Task reflection

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Task reflection
Frankly speaking, it is arguably noted that any operation that is undertaken whether using
the conventional method or through the use of robots has risks that are associated with it.
However, in the contemporary world, more medical errors have been reported to have occurred
in the operation room. Therefore, it prompts the need to adopt a system that would reduce the
rate of medical errors mostly at the operation room. In the quest to have a system that would fix
the extents of medical errors. RoboMed is a developed the robot system of operation and is
tailored in a manner that would ensure that the patients would be attended with the similar care
compared to what patients get under the human doctor car. However, contrary to human beings,
Robots are less prone to errors.
Considering that any operation is bound to face risks. Robots too can fail to work,
therefore, go wrong in their course of operating on the patient. However, every system needs to
be assessed in terms of the benefits and the possible losses that would come with it. Similarly, it
is critical to assess a system in relation to whether it has solved the problem that it was developed
for or not. In this regard, robots, though they may make mistakes, their possibility of making an
error while operating on the patient, the chances of making an error are minimal. Therefore, in
the wake of medical errors being committed to by the human doctors hitting headlines right, left
and center ought to have been considered as a possible solution to the height of human errors.
RoboMed programs the robots in a manner that making errors is almost impossible. In fact, other
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scholars indicate that the procedures and outcomes of the operations undertaken by robots are
rated to be of considerably exceptional character.
In all honesty, robots are expensive to adopt in the healthcare system of Australia.
However, like I earlier indicated, a system ought to have been assessed in relation to the possible
benefits and the cost of installing and operating the technology. Without considering the cost of
installing and running a robotic medical technology, they have been considered as intelligent
compared to human beings. Therefore, the cost may not be the only way of looking at the
advantageous or the disadvantage of the robotic system.
However, the good news is that the price of the software and the sensor that is used to
boost the capacity of the manner in which the robots work have continued to fall in terms of their
prices. It, therefore, spells that in the long run, the prices of robots too, and that of either
repairing, operating or installing one would significantly reduce. Logically, the fall in the price
installing, repairing and running medical robots would increase its affordability, therefore,
signaling a new healthcare system in Australia that is devoid of error and that is premised on
quality. The increased affordability of the robots is a positive report from the technology and the
market predictions because they will improve the quality of healthcare.
Additionally, the contemporary world is headed to the robotic medical treatments,
however, for one reason or the other, the robots cannot replace human. In this regard, there is a
sense of humanity that comes with being attended by a fellow human being. Considering that
human beings too have proved to make errors insofar operations are concerned, there has been an
invention that brings out a system that ensures that human beings and the robots work in
collaborations with each other. The system is an indication that medical treatments will gain a
significant impulse thereby increasing the quality of health. Similarly, to the affordability,
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efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, robots’ use has been predicted to increase in the short
term due to the possible improvement in health care.
There has been a debate on whether it is necessary to have the robotic health care system
at the expense of the doctors, nurses, and physicians who are trained day in day out. The debate
seems to focus more on the possible redundancy of health care providers because the robots will
overtake the role that is currently being undertaken by the healthcare provider. However, the
debate is losing a point because, in the contemporary health care system, there is a gap. The
current health care providers have proved not to be sufficient to offer the quality of health care
that is needed and that is dreamed of. In this regard, like we have seen before, there a system that
is being invented that will ensure collaborations between the robots and the health care
providers. The system sets to work within the platform that human beings will not lose their jobs,
rather, they will be incorporated in the system to the extent that the two will work together.
As a matter of fact, the RoboMed is a complex system that has the ability to do what human
beings cannot do. On the other hand, human beings have special tasks that they can undertake
that may appear impossible for the robot. Therefore, the synergy will ensure that the quality of
health care in Australia has improved and that patients will not die because of the situations that
may either be developed because of human error or because of a situation that could have been
corrected. The inventions of the robot were therefore developed for a good by improving the
quality of health care in Australia thereby reducing the rate of mortality.
Other than the robot being a position to collaborate with human healthcare practitioners
and committing few or no errors the robot is advantageous because it is the fast, accurate and
convenient way of offering healthcare services to the Australians. Similarly, the development of
the robot and its inclusion in part of the healthcare services to the people is essential because it
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helps the healthcare providers and the Australian public to understand the system better as it is
being used to the extent that the future of healthcare is brighter on account that the systems will
be provided with a solution-offering model. The Robot system too has the advantages of
ensuring that people are living healthy by teaching them about the different ways in which they
need to adopt so that they can live healthy lives. It, therefore, indicates that the future of health
care in Australia lies in the synergy between human doctors and the robot. The two stakeholders
come with different skills and abilities that upon being combined, they will greatly help Australia
realize the vision of offering quality healthcare that reflects and addresses the gaps that have
been identified in the system of only relying on human physicians.

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