the experimental manipulation in a
research leads to abuse and exploitation in ethical practices.
Question 2
The idea of dividing wealth equally among everyone in the world is different from the
case of dividing income. It is easy to distribute wealth equally since it involves material but not
income. Based on the understanding of stratification, redistributing wealth equally can make it
Surname 2
lose value (Wilson, 68). The idea would be evident because some reasons such as skills,
intelligence, and knowledge are inevitable. This would result in prejudice and discrimination due
to conflict and lack of opportunities. Based on sociology understanding, power is viewed as
influential ability towards people. Upper-class people in society have essential elements of
influencing group members (Wilson, 65). These elements involve authority, social status, and
wealth. As such, low-class people can have prestige in the social system but not able to have
power or wealth for influence. For example, a driver can enjoy driving the boss' vehicle but not
able to influence people as a personal wealth.
Question 3
Multinational corporations in a developing country involve foreign firms which operate
with an aim of investing in that country. These corporations have valuable assets of investing in
more than one country. They can be beneficial in the following ways to a developing country.
One, they increase investment thus injecting foreign resources for economic growth (Wilson,
78). Two, they initiate technology transfers. Multinational Corporations create technology
advancement when they are allowed to operate in a developing country. Other benefits include
the transfer of skills, an increase of tax, reduce the gap between labor and capital and encourage
competition. On the other hand, they are associated with some critics. They tend to undermine
economic and social right of people in a developing country. They create unmatched budget
compared with local business especially in their mode of advertisement (Wilson, 70). Equally,
foreign firms create technological fraud in the agreement of transparent technological transfer.
For example, Facebook is a multinational corporation that operates globally. The corporation is
associated with benefits and harms to many developing countries across the world.
Surname 3
Question 4
Discrimination is the most significant factor in eliminating in the social system. Prejudice
develops ideas of irrational opinions and attitudes toward a certain group of people in society. In
human history, prejudice is inflexible within different groups' members (Wilson, 59). As such,
prejudice can be either positive or negative traits thus difficult to alter based on the social setting.
Discrimination is easy to eliminate since there are behaviors directed to the particular person.
These behaviors are developed in a short period of time, unlike prejudice which is based on
cultural understanding. For example, an immigrant is discriminated against in the workplace due
to color. In such case, it is easy to advocate for discrimination since it is associated with
personality traits (Wilson, 63). Basically, discrimination involves denying personal opportunities
due to some reasons. This can be easily addressed by activist and humanitarian groups, unlike
prejudice which is instilled in the cultural values.
Question 5
The second shift in marriage is associated with heterosexual couples. The translation of
the government policies provides that modern men are worse on the second shift (Wilson, 66).
The applications of the government policies provide amendment in a heterosexual relationship to
alleviate problems of the second shift. The first change involves rectifying the inferior position
of women in the social system. This change gives women protection in demanding equal rights
in the relationship. The expectation of both partners will be actual feelings rather than a
heterosexual relationship. The government enacted the policies of holding security towards
heterosexual groups in society (Wilson, 61). The main objective was to adopt independent acts of
limited engagement in marriage. As such, women benefit from leisure time without much
restriction from her partner.
Surname 4
Glass Escalator
The actual meaning of the glass escalator is hidden advantages that men possess over
women. For example, men are highly ranked in the heterosexual fast track while entering to the
profession of women in sex-segregation dominion (Wilson, 67). For example, you can
experience an escalation on ride especially when you look at people who are behind. At this
stage, one is said to have placed an escalator since you can view people below and above.
Work Cited
Wilson, Thomas P. "Normative and interpretive paradigms in sociology." Everyday Life.
Routledge, 2017. 57-79.

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