Sustainability Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

Sustainability: Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament.
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Nuclear disarmament is a concept or ideology that entails the elimination and overall reduction
of the number of nuclear weapons globally. In a nutshell the campaign aims at having a nuclear
free world where all nuclear weapons are eliminated. The general abolition of nuclear weapon is
a concept that is identified to be a humanitarian necessity. This is based on the fact that any use
of nuclear weapons would actually result into catastrophic consequences. It is realized that in
case of a nuclear explosion, it would not be possible to have any humanitarian response. The
radiation from the explosion would also have significant effect on human life, causing suffering
and death many years after the initial explosion. It is based upon this concept that one realizes
that prohibiting or completely eliminating nuclear weapons is the only sure way of preventing
the use of such weapons.
From a broad perspective, it is realized that even if nuclear weapons were never exploded over
towns and cities, they tend to have an intolerable effect from their initial production and testing.
It is argued that the deployment of nuclear arsenals is often experienced as a community and
personal catastrophe by quite a number of individuals or people all over the world. It is based
upon this concept that the humanitarian harm that comes with the production and use of nuclear
weapons should actually play a significant role in informing and motivating efforts of outlawing
or generally eradicating nuclear weapons.
Security case
It is quite evident that the use of nuclear weapons tends to pose a constant and direct threat to
people in each and every country all over the country. Nucnuclear weapons are ultimate
instruments of mass destruction and terror, with no legitimate strategic or military utility. It is
argued that nuclear weapons tend to be useless in addressing any of today’s real security issues
or threats, such as disease, overpopulation, terrorism, extreme poverty and climate change.
Despite the fact that since the end of the cold war, quite a number of nuclear weapons have been
dismantled, the overall reason for maintaining them has significantly remained unchanged. All in
all, it is realized that there are some countries that adhere to the misguided idea behind nuclear
deterrence, but it is quite evident that possession or production of nuclear weapons can only
result into national and global insecurity. There have been quite a number of cases near use of
nuclear weapons of either accidents or miscalculations.
Environmental concern
In a nutshell, it is realized that nuclear weapons are the only devices created by human beings
that have the capacity to destroy all complex forms of life on Earth. It is based upon this concept
that, it is realized that a slight nuclear explosion would actually result into a devastating
agricultural collapse and widespread famine. When put into comparison, it is noted that less than
100 sized Hiroshima nuclear explosions would result into smoke and dust that would cause an
abrupt drop in rainfall and global temperatures. With this in mind, climate change has become
one of the global policy issues that has managed to capture the attention of global leaders in the
last decade.
Economic issue
The manufacture or production of nuclear weapons is known to be a very expensive process that
often forces some countries to divert public funding from disaster relief, education, and
healthcare among other integral services. It is quite evident that the nine nations that are nuclear
armed tend to spend billions of dollars each year trying to modernize and maintain their nuclear
arsenals. The significant amount of money used under these nuclear projects could have been
used in meeting basic human needs and also solving some of the health problems that face
human beings e.g. cancer.
History of the Campaign and how it established Credibility
It is noted that by the end of 1950s, there were actually more than 300 nuclear tests; of which
most of them had been conducted in the atmosphere. This resulted into the birth of a mass
movement against the initial use of nuclear weapons. From its origin from the local anti testing
groups, largely composed and run by women who were significantly concerned about the
radioactive components in their children’s milk. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
managed to burst into the political scene on February 17
1958. Putting in mind that attempts to
move labor to anti-nuclear position had actually not succeeded in 1957. The overall process
resulted into campaigners and intellectuals taking matters into their own hands, hence calling for
mass movement to defeat Britain’s bomb. With regards to this, thousands of people at that time
were able to meet at Central Hall in Westminster, London. In the early years, CND was
inextricably associated with what was considered to be that time, social radicalization. In a
nutshell, it is arguable to say that through early mobilizations of anti-nuclear movement, the
radical politics of what was to be a new social movement was initially expressed. It is quite
evident that CND’s work throughout has significantly been focused towards changing
government policy through the use of diverse but peaceful methods. This has been evident
through mass protests at Greenham Common and Aldermaston, to today’s overall struggle to
prevent the Trident replacement and overall winning support for the UN’s global nuclear weapon
ban treaty. Despite the fact that CND’s core objective in United Kingdom’s nuclear disarmament
still remains unfulfilled. From a broad perspective, it is quite unclear of how CND’s campaigns
and also those of its international partners have managed to affect government decision making
and policy both internationally and at home. It is by reading government diaries and documents
years after effective campaigns that one can truly see the overall impact that public opinion and
mass mobilization have. Hence identifying the role of each CND generation has on nuclear
policy implementation.
