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1) From the video “search For the Super Battery”, what was the primary focus of the video
in term of battery technology?
The documentary ‘The Search for the super battery’ focuses on the improvement of the
modern battery especially in terms of energy storage and safety. The Lithium ion battery is the
most common but still has safety issues and in the documentary, Mike Zimmerman, has come up
with an alternative plastic battery that is safer than the lithium ion battery and increase the energy
density of the battery at the same time. The documentary also examines the possibility of
increasing grid energy storage using fly wheel technology.
2) From the video “Humanity from space”, what specific innovation set in motion the
industrial revolution and why did it do so?
The innovation that set in motion the industrial revolution is the steam engine. The initial
steam engine was primitive and its use was limited until Steve Watt made some tweaks that
made the steam engine more efficient. Through his ingenuity the steam engine was able to
harness steam to produce power using less workforce and minimal coal.
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3) From chapter 1 of Yevgeny Morozov’s book “to save everything, Click here: The Folly
of technological solutionism”, Morozov uses the phrase ‘augmented diminished reality’ in
reference to what specific technology? What is the meaning in using the phrase?
The phase augmented diminished reality entails the negative effects of technology, which
according to Morozov is ignored by most people. Ideally, diminished reality in technology
means the digital ability to remove unwanted and inanimate objects from their physical
surrounding in order to allow audience to acquire more realistic view for retailers. However,
Morozov criticizes the extensive technological advancement as “augmented diminished reality”
because we are allowing technology to carry out every task for us. Thus, it is inflicting negative
aspects that if not managed at the present will cause adverse damages in the future. Therefore,
people must rise up and take up everything in their own hands rather than allowing technological
systems to run their kitchens, offices, institutions and other vital elements.
4) From the paper the score, How Childbirth Went Industrial”, why is the author concern
about the overuse of technology during childbirth?
The author is concerned on the issue because women and doctors alike are relying on
caesarean over vaginal birth due to various obvious reasons. She argues that cesarean or
technologically enabled childbirth is three times riskier than normal childbirth; yet caesarean is
the most preferred trend. Thus, technology in its way has superseded its obvious role of aiding
complex medical situations since it is presently abused.
5) From the PBS video “The Nuclear Option”, What innovation in reactor technology has
been in use for decades?
The innovation in reactor technology that has been in use for decades is the water cooled
reactor. The first nuclear submarine used nuclear reactors that were cooled with water and this
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naval technology was later adapted for use on land in 1957 when the first commercial atomic
power plant in the USA was built.

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