The History of Oil

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The History of Oil
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History of oil 2
Persian series# 7 ‘when petroleum was used as cement’ is my primary source which I
have chosen for this argument. The primary gives use a detailed explanation on how oil was first
invented and how the people embraced it. In the United States of America oil was first
discovered in 1800s. First in the united states in the Ohio River valley people used to extract salt.
The people used to use the salt in making brine. The same wells that salt was excavated was the
oil but the people did not value it much as they valued salt.
In the year 1853, George Henry Bissels began conducting experiments on oil rocks in the
northwestern pennslavyian on a budget of $526 of all the money that he had. George Henry
Bissels is therefore termed as the father of oil because he was the first one to discover that oil can
be used for a better purpose. The primary source was used as cement in the construction of
ancient buildings.
The primary goal of oil in the ancient period was for the petroleum which served as
cement that was used to build houses using high technology. The primary source is very
important because it serves a lot of functions. Back the people had not invented the use cement
yet so petroleum was the only alternative which was very strong and durable. Rich people in
those days preferred using petroleum to construct there houses. The kings also used petroleum as
cement to build the palace.
Thesis Statement
History of oil 3
Success is achieved through continuous trials and errors. We fail in order achieve the brighter
side of life. In the thesis statement of my argument, I will argue that petroleum was a useful
commodity to the people in those days when it was invented, because of its numerous uses to the
people. The first advantage of petroleum is that, it was used as cement for constructing important
buildings in those days like those of the kings and buildings of the wealthy people. A high
technology level was used for constructing this buildings. Secondly, well renowned companies in
the world like the Anglo Persian oil draws their success from the invention of oil. As well as the
success of most motorist enjoying driving today, is drawn from this. Through this, technology
kicked in slowly and as a result technology advanced in various form.
Point of analysis 1
Oil has played a key role in the modern society dated 2600BC when it was first discovered. Its
invention has led to numerous changes in the today world. From the advertisement that has been
shown in the newspaper we see how good looking the images are. They have used a high level of
technology to set up everything that we see in the picture. There are different arts that have been
used in the advertisement. From the primary source we see how petroleum was used as cement.
Clearly from the advertisement we see the beautiful scenes and artifacts that have been depicted
in the advert. Petroleum was used to make beautiful things that attracted many people. From the
advert itself, it attracts the attention of the reader to try and find out what the advertisement talks
about because of the high level art images that have been used.
Point of analysis 2
History of oil 4
Technology has played an important role in our world today. From the beginning when oil was
used to make important structures for the kings was a sign that oil would become an important
aspect of our lives today as we see from the advert. The advert has portrayed beautiful scenes of
a house that has been built before and we can tell that such a building was for the kings or
wealthy people back then. Oil brought a new dimension of art whereby we see architectures
using it to make structures in the advertisement. Through the invention of oil and how it slowly
came into existence, we now find that oil products still helps in the construction industries.
Technology has now simplified things more easily unlike before.
Point of analysis 3
The advertisement in the newspaper has shown the things that can be made out of oil
product. A lot of people have benefited a lot from oil. It is through this that technology was
advanced and people came up with ways on how they can excavate oil and use for more uses. It
is through this technology that, today we have a lot of oil fields which supply oil products to
every part of the world. A lot of people have been employed in this factories and industries that
have been created to process the oil products. In the factories, the personnel’s helps to separate
the oil products for various functions hence creating employment opportunities.
Oil products have also resulted in the creation of the new technology across the globe.
Through that, a number of companies have stepped out to make motor cars. Now that there is
plenty of oil that will help run them, now the people can haply own motor cars. In those years
back, there were no motor vehicles and people used to walk over longer distances. This has
helped a lot of transport goods and services from one place to another. The oil products that we
see have also helped a lot in making or roads. With the help of technology, oil products are used
History of oil 5
to when making and preparing roads. The oil products together with a few materials used, a
stable and firm road is made. Technology has also helped create airplanes which also use oil to
run. In this case, has continuously played an important role in our lives. The electricity that we
use today is as a result of oil. Transformers used to regenerate more energy use oil to run them.
Basically, technology has contributed a lot today whereby we see how oil has become an
important aspect to the people. It has made things easier today in our society as people not need
to work hard in order to do some things but use the machines available to accomplish the task.
The discovery of oil is important to our daily lives and we need to thank technology because it is
the one that has resulted in all this that we see today. We also see how the people in those days
used petroleum products as cement for the construction purposes because they termed it as strong
and durable. In the today society with the advanced technology, we use how the oil products are
used when roads are constructed and this road is very strong and last for a long time before they
get repaired. The primary source of this context gives information that goes hand in hand with
what the secondary source provides as they talk about the same thing concerning the history of
oil which is very useful to the human beings today.
Scientific technology has been an important or major boost to the human population. Scientific
invention led to the invention of oil by George Henry Bissels. Oil was very useful as the
argument of this essay is about the importance and benefits of using oil products to come up with
construction houses for the mighty people in those days. The people went deep to see how they
can make it a useful product that will help the people today. That’s where we find that today
most people drive motor cars or perform tasks easily without many efforts because of
History of oil 6
technology. Oil has contributed a lot in today's economy has it used to perform and serve
different purposes. Technology has also been boosted through the invention of oil.
Primary source
Clark, Christopher. "When Petroleum was used as Cement." the illustrated London news
(London), June 20, 1925, 7.
Secondary source
Pratt, Joseph A., Tyler Priest, and Christopher James Castaneda. Offshore Pioneers: Brown &
Root and the History of Offshore Oil and Gas. Houston, Tex: Gulf Pub. Co, 1997.
Plan for Completing the Document Analysis
Provide a brief account of the tasks you need to accomplish in order to complete your final
Going through the document to find out the original meaning of the topic
Coming up with the required information that will help put together and analyses the
topic in details.
Reviewing the details to see if it contains the required information
History of oil 7
Finding out whether the primary source goes hand in hand with the secondary source

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