The Influence of American Culture on African Culture

The Influence of American Culture on African Culture
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The Influence of American Culture on African Culture
Over the years, interactions between African and American cultures have resulted in
numerous influences that have changed trends in both civilizations. Many tourists,
educationists, students, merchants, and other expatriates have traveled from the United States
into African countries for varied reasons. Additionally, many American firms have explored
and utilized business opportunities in Africa. Most of them have been instrumental in
transferring the American way of life into African countries. Today, many Africans have
adopted outstanding characteristics of American life including food culture, music,
entertainment, and work culture (Damm, 2017). Like in America, many African cities are
characterized by the conspicuous presence of fast food restaurants, American Pop
entertainment, and the adoption of American corporate trends.
The Influence of American Culture on African Culture
The way Africans prepare, serve, and consume their foods has been evidently
influenced by various American trends. As a matter of fact, the whole food industry including
the construction of restaurants, reception of hotel patrons, and overall presentation has
borrowed different elements from American styles. The first of these is the prominent
presence of American-style fast food chains and restaurants. Most of these use the
McDonald’s and Domino’s approaches. In fact, many American brands like McDonald’s,
Domino’s, Brooklyn Pizza, and KFC have branches in cities like Nairobi, Johannesburg,
Lagos, Accra, and Kampala. Other restaurants have African names but use American fast
food cuisine styles (Barber, 2014). These trends involve the use of appetizing and delicious
advertisement and branding styles with the leading food offers including pizza, fried chicken,
hamburgers, hotdog, salads, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries among others. At the same time,
many American beverages, beers, and their emulations are consumed by a larger part of the
population in the cities and towns (Park, Hongu & Daily, 2016). Examples of these include
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, and Bacardi among others.
Other elements African cultures influenced by American trends are music and
entertainment. Many African theaters and movie houses show American action and romantic
movies. This is to the extent many Africans who love theaters flock these movie houses and
have American leading actors and actresses as their favorites. Some of the commonly liked
actors encompass Jason StathamSylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude, Steven Segal, and Chuck
Norris(Esser, Smith& Bernal-Merino, 2016). At the same time, popular culture has also
spread among many Africans with the more literate ones liking American rock, hip-hop,
country, and jazz. Many town and city nightclubs thrill their patrons with this trend while the
consumers develop attachments to the music and even listen to them in private houses
(Charry, 2012). While the entertainment and music go on in the nightclubs, it gets
accompanied with American-style food and beverages.
The most notable influence of American formal culture affects the work-life of
Africans in different countries. To begin with, many African companies have adopted the
American way of doing business. They develop company values, hire their human resources
based on their visions, advertise aggressively, and depend more on meritocracy and the
ability to deliver while recruiting employees (Peskin& Wehrle, 2012). On the other hand, the
employees find the most suitable and free working environments where they are expected to
identify with the company and deliver their best at work. To achieve this, they are provided
with good food, ample working environment, and liberal options where they work with a
greater sense of responsibility and belongingness (Flamholtz& Randle, 2011). A typical
example of this case is witnessed in the company Cellulant whose work culture is more
American than African.
In conclusion, movements of people across Africa and America over the years have
made Africa acquire numerous elements of American culture. While some of these are
practiced independently in Africa, others are incorporated into African practices. Many
Africans enjoy American food culture. They eat fast-foods and drink American brands of
beverages. Similarly, many Africans identify with American popular culture and
entertainment. In the formal sector, many African companies have adopted American
corporate practices. These increase focus on target markets and provide suitable working
conditions for employees. In sum, the influence of American culture on African culture is
outstandingly evident in the areas of culinary trends, music, entertainment, and work culture.
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