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Term Slut

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Term “Slut”
The females have over the centuries face challenges regarding the issue of sexuality.
The matter has been camouflaging and adapting with the various changes of circumstances.
The men are the main contributors to the continuous demeaning of the female sexuality.
Besides, the women would sometimes belittle a fellow female, either jokingly, or in a serious
manner. Such has created controversies regarding how the women sexuality would change to
become an issue that earns respect among people. People have invented several words that
one would use to refer to a female to indicate the pervasive nature of the girls. Such words
include slut, whore, among others. The internet currently has a significant contribution in the
rising dilemma. Such is evident as Leora Tanenbaum connotes in the book I am Not A Slut.
The author demonstrates the damaging effect of the words, gives alternatives names, connects
with personal influence, denotes changes, and connotes internet control.
Detrimental Effect of the term “Slut”
The word specifically targets the females excluding the men. Furthermore, among the
vast population of the females, ladies at the teenage age and young adult women become
more affected than the other age groups. The damage to the aforementioned age groups
creates a sense of inferiority and such instances are occasionally permanent. Some
individuals have lived for years feeling inferior and not important after receiving a name-
calling with references to a slut (Tanenbaum 5). The words are also confusing since the
meanings are numerous. Therefore, one would not be certain what the name- calling means
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when one uses the controversial words. Such a dilemma would make a female lose touch with
reality and how to respond.
Apparently, the majority of people recognize and use words like a slut to refer to
sexual promiscuity. The words have the purpose of shaming the female that is involved in the
case. The word has different interpretation according to several peers, context, and timing.
Notably, among the peers, individuals use the word not to shame the others but to intrigue the
sexual entity. Such is a similar case contextually. Because of the emergence of social media
platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; the word slut has also had metamorphosis
(Tanenbaum 12). However, the primary meaning of the word remains to be a shaming tool to
the sexually- active females.
Notably, Tanenbaum has resolutely remained to view the use of words like a slut to
be negating. Currently, some females embrace the reference words and use them to fight back
through acceptance. The author believes that the circumstances leading to or after the
utilization of the name slut and related words remain permanent. Therefore, the writer
relentlessly advocates for the drop and illegalising of “Slut.” The author seconds the use of
names like women or humans to refer to females (Tanenbaum 17). The artist believes that
there is no a standard parameter that people use to differentiate sexual promiscuity from
healthy sexuality.
Personal Influence
Tanenbaum upbringing was in the era when the use of the word had a different
meaning and less recognition. Hence, individuals would use the term in many occasions to
denote different meanings. At the time, there was less information regarding sexual
harassment. Moreover, there were no strict rules to govern how people would use words that
tarnish the others reputation. However, the use of “Slut” would significantly impact the
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victim’s self-esteem (Tanenbaum 25). Gender inequality at the time when the author was
young did not have influence and cases of disparity were evident and obvious. Then, no
internet has now contributed in the sensitization of many females.
Girls suffered in hiding and isolation since there were no means to pass information
and share. Hence, men would demean girls with terms such as “slut and whore” was rampant
but in small scales. Unlike currently, the internet has developed immensely, and people use
the social media uncontrollably to shame some females. Therefore, as the struggle becomes
easy because of social platforms, the size of the battle also increases because of the easy
access and spread of personal information (Tanenbaum 37). The experience in school where
the author interacted with individuals from various backgrounds helped in initiating the urge
to research on the issue. At the age of a young adult, the cases of shaming were rampant and
Changes over the Years
Contrary to the early years of the author’s publishing process, the words like a slut
now bear a somehow different connotation. Previously, the primary concern was purely the
sexuality of the females. Currently, the sexuality issues have changed to become non-
existent. Additionally, there are increased cases of universal passion rising. Therefore, no one
would judge the other by sexual activities. Alternatively, people have coined the meaning of
slut to demonstrate to inappropriateness in any circumstance. Such include diverse issues like
dressing, make-ups, hairstyles, traits, and peers. Females have to tread carefully to remain
within what people would consider decent and not archaic or annoying. Slight overdoing of
any of the entities above would lead to one qualifying as a slut (Tanenbaum 48). Therefore,
even as female conduct herself to impress the man, there should be caution not to overdo and
risk becoming a whore.
Internet Influence
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Nowadays, the females are at a greater risk than previously to become a Slut.” Such
is because one’s pictures can easily and in short moments get to the social platforms. The
mobile phones with ready cameras have increased the rate at which pictures of females reach
the social media. Many posts are without the consent of the person in the picture, and the
victims realize when they receive negative comments directly or on a different platform. The
high numbers of individuals in the social media give contributions that are judgemental, and
many shame the subject especially if the dressing or make- up is inappropriate. The number
of women body parts or whole body pictures circulating in the media is rising (Tanenbaum
112). Some are nude photographs and others demonstrate promiscuous dressing. Therefore,
men and women would judge, then like or hate and give comments. Many girls will have the
tag of a “Slut.”
Sexuality has been a controversial case of study for over a century. The first
individuals at the center of the discussion are the females. Tanenbaum tackles the issue in
Tanenbaum’s book “I AM NOT a SLUT through focusing on the damaging effect,
alternative names, personal influence, years of changes, and internet contribution. The author
advocates for the banning of shaming words like “Slut.”
Surname 5
Works Cited
Tanenbaum, Leora. I am not a slut: Slut-shaming in the age of the Internet. Harper Perennial,
2015. Print.

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