Campaign Strategy
The strategy used by the CND movement is actually based on tactics that are focused towards
persuasion and protests. It is quite evident that the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is an
organized group which recruits members who share the same ideologies and perspectives
regarding to manufacture and, testing and use of nuclear weapons. Through organized groups the
movement tends to voice out its views regarding to change in policy. It is quite evident that the
Campaign for nuclear disarmament is an organization that tends to focus at using conventional
ways in order to voice out its views. With regards to the already implemented initiatives, it
realized that there is a substantial body of opinion that believes that the already implemented
tactics by the body are inadequate. Impelled by the general belief that the overall decision
making process on issues related to nuclear disarmament tends to undemocratic, the moral nature
of unilateral nuclear disarmament is considered to be strong. All in all, there are quite a number
of individuals who believe that protest activities are actually desirable and necessary (being part
of CND’s tactics. On the other hand, there are those who believe and advocate that the campaign
should actually be organized as a movement of mass resistance (which is actually non-violent but
physical) against the visible manifestation of nuclear states. All in all, it is noted that there is
minute evidence of much interest for the use of this strategy among the members as a body. In
consideration of this factor, members who disagree in with the initiative tend not to participate in
such events. They therefore argue cases related to nuclear disarmament at councils and
conferences. There is a strong believe that resistance and protest tactics should actually
considered and implemented by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Power Holders and campaign outcome
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is a power holder in enforcing global laws against
nuclear disarmament. The initiative of this movement is often conducted through non-violent
measures or techniques. These measures are often considered for the purpose of ensuring that
there is genuine security for future generations. All in all, the strategic objectives of CND as
stipulated by its delegates include:
- The actual elimination of British nuclear weapons and global abolition of nuclear
weapons. It is under the CND’s strategy that they have emphasized in the British
government to implement the cancellation of Trident and also implement policy not to
develop, enhance, deploy or purchase Trident or any nuclear weapon in British water or
In this case, it is realized that an all inclusive fissile material cut-off is agreed; a
significant emphasis by CND to the British government to implement an arms conversion
policy that is aimed at getting rid of nuclear arsenals.
- Ending the threat of mass destruction and other indiscriminate effects. It is quite evident
that end of mass destruction has been significantly emphasized through compliance to the
settled Chemical Weapons Convention. This is with regards to the strong adherence to
strengthen the agreed Biological Weapons Convention. The campaign for nuclear
disarmament has constantly focused emphasizing on global abandonment of space
missiles, weapons among other defense programmes. This is under the adherence to the
prevention of an arms race in outer space. It is based upon this concept that a ban on the
use of depleted uranium weapons and its manufacture is actualized.
- A more secure Europe which is less militarized and nuclear free.
There is significant emphasis on the movement of no nuclearisation of the European
Union; in this case, an extension of the influence, funding and resources of the OSCE
(Organization for Security and Co-Operation on Europe). All in all, other factors such as
the withdrawal of all US military nuclear weapons and bass from Europe or any other
expansions of NATO has been put into consideration. In this the overall aim of
actualizing a nuclear free Europe is established. It is under these considerations that a
withdrawal of foreign military from British soil is actualized and the eventual withdrawal
from NATO.
- The power industry closure.
The closure of nuclear power industry has also been a concept that has been put into
consideration and in the process emphasis against building new nuclear power stations
come into play. In this case, adapting other universally accepted forms of sustainable
energy are emphasized; putting in mind that nuclear waste posse significant danger to
human life among other life forms, safe policies on nuclear waste storage is emphasized.
It is based upon this concept that the organization has consistently emphasized on
stopping the transportation, trade and re-use of plutonium. In this case, CND has been
working on issues related to the implementation of independent verification and control
of Plutonium, depleted uranium stocks and uranium in general.
From a broad perspective, it is realized that the campaign for nuclear disarmament has been a
success full campaign since the initial functions. This is a concept that has been actualized
through consistent review on policies and taking part in non-violent protests against use or
manufacture of nuclear weapons. The concepts emphasized by CND tend to adhere to the
humanitarian need of nations or countries to stop investing in Nuclear weapons or arsenals and
instead focus on resolving actual humanitarian securities such as terrorism, draught, and poverty.
Putting in mind that countries that have nuclear weapons spend billions of dollars each year on
the maintenance, manufacture and improvement of nuclear weapons; CND points out that such
amounts of money could have actually been redirected in solving actual problems facing people

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