The Plight Facing immigrants

The Plight Facing Immigrants
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The Plight Facing Immigrants
Having a place to call home gives many people peace of mind and happiness. However,
that is not usually the case, especially for many immigrant women around the world. This topic
has been in the vocabulary of many individuals, mainly in the efforts of making immigrant’s lives
better. For many years now, the United States continues to welcome many immigrants, who are in
most cases escaping from hostile conditions. Currently, the labor for in the US comprises of about
12 million immigrant female workers, making up a 7% of the total labor force. Including the male
immigrant employees, this group of US residents contributes a lot to the economy, enabling
development projects and other government operations (American Immigration Council, 2017).
Nevertheless, many immigrant women are unemployed, and they live in devastating
conditions where they have to keep up with the struggles of each day. Others find themselves in
hostile nations, and their suffering becomes immense and unbearable (Wheeler & McClain, 2015).
Although many countries advocate for the safety of immigrant women, many immigrants and
refugees continue to suffer in the arms of poverty and discrimination. This paper will discuss
policies from different groups regarding immigrants.
National Association of Social Workers Position Statement
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has for a long time now continued
to acknowledge the unique challenges undergone by immigrants and refugees. This is mostly due
to the imposed immigrant policies, which are an important guide for the social workers to follow
during immigration processes (Haidar, 2017). The policies act as the legal and social statuses of
immigrants. They are there to ensure appropriate social service provision and the general health of
the communities. Therefore, the policies must be followed strictly, to ensure the safety of the
citizens and that of the immigrants too. According to Haidar (2017), the NASW position statement
on immigrants was given back in 2015, and it stated that the immigration policies limit the social
worker’s capacity to assist their clients. NASW noted that the policies were a bit hostile due to the
limited family visitation and reunification. They added that immigration guidelines contested
social work when family offenses become the reason for deportation. This issue made immigrants
fail to report their arrival, in fear of deportation back to the harsh home countries (Reisch & Garvin,
Back in January 2017, the NASW stood firm to oppose the president’s executive order
against Muslim immigrants. President Trump had claimed that the order was for the protection of
Americans against possible terrorist groups most associated with the Muslim religion. However.
NASW said that the order was inhumane and insensitive. Therefore, they were seeking to have it
changed, so that afflicted persons from different parts of the world may feel welcomed into
America, despite their religion (NASW, 2017).
The order required the government to review the practicability of suspending Visa
Interview Waiver Program, which allowed travelers from 38 different countries to renew travel
authorizations without face-face interviews (NASW, 2017). The order also prevented individuals
from dominant Muslim nations from visiting the US. In his view, Trump was thinking about the
safety of his people, which would always be his priority. However, the order had not considered
the refugees and immigrants, who in most cases had nowhere else to go. Therefore, NASW was
upholding the moral responsibility of United States in taking care of the oppressed people. This is
under the humanitarian acts of the US.
United Nations Position
The United Nations (UN) always works hard to ensure the safety of refugees and
immigrants. This is mostly done through the provision of basic requirements to the victims who
are on the move in search of opportunities, better lives or are escaping from hostility in their
countries. The UN noted that the number of immigrants and displaced people is more than 244
million around the world, with half the population being women. It was also noted that women
experience more hardships than men do. This is because most women face challenges that include
sexual violence, which is rampant in refugee camps. The UN position statement was to continue
helping those suffering as immigrants and refugees, especially women and children who are facing
major challenges.
Policy/Position Statement, Regulation or Law: Germany
Since 2015, Germany opened their doors wide enough to welcome immigrants and
refugees from hostile countries. Due to this policy, many individuals mainly from the Middle East
have continued to swamp in the country seeking refuge. However, the citizens have had many
questions regarding their security and the future of the country. This is because the population of
Arabs has rapidly increased in the country, and most individuals feel that the future of Germany is
at stake. Many even have claimed that it would be nice if the country shuttered its doors from any
refugees to ensure that no attacks and terrorist events occur in the country (DIAB, 2017).
Addressing the concerns of the Germany citizens, Angela Merkel assured them that the
country is safe and the government would never allow terror attacks on its soil. She added that
there is a need to educate in migrants the culture and ways of the Germans for harmony and
Personal Position
Analysing the position statement from NASW it clear how the organization works hard to
protect immigrants and refugees. Their efforts are impressive and should always be upheld.
Immigrants are also human beings and should be protected just like other American citizens. In
addition, the President’s order was a bit too harsh and inconsiderate. Life is precious, and everyone
should take part in defending it. Also, being a Muslim is not a sin or threat to anyone. People are
the ones who choose to do evil things and not the religion. Therefore, the religion phobia should
be addressed appropriately to ensure that people are not discriminated further.
The UN continues to do an impressive work in the protection of the suffering and oppressed
around the globe. I think the work they usually do is great and more countries should join in to
help in building the world for a better human living. Also, UN shows a lot of concern for immigrant
women since a majority of them suffer great ordeals in the immigration process (UN Women,
2017). In their research, the organization found out that social injustices have been happening to
immigrant women for a long time now. Therefore, the government should intervene to ensure that
each immigrates safe and that they receive basic commodities.
On the German acts of mercy, the country is doing a good thing also. However, it seems
that most citizens are not happy with the policy-allowing immigrant since they think it may cause
havoc in the country (DIAB, 2017). However, carrying out the appropriate measures and
precaution during the immigration will ensure safety for Germans.
Immigration has been a problem for many people. Discrimination of immigrants continues
in the world, and some people are not working hard to prevent it. Mostly, women and children are
the most affected people due to the hardships they encounter. Lack of food, social injustice, and
sexual violence are witnessed in immigrant camps were fairness unknown (Goksel, 2018).
However, it is good that there are several organizations and individuals still uphold good policies
regarding immigrants concerns. The NASW, UN and different governments continue to fight for
rights of immigrants so that they can have better lives. However, all people should come together
and work toward such goals together as one people. Through that, the world will become better
for everyone.
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Workers policy statements, 2015-2017. Washington, D.C: NASW Press.

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