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Stages of Relationship Suits Movie

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Stages of Relationship: Suits Movie
The TV show Suits play a vital role in explaining the five relationship stages relating to Rachel
Zane and Mike Ross. From the textbook, the contact stage ranks as the first stage entailing the
meeting of the people where there is the formation of critical perceptions through the personal
consist (DeVito 226). In the TV show Suits, Mike Ross joins the Pearson Specter Ltd legal firm
through the start interaction, Rachel Zane forms the perception that Miki Ross is an excellent
associate and highly skilled leading to both having interest in each other. In the second stage, it
entails the involvement which forms the phase where there is a sense of mutuality between the
two people coupled with the need to know more about each other (DeVito 226). In the Show
Suits, there is the increase in involvement, Mike greeting Rachel when coming to work, and
pouring her coffee once in a while. Moreover, there is a curiosity in Rachel asking about Mike’s
history in Harvard Law School. The third stage is the intimacy stage which involves a more
increased commitment to the relationship and the other persons (DeVito 227). In Suits, Mike
Ross and Rachel Zane finally take their relationship further and makes everyone know about
their love at the Pearson Specter Ltd legal firm. Additionally, there is an increased date between
Ross and Rachel as well as sleeping at each other’s place. In essence, the relationship of the two
shows a higher bond than before. The deterioration stage is highly characterized by the overall
weakening of the bond within the relations (DeVito 229). As seen in Suits, when Rachel learns
that Mike Ross did not graduate from Harvard despite his success as an associate at Pearson
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Specter Ltd, she feels cheated and not valued. In the repair stage, DeVito (2016) says that it gets
characterized by partners recognizing what went wrong and work to repair the relationship
(DeVito 228). In the film, Rachel and Mike argue, and Rachel decides that the relationship
remains founded on lies leading to the next stage. Lastly, in the dissolution stage, there is the
breaking of the bonds between the partners characterized by interpersonal separation like shifting
to different apartments (DeVito 229). After feeling lied to and cheated by Mike Ross, Rachel
Zane decides to tell Mike to leave and their relationship weakness From that point on, they only
meet at the Pearson Specter Ltd as opposed to the constant and previous sleeping in one room. In
essence, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane go through the five stages of relationships before bonding
again and coming together in the subsequent seasons of the series forming the repair stage
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Works Cited
DeVito, Joseph A. The Interpersonal Communication Book. Boston : Pearson, 2016.

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